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Chapter 332
Chapter 332

“I will start lightly . ”

Hyeonu relaxed as he stared at the fast-approaching black wild boar .

‘How long will it take to die?’

He had previously hunted the black wild boar on the stream .  At that time, he killed the black wild boar instantly using pure energy .  The Hyeonu of that time was very different from Hyeonu now .  In fact, the difference was too big .  His level had changed, so his stats had naturally changed as well .  Additionally, the ranking of his skills had increased .

The greatest difference was this Mysterious Sky Sword, which gave off a subtle blue light .  The Mysterious Sky Sword cut through the air like it was splitting cloth, and at the end of its trajectory, there was an angry wild boar with yellow eyes .  The black wild boar had an unsightly appearance . Its sharp teeth, which gave off a feeling of pressure, were cut like tofu, and its mouth was torn to twice its initial size .

“It is a bit short, but the attack power has become overwhelmingly stronger . ” 

Hyeonu’s attack timing was perfect, but the black wild boar momentarily braked, reducing its speed .  Then Hyeonu swung the Mysterious Sky Sword lightly .  The black sword energy flowed through the air, striking the back of the black wild boar in a fierce manner . A small explosion occurred, and a deep hole was dug into the back of the black wild boar .


[The black wild boar has been killed . ]

[Experience has been acquired . ]


This was the end .  Having had its flesh dug out, the black wild boar could no longer stand out .

‘Isn’t the effect terrifying?’ Hyeonu admired it inwardly . The effect of the enhancement was better than he thought .  It wasn’t even comparable to the sword’s performance the other day .

-Two blows this time? What?

-It doesn’t feel that strong?

-The damage seems to have gone down since the enhancement .

However, some viewers didn’t know the difference between Hyeonu of the past and the present .  They only remembered the number of blows he dealt—one blow then and two blows now . Hyeonu saw the chat and kindly added an explanation about the situation: “No, it is a huge difference . It’s because I used pure energy at that time, while now I’m doing nothing, just waving my sword . For the finish, it was too bothersome to walk over, so I just shot out some sword energy . ”

‘There are many people who are coming in for the first time . ’

Hyeonu’s stream still had an influx of viewers .  It never stopped, continuing to grow little by little . Consequently, this was a natural consideration for them .

-I understand .  It is a huge difference compared to pure energy .

-Enhancement seems pretty efficient .

-It isn’t junk that only consumes gold coins .

-Quency is different from the money-sucking companies .

-Those warriors from Gamepia are really trash .  It costs money any time you try to do something .

After hearing Hyeonu’s explanation, the viewers immediately understood . This was natural because the content wasn’t very difficult .  Admiration emerged the moment they understood .  They admired Alley Leader’s strength and Quency for providing quality content . It seemed they had a different policy from that of other game companies .

However, it was a bit different for Hyeonu .

“Isn’t this completely a black hole that eats gold? What’s good about it? It’s better not to try it . Take a look . I lost 20,000 gold alone today . The amount of money spent on my land is only 14,000 a week .  Huh? Isn’t it a gold eating hippopotamus?” Hyeonu screamed in a rotten mood .

His warehouse assets had been stolen . All the money he’d earned from killing monsters and selling items had flown away .

‘I didn’t intend to exchange it for cash . . . ’

Of course, he had no intention of changing Arena’s gold for cash, but he just felt good seeing his gold . Now that the gold had disappeared, he had a pained feeling like his heart was being squeezed .

-Yes, this is the only captain who has a territory .

-We should just buy enhanced items .

“Oh, is it just me? Is that so?” Hyeonu shook his head like he really didn’t know . Then he started moving silently .  From the back, his shoulders were obviously drooping .




The stream ended, but Hyeonu didn’t log out . He immediately tore the return scroll to Yuanyang .

‘Today is the last time . ’

It was the day they’d agreed upon . The ending moment of the long quest was coming .


[Defeat the Remnants of the Gucheon Secret Department]

[Defeat the remnants of the Gucheon Secret Department hidden on Mount Cheon .

Rating: S+

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Conditions: Kill the remnants 0/666

Rewards: Experience, Chen Long’s gift . ]


‘I don’t think it is difficult . . . ’

666 people—in terms of number, it was definitely a big number . It just wasn’t so big when thinking about the entire quest .

‘Chen Long will also bring some subordinates . . . ’

He just had to fight moderately, and the quest would be over .  However, it seemed he would have to put a bit of effort into battle with the leaders .  Hyeonu entered the castle of Yuanyang as naturally as if it were his own home, and no one stopped him . They all knew his status because he had already visited several times before .

“Your Highness, how are you?” Hyeonu greeted Liu Yongyun .

There was still a bit of time before he had to meet Chen Long, so he came to Liu Yongyun using that time .

“Earl, why have you come this time . . . ?” Liu Yongyun looked confused when he saw Hyeonu, who had arrived suddenly .

Liu Yongyun hadn’t received any reports .  Be it the castle’s guards or the attendants, someone should’ve announced Hyeonu’s appearance .  Yet no one had informed him . Therefore, it was only natural for him to feel flustered .

“I brought some good news . Soon, the wish of the imperial family will be achieved,” Hyeonu said with a smile .

