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Chapter 16 [【Rejoice】Me, Singing Praise to Blue Springtime]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Flare007

Part 1

We then headed to the station by foot after shortly leaving Naha. Though not nearly as big as the real world, IEO is still enormous, as it seems it'll take a few days to reach the next city by foot.

Thus, the station exists for the convenience of long distance travel.

Though the station is quite aways there, it's not to the point where hesitation is needed. Constructively speaking, it is way faster using it to head to the next city, than going by foot. We were passing by the grassland as we heading toward the station building.

But, I still asked Shinji since it keeps bothering me.

「Hey Hive, I want to ask this since we have a station, don’t tell me that we are using a cable car or train in this fantasy setting?」

Though there were several ornaments which reminded me of Okinawa culture in Naha, it setting was still a european city in the Middle Ages. And not to mention, the ever vast fields of grass truly fits that of the fantasy theme. When imagining about an electric train traversing in the middle of such scenery, I, for some reason……. How should I put it, a sick feeling in my gut. Though I guess that is how others feel when seeing me with a gun on my person.

「Nope, there’s no electric train-like vehicle in this world. At least for now」

SInce the management might add one thing after another along with the update. If such an update happened, I will be greatly opposed to it. But, I’ll allow them to add a tank. Tanks are the romance of men after all.

Part 2

「There’ll be a monster that can carries passengers in the station you know. We can arrive at our destination waay faster than using our legs after we get on」

「He~, I see. Then, we can go to various cities as long as there’s a station」

「That’s right. But, we can only activate the station by entering it with a certain number of players. Also it can't be used for unexplored cities and areas」

「In short, we have to travel to those new destinations with our own legs」

「That’s right」

Shinji is raising his thumb at me. Since it’ll be too cruel if the player has to walk on their own by passing this huge field. I have to give my gratitude to the players who connected all these cities together.

「By the way, the city that we are going to go is【Nago】. Our destination is the field that just a bit away from there by foot」

「I see.   Well then, I’ll leave the rest to you since I know almost next to nothing」

Since I basically know almost nothing about the position of the city as I had never went to Okinawa.


After solving one of my question, now I decided to ask another question to Fuyukawsan and  Wakakussan.

No, I’m gonna try it.

「Hey, Leaf-san, and then Blue-san. Are you guys――」

Part 3

「Wait a minute, Sou-kun」

Wakakussan, or rather Leaf-san who stopped my sentences was reaching out her hand before my eyes.

「Just call me Leaf, no need for the honorific. I just can’t get used to it when someone is attaching “-san” to my character name」

「Ah, please call me Blue without honorific too. I, uhm, that is……………….」

Basically they’re saying the same thing, Wakakussan with her bold way, and Fuyukawsan with her fidgetting way. I won’t get tired seeing this combo.

「ROGER. Then please call me Sou」

Oioi, is it really okay for a human like me to be called in that way by them?Just because I'm at my peak! ?

「Ah, that’s a bit too much」

I’VE SURPASSED THE PEAK! And then crashed right to the botom of the ravine. Am I just too greedy.

「I’m saying this since I feel embarrassed to call you by that name since your character have the exact same name with your name in real life」

Riight, my deepest apologizes for being so elated the heat of the moment!

Part 4

「It doesn’t mean in that way but, is it really okay to call “Sou-kun” here with your real name instead of “SOU-kun” which is your character name? 」

Eh, what a wonderful proposal, it rose me up from hell all the way to heaven. Are they, Gods. Are you an angel, Leaf.

「Naturally by me and Blue」


Although Fuyukawa was trembling when she heard Wakakussan's proposal, she started muttering with her head hanging down, her face blushing so much that smoke could be seens rising from her cherry red head.

「U-Uhm…….. Best regards」

…………. Dear father and mother. Today, your son has became the most fortunate man in the world.

「yeah, best regards. Leaf, Blue」

I’m surpressing the urge to cry with my mind of steel, and somehow managed to fake my aloof face.  Since SHinji is laughing on my side, it seems my inner thoughts are exposed to him.

「Yup, it’s fine like this. I can feel of what you say as “The spring time of youth”. Sou, try to call them by their given name starting from the day after tomorrow till the day after tomorrow. Unexpectedly, maybe you won’t feel that name」

No, that’s definitely a impossible you know. I feel uneasy about it. But no, aren’t I too reckless for challenging the impossible. Even if it feel unpleasant…………… The damage is too severe once I failed. Though the challenge is important, so is the TPO. I can’t tackle such reckless challenge yet.

Part 5

「Oh my, I don’t mind you know. Just call me Midori」

Yosh, let’s do that.

「U-Uhm…………… p-please call me Aoi」

Please come quickly, O day after tomorrow.

「Alright, I call you that from the day after tomorrow」

What a wonderful day is today. AH, this must be a dream…………. This isn’t a dream right? Could it be that I’m actually not diving and simply just fallen asleep while wearing REVE? NOOO, PLEASE DON’T? IT’S LIE RIGHT?

「Oi Sou, what with taht strange face? Are you alright? 」

I can’t make such face here. Anyway, let’s just do this under assumption that this is not a dream. No, this absolutely not a dream. I don’t have such dream. This is not my dream!

「AH, I’m a man without dream」

「What are you talking about so suddenly! ? 」

I can’t do it. I completely messed up things. Calm down.

Part 6

「Come to think of it, I have something I wised to ask to Leaf and Blue」

「You are ignoring me! 」

Yes I’m ignoring you.

「N?  What could it be? Is it about my type? U~hm, what should I say about that I wonder~」


「Though I’m curious about that, unfortunately that is not what I want to ask. I’m just wondering about the character that was used as your real name」

The “Blue” of Fuyukawa and “Leaf” of Wakakusa. Anyone might be interested as long as they hear their name.

「Yup, my family name is using kaju for plant you you know? That’s why I’m Leaf」

「I’m “Blue” because my name is Aoi」 [TL : Aoi = Blue]

「As I thought. But thanks to that it’s easier to remember」

「Still can’t beat Sou-kun right」

Part 7

「Fufufu, that’s just natural right」

…………… Certainly.

「If you guys have finally stopped flirtling around, shall we go? 」

What do you mean by flirting around, Shinji. We are not in that kind of relationship. But, for whatever the reason is, my body is trembling a little――

「Yeah, let’s raise our pace a bit. You too, Blue」

「W-Waah, don’t pull me like that Leaf」


「Aren’t you glad Aoi, Sou-kun is coming along with us」

「Yeah……….. Thank you Midori But, lower your voice so that he won’t hear us please」

「It’s alright already you know. Sou-kun is joking around with Shinji over there. Moreover, what about the things that you want to say to him today? 」

「…………… Yes. Midori and Takahashi-kun also cooperating with me…………. That’s why I won’t run away」

「Right. I can only help you if you already decided to do so. Do your best」

「Yeah. Today, I definitely will call Todou-kun―― Sou-kun」

「That’s the spirit! Then do your best since I’m cheering for you too」

「U-Uhm. I’ll do my best」

(~'.')~To Be Continue To Chapter 17~('.'~)


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