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Chapter 83.2

Chapter 83 A Hero (II)

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Li Yundong looked at Su Chan in astonishment . “Are you a roundworm in my stomach? How could you know what I’m thinking?”

Su Chan giggled and answered, “Bah, you’re a roundworm . It’s disgusting! Well, what have you thought about?

Li Yundong looked at Su Chan very seriously and said slowly, word by word, “Since you appeared, I got a very magical and unordinary power . Just now, I was wondering, since I am in such a mechanized cage, if my strength could break the order, and could I become special over all the people in the world?

Li Yundong laughed, bowing his head, and said, “Am I arrogant?”

Su Chan held Li Yundong’s arm and said with a smiling face, “My master, you are very modest . Don’t you know that you are already beyond the other people?”

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Li Yundong asked, “Really? Based on?”

Su Chan smiled and pointed at her small nose . “Because you have me!”

“Oh,” Li Yundong said with a long tone, “Really? Tell me honestly, who on earth are you?”

Su Chan once again turned aside and changed the subject, shaking Li Yundong’s arm straight, “Oh, don’t bring up this again . I’ll tell you when I can!”

Li Yundong could not force her, so he said helplessly, “Well, I won’t ask anymore . I will wait for it . ”

Su Chan secretly smiled and said inwardly, “You have passed the primary realm of the third heavenly “Soul Condensing” and began to practice the middle level of “Seeking, Proving, and Enlightenment” . Most of the cultivators who entered this stage would be confused by their powerful strength . They have to find a suitable way for their good . ”

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There were thousands of paths of practice, and people could not have them all . So, at this time, cultivators had to make a choice like high school students, who were separated into science and art . They had to choose the most suitable path for themselves and determine the direction of their future practice: should they learn Chinese, or economics, or law?

After entering this stage, Li Yundong began to carry out deep thinking while his restless, blundering temper also slowly changed, and his behavior became mature .

After breakfast, they went to school . As soon as they entered the school, Li Yundong was surprised to see all his classmates avoid him and Su Chan and made a path to the room when they saw them .

Su Chan smiled and whispered to Li Yundong, “You are a celebrity!”

Li Yundong laughed too . “I’d rather not be one . ”

Su Chan looked at the many eyes of the students and could not help, but raise her chin high . It seemed that, compared to welcoming her like this, she felt happier to see these people welcome Li Yundong .

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“This is the companion I chose! Sooner or later, he will drive the colorful beasts looking down at the world . The rose in the sky will be the carpet under his feet, and the Buddha of Heaven will make way for him!” Su Chan looked at Li Yundong with joy, and her chest had been filled with warmth . She felt excited, delightful, and a sense of achievement that made it difficult to speak .

At first, she made up her mind to borrow Li Yundong as a tripod stove to collect Yang for Yin, but now she was doing her best to guide Li Yundong . Su Chan was also making the most important and magnificent turn in her life, just like Li Yundong .

For the little fox, there was nothing more satisfying than watching the boy grow up little by little .

Li Yundong was not accustomed to all this kinds of eye-catching etiquette, but if Kris and others were still here, they would certainly welcome and applaud with cheers for him as if they were welcoming the arrival of a hero .

The easterners were restrained . After seeing Li Yundong, these college students gave way and looked at him with admiration and respect . It was the best they could do .

However, there would always be exceptions . After Li Yundong and Su Chan sat down in the classroom for a while, a head popped out behind the door, a girl glanced around and immediately laughed upon seeing Li Yundong .

Feng Na turned to Cheng Cheng outside the classroom and said, “He’s here!”

They trotted over to Li Yundong with smiles and sat next to him . They did not speak, but stared at Li Yundong as if looking at some rare treasure .

After Zhao Yujian’s incident, Li Yundong’s temperament had begun to change . In the past, he would have jumped and shouted loudly, but now he just looked at the two girls quietly and said nothing .

After they stared at each other for a while, Feng Na suddenly sighed and said, “He has changed . He is a hero who is a different person that…”

In Feng Na’s eyes, although Li Yundong still looked handsome, his black eyes had become more profound . When he sat there quietly, he looked so calm as if he had experienced life and death, which was strange for her . It was something that didn’t belong to the boys of this age .

Feng Na stared at Li Yundong as she began to speak when she suddenly stopped, and the words she was going to use to make fun of Li Yundong got caught in her throat .

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