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Chapter 30 : Trap+Reckless Run+Fall = Art

After the big crab becomes particles of light, I can hear the hurried step of Shinji while still lying on the ground.

「Oi, SOU! Are you okay! ? 」

Stop worrying like that, this is a game you know. Geez, this is why you’re the best.

「Yeah.  I thought you’re squashed underneath it but, it turned out you’re safe」

That was what you’re worrying about. I don’t want to do that again even if you tell me to do that kind of stunt.

「To think that its abdomen is the weak point. I was sure it’s the head. Are you aiming for that? 」

Like hell I know about such things. I just desperately aiming for th………… No, I just did it as soon as I was thinking about it. Yeah, I just felt that I could do it.

「No, I actually wanted to chop its eyes with my knife. Then, one thing and another happened, it turned out that way」

「I see, that must be the best “One thing and another happened”」

I will be embarassed if you praise me in such straight manner. Since I never received any praise in regard to my fighting capability aside from my father so far, somehow it’s ticklish.

「Well, what shall we do then」

「If you say so, there’s a boss waiting in the lowest layer of this dungeon right? 」

「No, this dungeon shouldn’t have that. If there’s a boss room this close to the city, this dungeon should be crowded with players」

Ah, you’re right. Certainly, though we met a few party along the way, it didn’t feel like they’re crowding this big dungeon.

「Well, let’s dive a while longer. The raw material of the monster we defeated just now is also a delicacy」

I’m sure it was 【Gigantic Crab Leg】. Let’s see, the explanation is……..

【Gigantic Crab Leg : The leg of gigantic crustacean. It’s tasteless but still useful even as food ingredients. Using it to make dashi for nabe is the recommendation from the development team. Moreover, Yamada of the development team is sending the crab to his wife when they’re living apart, it’s a great success, he enjoyed it along with their daughter as a nabe】

It’s you again! Or rather, Yamadsan is doing his best huh. Geez, just reconcile already. No, maybe this is the reason for nabe. Nevertheless, I’m glad that you can meet your daughter. Geez, now I’m worrying about Yamadsan future.

「What’s matter? Sou」

Crap, I’m completely focused on Yamadsan.

「Hey Hive, can we eat this? 」

「We can’t you know. The delicious one is the conversion rate, CONVERSION RATE. We can sell this raw material to the guild at handsome price. Moreover, since it’s rare material, we can sell it at higher price to the player of manufacturing job. That’s what I mean by splendid monster」

So you mean it in that way huh. Though I wanted to ask the chef Sakursan to turn this into crab shabu-shabu. Eh? But, I feel that another one of this kind of monster should appear again. I didn’t think it’s popular amongst people of kitchen that I saw in the information site.

「In that case, it’s better if more people know about this right. Can I do something about it then? 」

「No, this is a monster with simply low encounter rate. This place will be overflowing with player if this monster always coming out」

「I see」

「Well, let’s get going」

Following after Shinji, we then dive even deeper into this dungeon.

Let me get straight to the point. We were currently in pinch. Moreover, quite a dire one.

But, the few elements which combined together resulting in this pinch made me want to retort this situation. It’s not like I’m trying to put the blame on someone.

It was begun from the giant ball that chasing after us who aimed for the lower floor.

This dungeon main passage is right at the center but, there’s many intersection which most likely heading toward different route ahead of us. Fortunately we’re running toward the direction which we met the intersection immediately, but as we were waiting for that giant ball to pass by our position, for some reason that giant ball keep following after us like a guided missile.

This is too much. The giant ball that was unperturbed even when I shot it is pestering me and Shinji from behind. And the most annoying thing about that giant ball is the fact that it shone in golden color. It’s a golden ball.  Kin—- NOOOOOO. [TL : kin no tama–> Kintama —> It’s your balls men]

「Oi Sou, what in the hell is that! ? I-I’m almost at my limit」

「You’re kidding me, Shinji! Whose fault do you think we came to this kind of situation! Isn’t it because you pressed a switch that I told you TO NOT press! 」

That’s right.  It’s this idiot fault. It’s because this idiot pressed a switch which definitely a trap with smiling face. Please tell me why he did that.

