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Chapter 24 [【Harvest】Iam Hunting Pineapple]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Kouksan

Part 1

「Hive, take care of the right side, I'll leave it to you!」

「Y-Yeah okay…」

「Leaf, aim for the one on the right! Make sure to fire at the right timing!」


Shinji and Wakakussan replied with strangely slurry tones after hearing my orders. Somehow, I can feel their ambitions vanishing from their eyes. Though that kind of attitude would get you killed in the real world, this is fortunately the virtual world. Everyone has their own style, and no one should force others. Heh, I guess I should also do my best then. Deciding to do so in my heart, I shot a hail of bullets toward the swarm of pineapples and chopped them up with my knife when I ran out of bullets.

「Hey Shinji. This, what do we do now? What have we been doing?」

「Please don’t say anything, I know how you feel. It’ll make me feel even more empty inside if you keep saying that.」

「U-Uhn. But, isn't this is more than what you told us he could do? The swarm of pineapplegars in front of us is wiped clean to the point that we won't even get our turn. Moreover, his bullets are always hitting their vital spots. The ones that survived the bullets were also shredded by his knife!」

「The pineapplegars in front of us die in 4-5 hits because of him too…」

「Well, since they're floating type enemies, I expected that we would do some covering, never expected that he was so overwhelming.」

「Even I didn’t think that he was this strong. Unless I learnt anti-air attacks, all of the flying enemies will be taken care of by Sou.」

「You’re right, I should do my best to learn easy-to-aim magic with short cooldown!」

Though I couldn’t hear their conversation due to the sound of wind and my bullets, I heard the part where they decided to learn quick-casting magic and anti-air attacks. What’s that, aren’t they now full of spirit? It seems that me judging their ambitionless eyes was a hasty judgement.

But still, these flying pineapples actually aren't that powerful. Whether it's their ascending speed or rotation speed, it’s slower than a drone. Only their speed when moving in a straight line could compare to an average drone's speed. They’re small fry even for Shinji as long as they stay a bit closer to the ground.

I moved my hand while thinking. Soon, all the flying pineapples in the vicinity turned into silent pineapples.

「Yosh, the current targets have dispatched. What shall we do now? Move to another place?」

「That’s right. But before that, let’s collect the raw materials first. We’ll go after collecting all of those sliced pieces on the ground.」

I then moved according to Shinji's instruction and collected the dropped items on the ground【Sliced Pine】. What is this by the way?

Part 2

【Sliced Pine】: An extremely sweet and fresh fruit cut into slices. Always causes a huge quarrel in a family splitting the “Included” faction and “Not-Included” faction into sweet and sour pork. This is the main reason why Yamada of the development team is living separately from his wife. Even his 3 years old beloved daughter is refusing to meet him. [E.D : Don't question this paragraph, just accept.]

Too heavy! What’s with this family quarrel? ARE YOU OKAY, YAMADSAN!? You definitely must reconcile with your wife! Actually, I think I should cool off first. My mind is blown because of the heavy content I just received.

I’m astonished by the backstory of the pineapples, and just when I was pitying Yamadsan, I heard a voice from behind.

「Thank you for the hard work Sou-kun. Uhm, you’re so amazing!」

Fuyukawsan gave a pure white towel to me while saying those words. Is it just me or do her words make people feel like protecting her?

What’s with this creature, she's just too cute. Should I try to bring her back home? I became immersed in my childhood of chasing that white ball.

「Thank you, so we sweat in this world too.」

I say so while wiping the sweat off my forehead. I then noticed something like a marker shining at the edge of my vision. When I tried to read it, I realised it was a notification of learning a new skill――


I shouted loudly, similar to a person getting shot in his guts.

「W-What’s the matter Sou-kun?」

Fuyukawsan panicked and asked me with a worried face. Dang, I just made her worry about me.

「Ah sorry it’s nothing, I just found out I learnt a new skill.」

「Eh? Congratulations! What kind of skill is it?」

「Uhm, I’m checking it right now――」

「Oi, wait a minute you guys!」

As I checked the terminal to read the new skill description, Shinji called us from the side. What’s with this guy, are you trying to disturb MY TIME WITH FUYUKAWSAN? I guess it can’t be helped then. Let me to show you my true power. Well the――

「Wait! Your skill information, it's a really important thing. Don’t show it to an outsider so easily, and don’t tell them about it either.」

Eh, there’s that kind of story?

「Blue isn’t an outsider, so I don’t mind?」


Fuyukawsan is blushing, don't really know why but I'll continue my conversation with Shinji I guess.

Part 3

「Moreover, you also showed yours to me when I just started playing IEO right Hive? I also showed mine to you too?」

「I mean, I should show everything since I’m currently a party member. But, the thing is, you shouldn’t showing the information about skills and arts except to someone you can trust. Even if you know about my skills and arts information, you can't say anything to the 3rd party since it’s about me.」

I see. In short, this is kind of advice.

「I see.  Understood, thank you」

「That’s why, please show me your new skill, Sou」

「Please show it to me too, Sou-kun! 」

Ou. What is this unsatisfying feeling in my heart.

Despite my gloomy feelings, I opened the terminal screen of the skill list.

【Skill List】

・Red Ogre(Lv1)←New

Increases damage and speed by 10% when HP bar enters critical state. The effect increases along with level. Passive Skill.


Increases damage when hitting weak points by 10% while decreasing damage by 10% when hitting non-weak point 30 seconds after activation. Recast time : 180 seconds. The effect increases along with level. Active Skill.

Ooh, it sound like a powerful skill from it’s name. I can feel it the moment I saw 【Red Ogre】, it’s a skill without weakness. Well save for its strict activation method though.

As for the other skill, 【Polar】, it feels like a skill made for me who is always aiming at my opponent vital poi– weak point. But, I have to use it at the right moment since its recast time is 180 seconds.

「Though these skills seem like powerful skills, what do you think about them?」

I will know their general opinion about these skill based on everyone answer.

「Quite powerful I think. Especially this 【Polar】, it’s tailored for your play style.」

Oh, Shinji has a similar opinion. I think they are nice skills too.

「I think they're good skills. I mean they sound powerful afterall.」

This opinion is also important right. I understand.

「I-I think they are good skills!」

Fuyukawsan also gave a favorable impression with a red face. Did she catch a cold? But then again, can you even catch a cold in the virtual world? Else, could it be that colds in the real world also reflect in the virtual world? She shouldn’t force herself to play the game if that's the case!

Part 4

「Anyway, feel relieved now since everyone thinks they're good. Thank you!」

「Don’t mind it Sou. With this, you finally have arts and skills you can use at your disposal!」


I still can’t use arts though?

「Yosh, let’s move on to the next hunting ground. We've already hunted enough to complete this quest but I want to keep some of the materials since you can sell them at reasonable prices.」

「Aye aye, sir! Shall we deal with the enemies like the previous battle?」

Fuyukawsan, Wakakussan and I readily accepted Shinji's suggestion to move towards the next hunting ground.

Well then, maybe I should try the effect of 【Polar】 . As for 【Red Ogre】, maybe another time. While I was thinking so, I heard unfamiliar voice of a woman from behind.

「Uhm, excuse me――」

When I turned around to find the origin of that voice, there was a woman who appeared to be in her twenties wearing a cook hat on her head along with a stout man in the middle of his thirties.

What do they want with me? Nervously, I asked them.


「Sorry for suddenly calling you, but could you sell those pineapples to me?」


(~’.’)~To Be Continue On Chapter 25~(‘.’~)



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