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Chapter 19 [【Admiration】 Me, An Extremely Excited Person]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Kouksan, Flare007

Part 1

After sending the 6 Red Mongoose to their eternal rest, I immediately went to help Shinji’s side. But when I arrived at the scene, only 1 enemy was left, and that last one was already cornered by Shinji himself.

It seems they don’t need my help. It’s regrettable that I didn’t get to see Wakussan’s magic, but I will have the chance later.


Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon In 'The Spy Who Dumped Me' Trailer



While I was thinking, the last Red Mongoose turned into particles of light.

「Great job Hive. It seems this side is safe too.」

Shinji showed a surprised face the moment he heard my voice, but soon he opened his mouth, showing a sloven expression.

「You’re quite fast huh……………. truly a real cheat……………」

「Oioioi, why are you saying such mean words, Don’t you know I was worried about you!」


Shinji didn’t talk anymore and just smiled wryly. Hey, what’s with that ‘good grief’ reaction. Am I the strange one here?

Just then, a beautiful girl wearing a light blue kimono appeared, and following her was another pretty girl wearing a green mantle.

「Sou-kun finished his part too! ? 」

「are you wounded somewhere? 」

Part 2

「Is it that hate thing? Certainly, magic can easily gather hate.」

That is something that I heard from Shinji when I first logged in. Special attacks, magic casted from safe locations, and support magic like healing easily gather hate from monsters. To make matters worse, since majority of the occupations that use those kind of skills have low defense, they need protection from their comrades for the sake of hunting safely. Shinji who usually plays the tank role is best fit for this job.

「Then, is that flute also some kind of magic ? 」

「No, my flute is loaded with songs.」

「Song?Song as in that【Song[Uta] ? 」

「Yes, it’s loaded with many of that songs. The songs have a similiar effect to healing magic and the other support magics, but in contrast to magic users who use canes as catalysts, we minstrels display such effects by singing a song or by playing our musical instruments.」

「I see. Then Blue plays music with your flute?」

「Yes. But, I’ve become a burden for Hive-kun in that regard.」

Fuyukawsan said, her shoulders drooped and looking sorry.

I see, because Shinji’s the only one able to tank, he receives a lot of damage each time they fight a battle.

「Don’t be bothered about such things, since Hive will happily become our shield! You know, he might even give his gratitude for getting trampled by those monsters.」

Wakakussan clapped Fuyukawsan’s shoulders, grinning as she said those words.

「Like hell I’m going to say that! ! 」

Shinji is retorted to Wakakussan who brought things too far. Well, personally I think that the tanking role is the lifelong vocation of an M. Somehow Shinji doesn’t seem like such a knight to me.

「You know, if we had another member who could do hit-and-run attacks and at the same time be part of the vanguard, then this party will be complete you know. Let’s just endure till then, and Blue is fine as she is, so no need to worry there.」

Fuyukawsan nodded at my words while smiling. Ahh, her smiling figure is really good at healing my worn out heart. Though that brief moment of carelessness by me let Wakakussan come to my side.

Wakakussan’s was smiling ear-to-ear as she looked at me. That was a pitch black smile.

「That’s right, another person who can act as a vanguard and do hit-and-run attacks, moreover it’ll be perfect if that person can work play a middle guard role too, ri~ght?」

Upon hearing Wakakussan, Shinji also formed a really vulgar smile. A~h, something bad is coming my way huh.

「Oioi Leaf, don’t we have such a convenient person ?He is a vanguard who can use the hit-and-run tactic. Moreover, he is also an extremely powerful GUNNER who can deal mid-range attacks. Right Blue? 」

Part 3

You bastard, don’t bring this subject to Fuyukawsan. Even Fuyukawsan will be troubled when you suddenly giving such direct pass right.

「T-That’s right,,,,,,,,,,, I’ll be happy if Sou-kun is coming with us」

Here it come, DRIVE SHOOT. This ultra on top is surpassing the malicious tower. Her derstructive power in too preminent. It’ll shake even the goal net you know.

「W-Well, how about we talk again about that part for now? Moreover, we have to hurry up toward the station building」

Shinji and Wakakussan expression is warped in hearing such reply from me. Well though I don’t mind to join, me who showing a forced smile later cloearly discouraged Fuyukawsan isn’t showing it’s effect huh………..

To be honest, I think that I’m really enjoying the 4 of us doing this together. Wakakussan and Fuyukawsan is too good as a friend to someone like me. But for this reason, the feeling of not wishing to break that friendship is swelling inside of myself. It’s enough for someone like me to looking at that important thing from the side. Since they definitely will break when I touch them.

In order to shake the gloomy feeling inside of my chest, I raised my voice while looking at the building in front of us.

「This is the station building huh. What should I say, rather than station, it’s more like a farm. Right! Shinji」

「SOU RI~GHT」[TL : it’s a pun of “SouDesune” which usually translated as “Right”, but since he said that in Katakana, which coincident with Sou-in-game-name, I translated it as “Sou Right” instead of “So Right”]

Is he still holding a grudge about my joke a while ago. Or else, he might think of me as a simple cold guy. Otherwise, both of it. Whichever one of it led to hell but, this is my own road. The hell might be a tough and thorny road but, I have no other choice than keep going on.

「Leaf, have you came to this place before? 」

「……………. I have but, SOU what with that? [TL : Another pun using “Sou” name] 」

You too huh Your dead fish-like eyes is even more scarier than Shinji in reality you know. No good, I have to turn to my last oasis.

「I-Is there some place that you want to go, Blue? 」

「It’s okay, I have no intention to do so…………… I’ve no such merit afterall」

MY LAST OASIS IS DRIED UP! ? Wait, please raise your face to increase the tension!

「Well then, let’s stop toying around with Sou and go toward our destination, pineapple garden」

「You’re right.  Ah, please send our exchange with Sou-kun just now with smartphone later」

Part 4

………… This guy. I’ll make you regret this, Shinji. And please stop it Wakakussan, this is a really serious matter.

「Please forgive me……….」

「Fufufu, I’ll forgive you with only this much for now. See, Blue also truly depressed you know」


My train of thought couldn’t help but freeze at that point. The reason is because the 「Drooping」 Fuyukawsan in front of me is 「Drooping」 because Wakaku-san clutching on her cloth from behind.

I don’t know what to say to her but, I also can’t understand what just happened.


「HEBUUUU!  ? 」

Fuyukawsan is turning around then her elbow accidentally hitting Wakakussan cheek. That is also marvelous.

「Mimimimimi, MIdoriiiii! 」

Fuyukawsan unintentionally calling her with her real name but, that also can’t be helped. Is her flushing face due to embarrassment, or maybe due to anger. Well, maybe both of it.

「Sorry sorry, you’re just too frail a moment ago」

「You can’t use that as a reason! 」

「Ahahaha, I said sorry right. Your mood should be okay after I massage it you know」


Just like that, Fuyukawsan is heading toward the receptionist in the hut. Though I was astonished for a while, I won’t miss what Shinji said to Wakakussan.

「Oioi leaf, aren’t that leaving the same result? 」

「This much is okay you know. Rather than that, Sou-kun」

What’s matter, Wakakussan. I’ll do my best if it’s for exchange massage of Fuyukawsan.

「Can’t I make a wish to you about Blue?Since it might be back fired if it’s me」


「No, I noticing that we can’t even talk properly a while ago, I think Shinji might be――」

「Well then, I’ll erase this record in exchange for that」

「Tell me more about it」

…………. This guy will fall to hell someday.

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