「Nay, telling us to press that might be just a pretence right! Are you telling me to do nothing when it told me to press it! 」


We keep running for our life from the giant ball that chasing us from behind. If we go down, it’ll follow us, if we go up, it keeps chasing after us. But the giant ball isn’t even showing any sign of stopping after chasing us this long. On the contrary, the shape of the passage turned into cylinder as if to fix into the shape of the giant ball, we have no way to get out of this situation. Somehow, it feels like this is a trap that will absolutely kill us. The guy who made this kind of trap is a complete sadist.

「W-W-W-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! T-There’s ascending, H-Hill」


I who have no room left to escape from this giant ball that completely defying the law of gravity already have no will power to retort on Shinji’s remark.


「……… Dead end huh」

Yeah, this is the end.


We can do nothing. This is impossible. I really have no way to out of this situation if Shinji who is more knowledgeable than me about this game doesn’t know what to do too. No, wait a minute.

「Isn’t there a convenient item which will let us to escape from the dungeon? 」

「There is but I don’t have that kind of item! 」

We’re done for. Let’s just shouting as loud as I can for now.


We’re going to be squashed between the giant ball and the wall——- Or so I thought, the giant ball is surprisingly crush the wall–along with us– and then throw us toward the huge space that laying behind the wall.


Shinji’s scream is reverbrating in the huge space. When I’m looking at the ceiling, the wall and the ground, it’s actually a huge space.

「Water? No, an underground lake! ? 」

I-Who abandoned Shinji almost in hysteric state from falling down from such height- Was doing my best to understand the current situation.

Why such vast room is spreading behind the passage that look like a dead end. The problem is whether this room has something to do with the next trap but……… I can’t feel things like arrow coming for us for the time being. As for the other traps aside from the arrow……. I honestly don’t know about it.

Then the next problem is the water below. Despite the water below us, we will receive a lot of damage from falling from that kind of height. First I have to pay attention to my landing posture, the problem is Shinji. Telling him to calm down and taking a proper posture for landing is hard.

I’m changing my pose to high dive pose which will minimalize the damage from falling down*. Shinji is……….. Though I feel that it’s too much for doing this to Shinji, he’s actually rarely doing exercise. Moreover, it came to the point that he can’t even hear my voice. Rest In Peace, Shinji.

But in the next moment, I caught an unbelieveable scene that made all of what happened seems lukewarm.

「WHA!  ? M shaped leg!? 」

Shinji was trying to land in a pose as if he is holding both his knees under his arms*. You’ll die if you land on that posture you know, mainly your nether region though. What the hell are you thinking about. I thought he was a strange guy since long time ago but, are you actually an idiot? Otherwise, do you have some sort of plan that not involving me! ? I…….. Am completely blind about what this guy is thinking about.

「O, Oi Shin――」


Ah, he’s done for.

No, wait a minute. Could it be that Shinji survival instinct finally kicked in, albeit a bit too late. If that was the case, it might turn Shinji buttock into black iron which said to be as hard as steel to repulse any kind of attack――


Shinji is raising high water pillar as his buttock sunk to the bottom. While my consciousness growing cold since I landed almost at the same time as Shinji, if we have a judge seeing these landing, I’m sure they’ll raise 10 point.

「Geez, what are you doing……….」

「Sorry, I just have no idea what just happened. 」

You have just showed an M shaped posture you know. This guy is unexpectedly have such talent. His talent is so dangerous to the point that I’m afraid of walking in the middle of city with him.

「But, I’m glad that we were barely surviving that fall. You’ll become a legend in my heart if we die though」

A legendary idiot of course.

「But you’re so amazing for being able to swim all the way till the shore while carrying the fainted me on your shoulder」

「Since your armor aren’t as heavy as the one in reality. Since even I won’t be able to swim all the way till the shore while carrying you who wore an armor that weight dozens kilogram similar to the one in reality」

「No, you’re betraying reality yourself」

What the hell does that mean.

「Well enough about that, Hive. What do you think is THAT? 」

On a place I’m pointing at, there stood a massive door that released bizzare aura. And it stink like a boss.

「………. Isn’t that a boss room?」

「……… As I thought huh? 」

Shall we go then?

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