Today’s visit had no real purpose . It was just to say this .

‘Of course, the idea is to prepare for a reward . ’

Hyeonu believed an NPC like Liu Yongyun would understand that well .  Liu Yongyun asked with wide eyes, “Did everything work out well? I know that you delivered the information about the Secret Camp to His Majesty last time . . . ” 

He was really surprised . It was natural since Hyeonu was progressing through the quest at a speed that surpassed the scope of common sense .

“Today, we are going to wipe out Chen Tai of the Gucheon Secret Department . From tomorrow onward, it will be a new Gucheon Secret Department,” Hyeonu spoke confidently .

Then he added in a friendly tone, “I’ll see you soon at Taeyang’s palace . Shouldn’t we see it altogether after the work is done?”

Liu Yongyun recognized the meaning behind Hyeonu’s words and responded with a slight smile, “Once the work is over . . . At that time, I’ll see you in Taeyang, not Yuanyang . ”




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After exiting the castle, Hyeonu immediately left Yuanyang and headed to the place in Mount Cheon where he’d agreed to meet . On the way there, Hyeonu met some unexpected people .

“It has been a long time, Alley Leader,” several people, not just one or two, greeted Hyeonu .

However, Hyeonu didn’t remember their faces .

‘Who are they?’

It was clearly not the first time they had met . He vaguely remembered them, but their encounter hadn’t been significant enough to leave a deep impression in his mind . The image of them were just there .

‘Still, I couldn’t have met this type of people in the East Continent, right?’

“Who are you? I can’t remember . I am the kind of person who can’t really memorize the faces of others . . . ” Hyeonu spoke some embarrassing words as he asked for the identity of the people before him .

“I understand . Alley Leader is a busy person . We are called the Venom Guild . We’ve met a few times before,” the man standing at the front of the group revealed their identity .

‘Venom? Ah . . . !’ The memory came to mind once Hyeonu heard the name .

The Venom Guild—he had met them in the Balder Mountains .

‘The terminally ill chuunibyou . ’

The one who just spoke was the chuunibyou .  He was a person who gave others goosebumps just by looking at him .  In a way, he was the scariest person .  It was frightening to get close to him . Hyeonu couldn’t talk leisurely because he didn’t have enough time, so he asked his question so quickly that he seemed stiff: “What is going on today? I’m a bit busy right now . It feels like you’re waiting for me in a place like this . ” 

“You must be in a hurry . I understand . I just wanted to say a few words to you today . The quest you are going on now will probably be harder than you think . ” 

“What?” Hyeonu asked like an idiot when he saw the man speaking surprising words with a casual expression .

“There are quite a lot of players who got involved . There are people you know and others you don’t . Then we’ll be going now . ” The man and his group disappeared as quickly as they appeared .

While looking at them, Hyeonu muttered, “The real thing appeared . . . Seriously . . . ”




Upon arriving at the appointment place, Hyeonu once again met some unexpected people .

“Brother? Reina? Why are you here?”

All the people that Hyeonu had introduced to Chen Long were present . To be precise, they had come here with their guild members .

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“Chen Long called us . We also received a quest to kill some people today,” Reina calmly explained the situation to Hyeonu .

The others nodded quietly .

‘It is indeed strange for them to call only me after all . ’

Hyeonu had introduced them to Chen Long so that they would be called in this way . They should still receive quests even if Hyeonu wasn’t around .

“I see . . . I will go and meet Chen Long . I have a few things to talk to him about . ” Hyeonu nodded at the gathered players and wandered to the place where Chen Long was supposed to be .

‘There he is,’ Hyeonu thought .

Chen Long was sitting on the ground, leaning against the tree . By his side, Bakar was constantly moving his mouth .

“You’re here? I've been waiting for you . ” Chen Long found the approaching Hyeonu and stood up .

“You’ve been waiting? Then I’ve arrived too late,” Hyeonu spoke slowly to Chen Long . Then he bowed and greeted Bakar .

Chen Long opened his mouth and said, “Bakar, tell me about the plan today . I have to hear it now . ”

Hyeonu laughed helplessly when he heard Chen Long’s words: “Pfft . . .  Don’t you know it?” 

Chen Long looked at Hyeonu and said, “If I listen one time, I’ll have to hear it twice . Why should I listen first?”

He was shameless . He didn’t like hearing things twice, so he’d waited .

“I have something to say first,” Hyeonu interrupted before Bakar could open his mouth . Then he first delivered the message from the Venom Guild: “I don’t think it’s just the leaders who escaped over there . ”

Bakar’s eyes widened as he stared at Hyeonu who had cut off his words . It was the same with Chen Long .

“What does that mean?” A sense of seriousness appeared on Chen Long’s playful face .

“It seems that adventurers have intervened . Moreover, there must be quite a lot of them . Maybe more than us,” Hyeonu replied .

Hearing that, Bakar’s expression became even more solemn . The words that came from Hyeonu’s mouth was a serious matter .

“Is that so? I will just ask one thing then . Will there be an adventurer like you?” Chen Long asked .

Hyeonu shook his head at Chen Long’s question .  There were no players like Alley Leader in Arena . There was only one Hyeonu .

“Then it’s fine . Let’s listen to Bakar’s story together . ” Chen Long smiled .

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