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Chapter 31 : (Poor Equipment+Shield} x Guts – Boss = Death

TL : Cnine


Part 1

If we open the door, we will find a boss room behind it.

We opened the door.

With 4 stout limbs supporting its lean but muscular body, and with a mane that stood upright like a blazing flame, the peak of all beasts stood ahead of us.

「A lion… Nay, I should call it Guardian Deity [Lion]」

「Since this is Okinawa, I think we should call it LionDog [Shisha]」

When I looked at the information of our opponent, I found that its name was Jiisha, almost the same as what Shinji said. No, could it be that the one in front of us isn’t a Shisha? Could it be just a pun of Shisha just like that snake and mongoose?

When I just finished pondering, a voice suddenly transmitted into my ears. It was filled with all kinds of nervousness.

「Be careful Sou. It’s obviously on a completely different dimension than the enemies we have faced so far!」

「Seems like it…」

I completely agree in that regard. I wouldn't be so frightened if the one that standing in front of us was just a normal lion, like in reality. But the Shi–er, I mean the Jiisha that was standing before us, no matter how you look at it, it definitely surpasses the common sense of all living being. Since we’re in Okinawa, Shisha was definitely a Guardian Deity.

Its height might be about 3 metres tall,similar to the water buffalo that I saw today at noon. The problem is in how much explosive power it has but, I have a feeling that we’re in deep shit, since it has muscles that are unique to a carnivorous beast.

I think we really have no chance of winning against this beast if we are going to fight it from the front.Well, as long as we exclude my father.


With a thunderous roar from the beast that threatened to break apart the cave, I felt a shock going through me. It was completely different from reality.

Should I move ahead then? No, it seems to be extremely powerful. Like hell I can win against that thing. It might even be something a human should not fight against. Robot, someone please send a giant robot over here, or a tank at least.

「WOOOOOOW. I just noticed, but we can’t use recovery items that will restore our HP here. What a shitty restriction this is.」

This means that both of us have no means to recover our HP. I wonder who the hell designed this fight.

「Sou! Please distract it first. I’ll try to land a hit during that time!」


That’s unexpected. Shinji is trying to get closer to that aberration. Let alone your torso, once you eat a claw attack from that thing, your entire body will basically become mesh. You’re so brave, Shinji!

「Let’s go!」

Responding to Shinji with a roar of determination, I fired bullets into both of Jiisha's eyes. I considered whether to invoke the skill 【Zenith】 or not, which would decrease the damage given to non-weak points but increase the damage delivered to weak points. But, I can’t use it now since I have yet to confirm its weak points. Since the eyes aren’t always the weak point just like that crab that we fought before coming to this place, I can't really bank on that assumption. This is a fantasy world after all.

Part 2

As if to proving my theory, the bullets that I fired to the lion eyes are stopped by somekind of barrier before it digs into its eyes. I see, I can’t snatch its field of vision huh. But this is still within my expectation.

Though the eyes are the most efficient ways to seal the movement of living being, it’s not limited to just that. It’s huge, therefore I can land an attack toward a place that usually hidden.

I will send hails of bullets toward every parts of its body to see which part will cause the most damage first. Forelimbs, hind legs, waist, shoulder, head, ears, mane, abdomen. I've never been shooting the balls of the living being in the past, in reality that’s it. I’ll even stoop to that means now. But, it almost has no effect on this aberration despite my bullets are digging into its balls, it barely shaving its HP.

「Damn it………. Could it be that because all of my equipments are initial equipment ?」

No, is it because I’m underestimating my enemy? In the first place, could it be that I’m enderestimating my enemy by thinking that my puny initial equipment can pierce the defense of a boss? Shit, let’s be safe than worry for later. At this rate, Shinji is in danger. Since my attack can’t even hurt it, much less to say restricting its movement.

I’m putting out my dual gun that already out of bullets and then plunging the knife in my hand to that Jiisha. I’m crouching forward as much as possible since I have no choice but to dash to close the long range distance between us in one go.

If I’m just waiting as it is, the battle will surely become 1 on 1 between the boss and Shinji. Though I have yet to see the boss offensive ability, I have an extremely bad premonition about that. My body is moving even before I’m thinking about the boss offensive ability.

「Shinji, the gun is almost have no effect! Please stop one of its attack since I’m going to join the combat! 」

「Leave it to me! 」

There’s almost no distance between Shinji and the Jiisha. Our original strategy is for me to attract its attention while Shinji entering that gap to land an attack but……. It was obvious who was the one being attracted by it. And then, I’m making Shinji to cover me. I definitely will make use of that chance.

The Jiisha is raising its foreleg like a cat about to do a cat punch.


That one swing– Or should I call it mowing down—- Blown Shinji till he crashed against the wall.


Shinji who was crashed on the wall is lying upside down on the floor while raising cloud of dust due to the impact. That attack shaved more than 30% of his HP gauge. It’s the damage after he used defensive arts. I might be in a deep shit if I received one of those attacks since my base defense is way lower than Shinji.

But, even if Shinji can’t stop its attack, I’ll make the full use of the gap after the attack. Before its still raised forelegs touching the ground, I struck his flank with my knife.


I’m putting my entire weight and power to the tip of my knife and then piercing it into virtually unguarded flank of Jiisha. But the power that I put into the tip of my knife apparently isn’t enough to bridge the difference between our power.


Almost at the same time as I feel chill running on my entire body when my body is almost pressed with that huge paw, I retreated immediately. I’m abandoning any thought and focusing my entire nerves to dodge that paw.

The next moment after barely evading that log-like fore limb, a sudden gust of wind flipping my clothes and hair. Even when that attack missed, the shock is enough to make me blown away.

――No, never let yourself to get hit by that, it’s coming in a moment!

The tempest that approaching before me have a power that completely betraying its appearance. On the contrary, it’s as if proudly saying that there’s more to it.


The Jiisha is raising its paw toward me again. One of that attack will be enough to turn my body into a meat paste.

Though I supposed to dodge it, the impact that feel like nailing my body on the ground is resounding again.. And yet the Jiisha isn’t stopping his chase as it’s aiming its other paw at me.

Are you kidding me…….. This is too……..

I barely avoided the incoming paw attack while stabbing my knife into its paw and left a shallow wound on it by using Jiisha's own momentum.

Absurd, this is, this is too……….


When I noticed, the corners of my lips raising upward as I danced in the middle of storm.


I’m dodging its instkill class paw attack which will send me to my grave in one attack, I stab my knife, dodge, and then stab again. I already have not enough leeway to confirm its HP gauge. Starting from the middle of the battle, I’m mixing together my attack with bullets from zero distance and pound it all together. But,

――Still too shallow.

I’m absolutely lacking in firepower. Accuracy aside, it’ll be useless without firepower.


The Jiisha use its thunderous roar, it feels like breaking my eardrums. I think it will burst my ears.

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