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Chapter 83.1

Chapter 83 A Hero (I)

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While Kris and the others returned to the United States, Tiannan University slowly recovered its tranquility . Because of the severe blockade, there were no relevant things in newspapers, or even on the Internet .

After the bloodstains in the doorway of the classroom and downstairs of the teaching building were washed off, some students who passed through even began to believe that these things never happened at all .

But in truth, they had happened . Zhao Yujian and the two people he shot could not come back, and Li Yundong was well-known throughout the campus at this time . He had become an unparalleled figure of the moment .

“If you don’t know Li Yundong, you are not a member of Tiannan University . ”

Although the school committee had shut down the school forum in order to suppress the scandal, they could not stop the students from talking about it . These college students were very energetic . Since they were unable to react on the forum, they talked about Li Yundong in private all the time .

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It was too easy to google someone these days, and it became easier when the person happened to be their classmate .

Less than half a day later, the gossip fellows had dug out everything about Li Yundong, but when the curious people found out the details, they were not only surprised, but also more curious!

“He has nothing special in the areas of background, life, and experience compared to ours!” People cried out .

He had no powerful family background, no mysterious master, no extraordinary talent or opportunities .

From the information they had found, Li Yundong was no different from any college student in the world, but in what way did the man who looked ordinary and had an ordinary life suddenly complete the gorgeous turn in his life?

Sometimes, the more mysterious and incredible a person was, the more curious people would become, and the stronger their worship and awe .

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Li Yundong had no idea that he risen from an idol in Tiannan University to a hero .

The next day when Kris and others left Tiannan City and the sun just rose, Li Yundong woke up from deep meditation and took a long breath .

He opened his eyes and looked at the vast sky and bustling city outside the balcony, feeling with emotion .

As a negligent otaku, after experiencing so many things, Li Yundong had a different view of life, especially when a young life fell and died miserably in front of his eyes . If he were still as calm as usual, he would be too relentless and cruel .

Li Yundong, who witnessed the whole tragedy personally, for the first time, began to think about a profound question: what were the causes and effects?

Even when he returned home, he thought about the problem during meditation . If Zhao Yujian’s mother’s unlimited indulgence and tolerance was the cause, and the final tragic death was the result, then what would be Li Yundong’s cause and effect?

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While looking at the blue sky and the busy city streets below, he suddenly found that the sky was so vast and unbounded that if he could fly, he could go wherever he wanted . The sea was so immense that if he could breathe in it, he could go wherever he wanted .

But people couldn’t . They couldn’t fly nor breathe in the sea, so they had to stay on land, grounding themselves within a city and build streets for pedestrians and cars which were clearly separated and well organized .

Li Yundong suddenly realized that: people could not fly nor breathe in water; a single human being was a frail life—that was the reason . So human beings established cities with strict orders and law, one after another . But aren’t rules a kind of shackle/imprisonment?

Li Yundong clenched his fists and felt a powerful force flowing in his body . He had thoroughly proved that he really had the power far beyond that of the ordinary people .

This power was definitely related to Su Chan!

Thinking of this, Li Yundong could not help laughing bitterly . Previously he had questioned Su Chan, but the little girl blinked her eyes and refused to tell him the truth .

“Let’s go . It is time for school!” Su Chan carried Li Yundong’s schoolbag, shouting behind him . She was now more excited for school than Li Yundong .

Looking at the time, Li Yundong stood up and laughed, “You want to go school at seven o’clock?”

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong and was surprised . She went to Li Yundong and watched him carefully, then she suddenly asked, “Have you been thinking about something recently?”

Li Yundong laughed and said, “Isn’t that nonsense? Can I not think after such a bad shooting incident?

Su Chan shook her head and said, “No, no, I mean, are you thinking about such philosophical questions such as the world, life, yourself and so on?”

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