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Chapter 14 [【Judgment】I Made Red Flower Bloom in Naha ]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Flare007

Part 1

The afternoon in the next day after my successfully first hunting, I was in 【Naha】. My high school basically has half lessons on saturday but, we’ve a one day break today due to the school's condition. It’s a magnificent 2 days holiday.

After finishing my homework and accompanying my little sister in the morning, and since my little sister will be out for shopping, I, the only one at home, decided to go indulge myself in the game. Aah, what a wonderful holiday.

Once logging into the IEO with a pleasant mood, what came to my sight underneath the sunlight was the delightful face of Shinji as he leaps towards me. Instant Log OUT.

Fuu, I just saw something terrible. If I held a flame thrower, I definitely will disinfect this place of that pest.

As I heaved a sigh while taking off the headgear, the smart phone beside me notified me of an incoming email. After recalling that emails can be sent whilst still playing, I sighed t myself as I confirmed the sender before reading.

【Sorry, I won’t do that again】

【Unless you gave the permission for it】

I dived into the world of IEO again.

「――Well? What kind of task is it that you need me for? Rather, how exactly did you know when I would log in?」

I gave Shinji a cold gaze as he sat in a seiza position while inquiring the reason for his unpleasant act a while ago.

「Well, the only possible places where you can appear after logging in are either, the city where you logged out the other day, the rest point located in the dungeon or the field. Hence, all I had to do was wait for you, since you were here once before 」

「N?  Were you waiting for a long time? 」

Just how much spare time does this guy have on hand?

「Even if you say that, I just strolling around this area though. I was here since I already set an alarm of when you would arrive」

Huh, so there’s that kind of setting available.  Yosh, in that case I’ll make that kind of setting when my Girlfriend logs in………….. I don't that kind of relationship yet though. Whoops, there’s  sweat around my eyes.

「So you say that you have some kind of business but, we want to do a quest along with you. So I came to invite you」

「I see, so it’s about that huh」

「Yeah, it’s that. Well, shall we go then」


I, who has been looking forward to this game, only to be dragged around by this Shinji, was about to argue about my right to accepting this 'invitation' until Shinji mentioned,

「A beautiful onee-chan is waiting for us you know?」


It’s the invitation of my best friend after all. It’s not like I can outright reject it. Though I’m not that interested a while ago, I decided not to embarass my best friend by this action.

Part 2

「Hello Tod―― No, I mean Sou-kun. Let’s do our best today」

「Best regards………. Leaf-san」

The one who appeared in front of me after following Shinji was a female player called 「Leaf」 , who, like two peas in a pod, looks exactly like Wakakusa Midori who became my friend just yesterday.

Her beautiful black colored hair was being projected in shoulder length style as is in real life. From the slightly slanted eyes, I can feel the gallant impression of a straight woman to the core. On that place stood a beauty who wore a green mantle on top of clothes fitting that of a traveler, which is the initial equipment of the female player.

Well, it’s Wakakussan isn’t it. That bastard Shinji……………….. Though I definitely can’t retort in the fact that she’s a beauty, it was a deadly trap.

Shinji who knows the meaning of my line of sight is laughing triumphantly. I want to punch that smiling face.

「The truth is we’re about to reach the limit with only just hunting. So we’re inviting you since I heard that you’re also playing this game from Shinji」

「So that was the reason. I’m happy for receiving your invitation since it’s not like I’ve decided to do something. Thank you」

「Oi Sou, why is your attitude is completely different than whe-“GOHON”!? 」

Be careful of what you say, Shinji. A mosquito almost decided to take a break on your stomach. Although it won’t come again for a while after I chased it off for ya, it might come again when you say such careless things.

「What’s happened, Shinji? You just suddenly」

「Could it be that you’re choking on something? So such things happen even when we’re in the game huh」

There’s practically no harm even when putting in a tsukkomi, which is hard to follow by normal people. This world is truly―― Despite my jabs at Shinji―― Convenient.

「S-Sou…………. You bastard…………」

「You reap what you show, more than half of it」

Well then, this has made me feel quite refreshed in the matter of that annoying smile. With this, I can move on to the main issue now.

Part 3

「So, It’s not like all the members are here  right?」

「Yeah, the other one was planning to come since she had a matter to attend to yesterday」

Oioi, pay attention on the way when you’re speaking about Fuyukawsan. I won’t go easy on that one, Shinji.

「Yeah, the other one, the one with big breasts yesterday is going to come」

Oioi, now it’s a bit too detailed.

And so we waited for Fuyukawsan. But even after Wakakussan contact her with no reply coming in, we began searching for her

Seeing the friends list of Wakakussan and Shinji,it appears she has already logged in. Although I guess that she might be in the middle of combat or a quest which has made her unable to give a reply, she, according to Shinji and Wakakussan, wouldn't be brave enough to do that solo. In that case, she might be caught in some trouble somewhere else. Which means, Shinji and I had to split up to look for Fuyukawsan while Wakakussan continues waiting in this place.

