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Chapter 31 : (Poor Equipment+Shield} x Guts – Boss = Death


This Jiisha is foolish enough to let out such roar that will left his mouth open wide in front of his enemy, so I fired hails of bullets into its pharynx without a slight of hestitation. Thereupon,


A grief-like wail which obviously different from the previous voice is resounding inside of the cave. I can’t go for its eyes but, maybe I can go for it’s mouth. I don’t know what the standard for it but……….. Fair enough, I found its weak point!

「Well come to me now, I’m a delicacy you know. Now come and eat me, monster」


From here is a death match. My attack almost have no effect unless it hit the weak point. Moreover, that timing doesn’t come unless that monster is opening its maw. What a troublesome situation we’re in. What an――EXCITING DEVELOPMENT!

「――【Zenith】activate! 」

I can’t use my knife to hurt its mouth. I have no better means to deal a damage in its mouth other than using bullets. Even if I have to pay attention to the remaining amount of my bullets, I’ll fire it all once the time is come.

I’m entering another step which left almost no distance between us and into a zero distance combat.


Here, a present from me.


I’m saved by the fact that this monster is quite stupid. To be honest I’m at loss in what to do if it keeps it mouth closed.

「Here a second helping of delicious bullets from me! 」

This guy is only attacking with its forepaw since a while ago. Well since the model for this guy might be a carnivore beast, there’s also a bite attack and yet, it’s barely showing its worth as long as I’m paying attention to it. I summed all of its attack with the exchange of offense and defense till a while ago.

Though the fire power of my bullets is low, the bullets that fired by me into Jiisha mouth is definitely shaving away its HP bar slowly. Although its paw keeps shaving away my HP bar few times during our combat till only 30% left, I’m slowly getting used to its pattern.

Though there was a setting where I ran out of bullets, thanks to me getting used to its movement, it’s not that hard to dodge that paw attack as long as I’m giving undivided attention to evasion. While I’m always fighting it at zero distance, sometimes I jumped onto its body and then jumped down again aiming for its mouth. Repeating those movements again and again, I shaved this guy metre-class HP bar in millimetre scale.


And when I’m wondering how long it’s been since our combat. As if getting irritated by our exchange of offense and defense, the Jiisha is pulling back to open some distance between us. But, as if I’m going to leave you to do that. Though this guy is powerful, it’s slightly weaker at zero distance combat. It has zero flexibility due to its huge frame.

When I’m following this guy to not let it go, it opens its mouth and then taking a deep breath— So I’m firing another round of bullet into that small opening. The Jiisha who seemingly hate that is trying to turn away its face from the line of fire of the bullets.


I keep chasing it in order to not let it g―― EH! ?

「UWAAA! ? 」

Something that resembling a log in my view is coming toward my flank. Though I barely dodged it at the last minute, I’m blown by few matres just by grazed by that attack.


To think that I’m making a light of it just because it’s a mere tail. Though it has less power compared to its paw, the power of that tail is strong enough to kill me in one hit. I only have 10% left on my HP bar. Rather its whip-like trajectory is harder to cope with compared to its paw attack.

「Moreover with such distance between us……. Damn it」

I’m retreating when I feel the incoming of that tail whip. I shaved 60% of that guy HP bar thanks to our numerous exchange of offense and defense and me nailing on its weak point till while ago. But on the contrary it still has 40% of its HP bar left. It’s not a situation where I can  say 「R」 from “relieved”.

「Sorry Sou! Though I tried to help you, I couldn’t find any gap in its defense at all」

Shinji whose HP bar is around the same as me, 30% left, is rushing over to my side. There’s a slight dent on his shield as the testament of the might of Jiisha.

「Don’t worry about such things. I wasn’t in that entranced state either」

In fact I completely forgetting about him in the midst of such heated battle.

「But you can shave so much of its HP bar by yourself huh. Now I don’t know whether I have to admire that fact or shocked by that fact」

Just obediently admire my awesomeness will you.

「Then, what shall we do in this situation? I’m completely refreshed」

So you can say that with such confidence huh. Well maybe it can’t be helped.

「Middle distance combat against that guy is impossible. We need anti-material riffle or rocket launcher to fight against that guy. But I can somehow chip its HP at super close range combat. I want to enter into zero distance combat again. Thereupon……..」

Shinji is nodding in agreement at my request without even hesitating.

「OK, leave it to me. Then I’ll take one of that guy attack again. Use that gap to get closer to that guy」

Can you do that? I hurriedly close my mouth which almost said those words. I should say, I’ll leave that part to you then. In that case, the only thing that I can do right now is to trust him.

「Just in case, be careful of its tail. It’ll suddenly coming from your side of vision」

「Tail huh. Leave it to me.」

After matching our eyes for a moment, we break into a run almost at the same time.

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