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Chapter 125

Translator: HangryDeano


“Let’s greet the Chief . ”
As the man got closer, the wizard bowed his head and greeted him .
‘Is that person Cordell?’
Soo-hyuk heard the wizard’s greeting and was able to know the identity of the man .
The man was Cordell, who was called the Master of Fire and the iron-blooded wizard .
‘He looks friendly . ’
Cordell’s appearance was smooth . But why is it called an iron-blooded wizard?
‘Well, one shouldn’t judge a person by their appearance . ’
It was very foolish to judge people by their appearance .
“Who is that?”
Cordell received the wizard’s greeting and asked the wizard .
“He said that he had come to see the Leader . ”
The wizard quickly answered Cordell’s question .
“So you just brought him?”
“Yes, he had the proof . ”
Cordell looked at Soo-hyuk with a slightly unexpected expression .
Soo-hyuk did not avoid Cordell’s gaze and looked face to face .
“Hello . ”
While watching Soo-hyuk, Cordell bowed his head and said hello .
“Hello . ”
In response to Cordell’s greeting, Soo-hyuk also bowed his head slightly .
“I’m Cordell, a Chief of the Tower of Fire . ”
After receiving such greetings, Cordell introduced himself .
Then he looked at Soo-hyuk . Soo-hyuk could see why Cordell introduced himself from Cordell’s gaze .
It was clear that he introduced himself to understand who Soo-hyuk was .
“I’m Soo-hyuk from the Tower of Poison . ”
He came because Fabian told him to go anyway . It’s not a bad thing, and there’s no problem with introducing him in this manner .
The moment Soo-hyuk introduced himself, Cordell’s face changed .
It was just for a moment, but surprise and embarrassment appeared and then disappeared .
“So, you were Soo-hyuk . ”
Cordell said with a nod .
“From now on, I will guide you . ”
When he finished talking, Cordell looked at the wizard .
The wizard, received the look, greeted Soo-hyuk and Cordell, and then went back down the road he had come from .
So the wizard descended and Cordell took the lead and began to walk .
‘He’s silent . ’
Soo-hyuk thought, walking behind Cordell .
Cordell didn’t say a word, just walking silently .
Ttog … . . Ttog… .
Fortunately, the silence did not last long . Soon, Cordell stopped at a door, knocked and opened his mouth .
‘Are you there?’
They seemed to have arrived at the destination, Brinis’ room .
And Soo-hyuk’s prediction was exactly right .
“Brinis . A guest has come . ”
It was Brinis’ room .
“A guest?”
A voice from the inside answered Cordell’s call .
The owner of the voice was clearly Brinis .
Soon after, they heard a dampened voice and the footsteps got closer, and then the door opened and Brinis, the owner of the room, appeared .

As soon as he saw Brinis, Soo-hyuk tilted his head .
‘I think she looks familiar . ’
He felt like he saw her somewhere .
‘Is it just a feeling?’
Did he mistake her for someone else?
It was then .
“… … Soo-hyuk!”
Brinis called Soo-hyuk .
‘She knows me?’
Soo-hyuk panicked when his name left Brinis’ mouth . It was not because he knew her name, but because he knew her . Cordell didn’t tell her, so how would Brinis know? Of course she know the name . But how did she know how he looked?
‘I think I know from where I know her…’
It was clear where he saw her . It was obvious that they have encountered each other .
A memory suddenly resurfaced and Soo-hyuk opened his mouth looking at Brinis .
“Long time no see . ”
He remembered .
‘That’s the woman I saw when I was drinking poison back then . ’
She was the woman he saw when he went to Fabian to drink poison because of the <’30 days’ journey> quest .
He couldn’t even imagine,…
‘To think she was the Lord of the Tower of Fire . ’
“Oh! Do you remember me?”
Brinis beamed a wide smile at Soo-hyuk’s words .
“Yes, I remember . ”
“Oh my God . I just saw you for a while . You have a very good memory!”
It was then .
“Then I will be excused……”
Said Cordell . And after greeting, he went back the way he came .

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“Shall we go inside and talk?”, said Brinis after Cordell disappeared .
“Yeah . ”
Soo-hyuk responded to Brinis and entered the room .
‘Is it because the tower of fire?’
The moment Soo-hyuk entered the room, he felt the heat . Was it because of the Tower of Fire?
“Please, sit!”
Brinis offered Soo-hyuk a seat . Then Brinis sat on the other side and asked, holding the teacup on the desk .
“Would you like tea?”
“No, thank you . I’m fine . ”
Soo-hyuk responded with a smile and opened the inventory .
“And here… …
And he took out Fabian’s letter and Brinis’ token from his inventory .
“The leader of Tower told me to deliver it . ”
“You can keep the token!”
Brinis returned the token to Soo-hyuk and took up Fabian’s letter . Then she opened the letter and began to read it .
“Wow… …
Brinis, who was reading the letter, made a strange snort .
Soo-hyuk was puzzled by Brinis’ snort .
‘What does it say?’
What on earth is it written in it so that she would react like that?
‘Is it a love letter?’
‘No, if it’s a love letter, he wouldn’t have sent it through me . ’
It couldn’t be a love letter . If it was a love letter, it wasn’t necessary to convey it through Soo-hyuk . The letter must have been related to Soo-hyuk .
‘But why… …
So he got a little nervous . Why did Brinis make a weird snort?
Soon after, Brinis dropped showing that she finished reading it .
[You have completed the quest “Brinis, the Tower of Fire” . ]
And at that moment, a message appeared . It was a quest completion message .
“Here you go! Would you like to read it?”
Brinis handed over the letter .
“The letter?”
Soo-hyuk, who was looking at the message, asked Brinis . The letter was sent from Fabian to Brinis . But why do she ask me to read it?
“Yes, I think you should see it . ”
At the words of Brinis that followed, Soo-hyuk accepted letter and began reading it with a confused expression .

