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Chapter 13.3
Part 3



176 Name : Nameless Adventurer


You guys lolololololol


177 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Well, about that………..


178 Name : Nameless Adventurer

N? Somehow the situation just turned around


179 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Even though that guy is equipped with a pair of guns as part of the gunner class, he just went in and killed all the monsters that are attacking from the four directions……EACH KILL DONE A WITH HEAD SHOT. And the best part, he’s completely unscathed.



180 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Liar +1

There’s no way such a monster exists

Normally the rate of a head shot kill isn’t fixed even if you raise your skill level and arts, Whatmore, it’s currently absolutely impossible to do that at night with the current set of arts and skills.

He’ll be BANNED if he was cheating right.


181 Name : Nameless Adventurer

No, I’m really seeing that happening, even as we speak

And then, in the end, he

just went and slayed the great boar.


182 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Well, THAT ain’t a monster that you can beat solo

It’s turning ability isn’t very good but, it’s rushing attack is hard to avoid even if one using evasion arts, resulting to many turning as stiff as a scarecrow instead

It’s at the level in which even after surrounding it to seal its mobility, taking it down would still be impossible.

But if what you say is true, there’s a high possibility that he’ll be banned


183 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Well, since it’s spring you see

Various guys who decided to play the game have started to appear


184 Name : Nameless Adventurer

That’s true indeed…………… Well since I’ll feel sad if certified me as liar for saying more than this, let’s stop this topic


185 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Please let me ask for the last time

What became of you after following

following that handsome guy?


186 Name : Nameless Adventurer







187 Name : Nameless Adventurer

(Is he done for)


188 Name : Nameless Adventurer


189 Name : Nameless Adventurer

(The problem is whether that is near that handsome guy or near a monster)


190 Name : Nameless Adventurer



191 Name : Nameless Adventurer

YA~~~~~~~ME~~~~~~~~RO~~~~~~~~~~[TL : yamero = Stop]

The normal monster did it

See you later guys, brush your teeth









694 Name : Nameless Adventurer

I’ve a question as someone who’s hestitating when playing this game but, can I ask this?


695 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Despite look beginner-like question, it’s not a beginner huh.


696 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Oioi, he might become our new comrade.

Show some tolerance


697 Name : Nameless Adventurer


So, what do you want to ask?


698 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Thank you

Why are our faces in this game keep almost as it is

Isn’t that dangerous? Isn’t it practically a minus to keep it as it is?

By the way I’m a man but, I feel anxious since

anxious since I have to go with my friend who is a woman.


699 Name : Nameless Adventurer


I understand your feeling

But, it doesn’t mean that it’s created accurately to match your face since it’s made with the deformed style in anime

There’s also merit to it

First, the cultural standards of the players are better here compared to other games

Maybe because it gives the feeling of extreme similarity with the real world as it also provides moderate playing style from the start, not that there are many people who are trying to dabble with others anyway

Well, there’s also small number of people who try to bring their superiority in reality


And then, though the demerit is in the reality, the management side is already taking care of it

Though you can take your  own screenshot or video in game, the face of the player will be changed to be changed to one which is in the stock of management side

In short, the player himself can’t take the face of another person in game to reality

Moreover, even if they try to bring that back, it’s in the anime style

So it’ll look like a professional portrait of an unknown guy


700 Name : Nameless Adventurer

I’m more or less tampering around that area

In the case you’re recording the screenshot or video of yourself, is it possible to bring that to reality

Is there any age limit

That’s my current issue since I’ve no way to solve it


701 Name : Nameless Adventurer


I see, well there’s no need to be fussing over such specific details

Thank you very much, please take care of me since I’ll be back again next week


702 Name : Nameless Adventurer

I’ll be waiting


703 Name : Nameless Adventurer

Those are famous last words… >>701………..


704 Name : Nameless Adventurer


Don’t raise a FLAG lollololol


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