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Chapter 26 : (Crushing Defeat)I. Make it Part 4

Then I asked Shinji the question which had been weighing on my mind.

He answered as if he had already anticipated my question.

「It’s because the greatest selling point of this game is the fact that it is not limited to just adventuring. This game has an extremely high degree of freedom, meaning you can do just about everything and anything you might want to do. You can fish, play sports, or even manufacture goods. There's a reason why the integrated sports ground in Uruma city is  extremely popular you know? I mean, the realism of this game is also extremely high to the point that fishing here is much better compared to other fishing games. This game has that kind of foundation as its support. Well, majority of the players enjoy their hobbies while adventuring  though.」

I see. So that’s the reason why this game is so popular. Despite your avatar being a reflection of your real body, which might put off some people, the game is still so captivating since the  hurdle for playing it is low. Well, you can also do better than your real life as long as you learn some arts or skills. Maybe you could even reproduce a real small wood seer sucker?

「You really can do anything inside of this game huh?」

After that, the male camp involved ourselves in various kinds of heated discussions while the female camp busied themselves with cooking. By the way, when I wanted to take a look at the knives made by Hanzou-san, he suddenly became all serious. Maybe it's because of his artisan nature?

Time passed just like that, with both camps mutually doing their own things.

Then, the female camp finished with their cooking and came to the table with rice bowls and their finished dishes. Amongst the dishes was the top most missed dish in Japanese home cooking…

「Miso soup hu~h. It looks so appetizing.」

Shinji was already smacking his lips even before the dishes arrived. I can understand his feelings. The dishes truly looked appetizing, my Japanese instincts were telling me so! Even though I’m technically a half. [TL : A kind reminder, Sou is a half because his father is a native from Country A(Maybe America)]

The aroma of the miso in the bowl tickled my nasal cavity. Mixed together with the dissolved miso are onion and pure white silky tofu. Ah~, what an irresistible guy you are, miso soup.

When we were told to enjoy the dishes, Shinji and I slowly sipped the miso soup so that we wouldn't scald our own tongues.

―― Delicious!

As I thought, miso soup does calm my mind. Moreover, the fact that it was made by a girl of my age became a spice for my heart and improved the taste to a whole other level. It’s as if my body had become as light as a feather.

「How’s the taste? Blue-chan's miso soup is delicious right?」

This was, made by Fuyukawsan? It’s the BEST!

「It’s really delicious, Blue!」

「Yeah, this is really delicious!」

Fuyukawsan blushed upon hearing our honest impressions.

「Ah, thank you, very much.」

What is this adorable creature?

「Hm? What about the one made by Leaf?」

Part 5

Ah, you’re going to ask about that too huh, Shinji.

「Mine um, failed a little in flavouring.」

Sakursan immediately followed up when Wakakussan fell into a dire situation.

「It was fine till the middle you see, she made a mistake when making the dashi*. [TL : Soup stock] But since she can make it to that point, she’ll make a great wife with a bit more effort. I  can guarantee this as a professional chef!」

「T-Thank you very much!」

Wakakussan's face brightened significantly when she received an unexpected follow up  from Sakursan. As expected of adult woman, her cleverness is on a professional level.

「But then Sakursan, you said that one needed to be at a professional level to create something without relying on a skill right?」

「Yes, I believe that’s the gist of it.」

「Does that mean Blue's cooking ability is at the professional level?」

「I think you can say so in regards to making miso soup. But since there’s a huge list of dishes one can make, Blue will only be a true pro if she can make the other dishes.」

I see. But, I think that being a pro at making miso soup is already an amazing feat in itself. Blue's a great wife in the making.

「I also believe that the real reason why Blue-chan did her best was to capture the stomach of her charming prince. That’s why this onee-san will do her best to cheer you on!」


Fuyukawsan's face became really red the moment Sakursan cheered her on. Wait a minute, HER CHARMING PRINCE??? Fuyukawsan already has someone like that!? God  damn it, I’m really envious of that man. I should start praying before they successfully go out.

After that, the girls started pulling out dishes after dishes after dishes. Though the last menu was bitter melon chanpuru*, made by Sakursan. Well, it tasted great I guess? [TL* : Stir fried okinawan dish] The mild and fluffy egg tightly wrapped in the bitter melon. It had a contrasting  feeling of pork meat and Okinawan-style tofu inside. I thought so many times then that cooking was an unreachable territory for me. As expected of a pro, such an admirable height of art.

After enjoying plenty of the dishes, we decided to part ways after registering them as our friends.

「Well then, I think it’s about time for us to leave. Since we are opening our shop in Uruma city, please come for a visit if you’re nearby. I’ll give a discount you know?」

「Yes, please take care of us at that time!」

Part 6

I replied in a cheerful tone to Sakursan who was willing to go that far. Suddenly, Hanzou-san called out to Shinji and I from the other side.

「Hive-kun, Sou-kun, please take care of me after this.」

「「Yes, please take care of us too!」」

Our voices overlapped. It was a bit embarrassing.

「By the way Sou-kun, please come to my shop if you are ever troubled with your weapon.  Maybe I can do something for you.」

「Yes, definitely!」

Since Hanzou-san can make such splendid kitchen knives. I’ll go to his shop even without him telling me so.

After that we went our separate ways with Hanzou-san and Sakursan heading towards Nago city. Looking around, the plains were dyed orange, and my heart fluttered around. It’s already eveni——


After coming this far, I suddenly remembered about my mother and Ruri and the matter of me wanting to log out from the game.


H~ey! It's the end of the chapter!

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