-To Brinis

I don’t know when Soo-hyuk will arrive with this letter .
But it shouldn’t have taken too long .

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I don’t think your mind has changed .
If Soo-hyuk comes, please take care of him .
I don’t wish to drag this out too much .
Soo-hyuk is a real genius .
Any spell you show, he probably will understand them all .

Soo-hyuk was embarrassed after checking what was written in the letter .
‘To learn magic?’
In the letter, Fabian’s request was written . The request to teach Soo-hyuk magic was not explicitly mentioned in the letter, but it seemed that there was an agreement with Brinis .


Soo-hyuk put down the letter . And looked at Brinis . Brinis was looking at Soo-hyuk with a bright expression .
“It seems like you have to learn magic . ”
“Yes, I agreed with Fabian to teach Soo-hyuk fire magic . But the most important thing is Soo-hyuk’s teacher . What would you do?”
As soon as Brinis finished speaking, a quest appeared in front of Soo-hyuk’s eyes .

After making an appointment with Fabian, Brinis thought to teach you the magic . But the most important thing is your teacher . Choose whether to learn fire magic from Brinis or not!
Quest Reward: ???
When you accept the quest, your intimacy with Brinis increases .
If the quest is rejected, the intimacy with Brinis increases .

It was a quest to choose whether to learn fire magic from Brinis .
“ . . errh”
However, after seeing the quest, Soo-hyuk was confused .
‘Why do both options increase intimacy?’
It was because of what would happen upon acceptance and rejection that existed under the quest reward .
‘It’s okay, of course I can do it . ’
When he accepted the quest, his intimacy with Brinis increases .
This could be taken for granted .
‘Isn’t it supposed to be rejected?’
However, refusal also increases the affinity with Brinis . If he refused, logically his intimacy should decrease . But why is it increasing?
‘No, if rejection rises, acceptance declines . ’
Of course, among quests, there were quests that increase intimacy when rejected and lose intimacy when accepted .
However, whether he accepted or rejected this quest, their intimacy increases . It was a quest that did not follow common sense .
‘But that’s a problem . ’
Soo-hyuk was worried . It wasn’t because of intimacy . Honestly, the intimacy did not decline, and there was no need to worry about increasing .
‘How does she teach magic?’
The reason he was worried was because of the way . In what way is Brinis going to teach him magic?
‘Will she just give me a book?’

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Like Fabian, should him give a book and learn it himself?
‘Can she give me the ingredients too?’
Then, would he get the ingredients?
‘Ah, it’s not my tower . ’
However, it was unlikely that they would provide the ingredients . Soo-hyuk isn’t even a member of the Fire Tower, so why should they provide the materials?
‘No, there is a possibility to give me an item because she said that she teaches me the magic . ’ Isn’t there a way to teach you magic, but without materials?
‘Okay . ’
Soo-hyuk soon let go of his worries, reflected, and gave an answer to Brinis, who was waiting .
“I want to learn from you . ”

[You have accepted the quest ‘Brinis’ Proposal’ . ]
[Intimacy with Brinis, the Lord of the Tower of Fire increases . ]
[You have completed the quest ‘Brinis’ Proposal’ . ]

As he answered, messages appeared one after another .
“That’s fortunate! What if I refused?”
Brinis said with a smile at Soo-hyuk’s answer .
“Then, shall we learn magic right away?”
“Yes . But how should I learn…”
“I heard that you understand magic by reading about it . ”
Soo-hyuk questioned Brinis’ words and thought .
‘What are you talking about?’

‘Is it because of that at the time?’
Soo-hyuk searched his memories and recalled what had happened with Fabian .
Fabian, who gave the magic book at the time . Soo-hyuk visited Fabian within a few hours and delivered a memo with necessary items .
Perhaps that is why Brinis seemed to be saying this .
“I have already heard it! You just read the book and cast most of the magic yourself!”
Soo-hyuk’s idea was correct .
“Here you go!”
Brinis smiled and gave something out .


Soo-hyuk lowered his head and saw what Brinis was holding .
‘A book?’
It was a book that Brinis handed him . It was also an extremely thick book . And the symbol of the tower of fire was drawn on the cover .
‘Surely… …
The moment he would read the book . It was like a situation in the past and felt like déjà vu .
“If you have any problems or have any questions, please tell me . And I will prepare all the necessary ingredients, so please feel free to tell me . ”
When she finished speaking, Brinis smiled .
And at the words of Brinis, Soo-hyuk was forced to laugh .

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