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Chapter 21 [【Reminiscence】My Sin]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : TimberLord, Kouksan

Part 1[1-3], Part 2[4-6]

Part 1

This is the story about my sin.

My mother is a native of R country while my father is a Japanese. We’re family of 3 who live a peaceful life in Japan.

My mother has azure colored eyes and ash grey hair, which is rare in this country, she even says that it’s annoying with all those people staring at her when we go on outings. The me at that time was too young to understand what she meant, but when I was in elementary school, I understood her words perfectly well. That was because I had the same gazes pointed towards me who had perfectly inherited her hair color and eyes.

I was rather innocent then, as a kid. Nevertheless, I knew that my appearance was different from the other children around me. What I could not understand was why they were so cruel to me just just because I looked different.

Even in middle school, that treatment didn’t change at all.

I loved to have this hair color and eyes that was akin to my mother’s, but the kids around me kept teasing me, saying the colors I had were strange and weird. Occasionally, someone would even pull my hair, the pain being unbearable. Though I felt upset, I didn’t want to trouble my father and mother, so I endured it.

Then came that time during my second year in middle school. I was returning home late from cram school due to some reason I have long forgotten. At that time of my life, I already knew that my classmates did not think well of my hair and eye colours. However, I didn’t really know what the adults were thinking.

――And I think that’s the reason why such a thing happened.


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By the time I noticed, I was already surrounded by men riding on huge motorcycles. The way they were looking at me was unlike what I had ever experienced before. It was as if they had found a new interesting toy, and couldn’t wait to play with it. I felt fear then, a fear so strong that my legs trembled non-stop and I couldn’t even muster courage to scream for help.

「Cute little miss, won’t you play a little with these onii-chans? 」

Someone… Save me! Was what I was thinking at that time when the voice of a Hero suddenly sounded out.

「So it’s you guys huh. The bastards that always disturb the sleep of my angel《Ruri》!」

「Hah? What’s with you punk? 」

Standing there was an extremely lovely youth with emerald eyes and beautiful blonde hair whose age looked to be around mine. Naturally, I could not help but feel impressed of the youth, despite still being scared.

「Swear that you’ll be quiet when you pass this area in the night from now on. If you do so, I’ll forgive your SIN!」

The youth emphasized on the word ‘sin’, his expression unsightly.


The men who were surrounding me charged at the youth at their leader’s command. The fear that I had experienced earlier resurfaced and I could not do anything but squat by the road while trembling in fear and eyes closed.

Part 2

As my eyes were closed, I naturally could not see the fight that was going on. However, I could hear the loud piercing angry roars of those terrifying men. What confused me though was that I would also hear short screams every now and then. At last, I could only hear groans. I decided to open my eyes then, curiosity beating my fears.

「No way――」

What I saw were the figures of those bad men lying scattered on the road, and the figure of the blonde youth standing alone in the middle of them all. I was then charmed by that heroic figure that stood alone beneath the moonlight.

「Are you alright? Don’t you know that loitering around at this hour is so dangerous? 」

The youth came to my side as he stretched his hand to help me up with an extremely kind smile on his face. But, just as I was about to grab his hand, I couldn’t help but retract in horror when I saw the blood coating his hand.

I couldn’t feel anything but fear then, as I looked at the still bodies of those scary men, and found the blonde youth an even scarier figure as I thought about the screams earlier. I stared at the youth with a frightened expression, subconsciously retreating from him.

Even till now, I cannot forget that youth’s expression when he saw my face that night.


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It was the face of someone who had just met with rejection. The same rejection that was done to me many, many times in the past. I sobered up when I realized what I had done to the person who just saved me, I had done what others had done to me, and rejected him!

I tried to take his hand in panic but things were already too late.

「Ah, s-sorry, I just…」

「W-wait, don――」

Just like that, the youth ran towards the darkness and vanished from my sight before I could even say my apology. Before he turned around and ran though, I could see his face, and on it was a very lonely expression.

「What did I just do…」

That night, I told my parents about the incident and word got round to the school as well. Those men that surrounded me where then arrested by the police a few days later. Though I was safe and sound, I couldn’t really feel at ease, knowing that that blonde youth, was still a mystery.

When I graduated from middle school, I chose to attend the high school nearby my home. At the same time, I dyed my hair black and hid the color of my eyes with glasses. Every school day, my mother would still kindly send me to school with her usual 「Have a good day!」. Though I knew, that behind her smile, laid sadness.

Part 3

The entrance ceremony was a huge relief to me, as no one persecuted the new me. When I was heading towards my classroom, I was blocked by a huge crowd of students gathering in the hallway. Somewhere up ahead, I could hear the lively voice of a youth.

「That’s why I said, let’s join a club Sou! I mean if it’s you, I’m sure that you’ll become a super ace that you have always yearned for! You can go anywhere you want, like Budokan, Ryougoku the National Sports Hall, the National Field, Flower Garden, and even Koushien! [TL : National level tournament for sports except for maybe the flower garden] 」

「No, and you’re just mixing something strange halfway. Rather, you’re also not in any clubs yourself, Shinji.」

Clubs… Should I try join one? As I was thinking that, the students in front of me suddenly parted to leave a gap in the middle. Instinctively, I followed the crowd and watched from the side as the two youths walked past. One of them then caught my attention――

「That’s right! Let’s go to the light music club! With your looks alone, we will definitely become a popular band just by having you hold the guitar. Will you introduce your fan girls to me then? 」

「It can’t be helped, shall I introduce you to the multinational macho guys I know to you?」

「F-Forget it Sou-san! I-I’m joking you know!」

――There’s no mistaking it, that hair color and face, he’s the youth from that time. To think that we are in the same high school. Thinking of that, I stood there dumbfoundedly, shocked as if a lightning bolt had struck me, as the two of them walked past me and turned the corner.

Later on, I decided to apologize and express my gratitude to the youth who saved me that time―― Todou-kun. But I just had no courage to face him. As soon as I thought of saying something, I would inevitably think about the cruel things I did to him that night, and the words would just get stuck in my throat.

It was around that time that I met someone I could call a true friend – Midori. She was someone who didn’t care about my real appearance, and could be called my bosom friend. When Midori knew about me feeling guilty for lying about my true self, she recommended me to use a VR machine called 【REVE】 to dive into the virtual world. She said that I could play with anyone that I liked in this game.

After playing with Midori almost everyday, both virtual and real, our friendship deepened to the point we were inseparable buddies.

One night, right after we became sophomores, I confessed to her about my most unforgivable sin.

「I see~. There’s such a connection between Todou-kun and Aoi huh.」

「U-Uhm, I think Todou-kun might not have noticed me since my appearance is completely different from that time.」

Actually, he might have even forgotten about me. I feel that it’s better for him but, also felt a bit sad at that thought.

「Yosh, in that case let’s summon someone who can help us! Wait a minute!」

After saying so, Midori held her smartphone in one hand and dialed someone.

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