After that, I decided to head towards the South side of the city which is the opposite direction from Shinji.  While paying attention to the alleyways on the sides and the passersby, I slowly realized… I was looking for Fuyukawsan without even knowing what her avatar looks like, neither her in-game name.


Speaking of that Fuyukawsan, I wonder what kind of appearance does she have? Though I want to say that I know her face, I never saw it since Fuyukawsan's face was hidden beneath her bangs. In the first place, WHAT IS HER CHARACTER NAME! ? I’M SUCH AN IDIOT! COULD IT BE THAT I’M ACTUALLY AN IDIOT!

……I’m the son of that Idiot《Father》 after all. ……

As I fell onto my knees from the mental damage to myself, I suddenly caught sight of several guys at a corner of my vision. Though I really didn’t wish to see it, once I caught the sight of a frightened girl surrounded by them, I can’t be help but leap into the fray. It’s my nature. I then quickly used my heightend ears and eyes to analyse the situation occuring

「See, we can teach you about various things you know」

「We can even take you to a hunting ground with nice efficiency you know. No need to worry since we’ll protect you」

This is definitely OUT. If the girl is accepting in high spirits, I’ll just let it go as it is but, the surrounded girl is obviously flinching from this.

Part 4

「Well, shall we go then. See! 」

One person was grabbing the hand of the girl. OUUUT.

I immediately erased my presence and, after making my way to stand behind the scumbag who went for the hand and―― Maybe because it gave a different impression since we’re in the virtual world ―― Opening my mouth while clad in killing intent.

「The oniichan over there, that girl hates it you know? How about you let go of her? 」

「WHA!? 」

The man who I greeted from behind is surprised by my voice as he turns around in panic.

「What’s your problem, you bastard! Don’t just suddenly appear like that?! Are you trying to surprise me」

This guy is slightly adorable huh. Maybe because he saying that himself. But, as I ignore his words and made my way to the girl's side, the other men also started giving out a dangerous air around themselves.

「Oi, an unrelated guy should just pull back!」


Thank you for your template reply. I’m already getting a full stomach of these kind of words in real life.

I also disregard their words and after slightly lowering my posture to talk to the small girl who’s surrounded by them.

「Good day.  Are these guys your friends? 」

Maybe because the girl’s trembling to the point of almost wetting herself, she only shakes her head in denial without end. She’s crying huh.

「Do you want me to help you?」

While spilling tears from her closed eyes, the girl immediately―― Nodded her head lightly.

Yosh, it’ll occur like this anyway. Let’s move a short distance away from her so that she won’t be involved.

The 3 fellows who were approaching the limit of their patience then lashed out at me from all three sides once their leader gave the order.


Yosh, with this it's a legitimate SELF-DEFENSE. Since you guys are the ones who started the fight. The one who made the cue is me though. Well, I'll just reap what I sow. The one who’ll come first is………. From the back huh.

As I avoid the fist that came from the back with vertical rotation, I sent a present to the guy at the front by pushing the back of the rear attacker at him.


Part 5


I’m looking at the leader-like man who’s the only one left while those two is still entangling at each other, he was slashing at me with a knife that have around 20 centimetres long blade. Facing against such straight and simple attacks, I avoid it with vertical rotation just like the one I did a while ago and then counter with a chop to the inner part of his elbow to end this.


The man who raisied a short anguishing voice as he released his knife at that moment. I want this weapon you see.

I snatched the knife at mid-air and then, just like that with a flash of light, I had the blade to the neck of the leader.


A red light effect is spewing vigorously from the slit of his neck.  Much less to say about carotid artery, since I’m going as far as severing his vocal cord, he’ll die from blood loss without being able to say anything, if this was reality that’s it. Well whatever.  Just like that I added two stabs to his heart with the knife in my hand, before finally taking it out again from the the hole between the bastard's ribs. That guy should be finished with this.

When I turned my attention to the two men left, the man whose back was pushed by me had already corrected his stance.  The man who received the present from me is as he stood for what I did to his leader. Yup, the order is decided.

With flick of my wrist, I threw the knife from my hand to the forehead of the man.

――Ton, it made a sound like when a kitchen knife pierced the chopping board.

The guy whose forehead got pierced now has red light effect flowing from the border of his hairs. As he raised an unpleasant growl, I took out my pair of guns and made swiss cheese of the noisy buffoon's mouth.

The man who received 6 bullets on ―― Mainly in his mouth―― his face quickly kissd the ground without so much as a twitch..

The last man fell into semi-panic situation due to what I did to his comrade right in front of him, and was in full alert towards me. I already made a plan in how to dispose him since it’s already reaching this point but, a certain thought suddenly arise in my head.

――That’s right, let’s try something that's deemed too dangerous in real life.

Even while the demon in me is letting out a sinister laugh, I decided to give in to that temptation to do it.

「Hiii!? 」

After I’m moving behind to that man with speed that can’t be caught by him, I performed a hand stand with my legs locking onto that man's neck.  And then――


I thrown him head first onto the ground while wrenching his neck, bright red tomato was thrown on the ground. Well, it’s practically the red light effect though.

And then, having seen the red messy effect on the ground, A certain thought suddenly come upon me.

―― It's overkill.


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