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Published at 1st of August 2019 05:44:15 AM
Chapter 82.2

Chapter 82 He Is a Legend! (II)

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When he said this, Tom turned his head and said to Kris, “What are you writing? Your memoirs?”

Kris stretched herself out, forming a sexy arc with her upper body . She said, “This is a documentary report for the Philadelphia Daily . Unfortunately, the pictures I took with my mobile phone were detained by them, which greatly reduces the credibility of the story . Otherwise, I would have made a lot of money with this article!”

Tom laughed . “Don’t dream about that, Kris . If we didn’t see it with our own eyes, would you believe that there were people in the world who could evade bullets? Even if you had a video, people would think it was edited!”

Tom pointed at his eyes and ears, and said with sarcasm, “People always believe in what they see with their own eyes, and they are not willing to believe in what they hear with their ears!”

Kris showed a thoughtful look . She stared at the vast clouds outside the window of the plane . After a while, she turned her head and said to Tom, “Do you believe it, Tom?”

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Tom nodded hard . “Of course, I believe in what I saw! He is a legend! After I go back, I am going to apply for a transfer to China and a visa application . I want to go there and learn from him . ”

Upon seeing the obsession in Tom’s eyes, Kris was absorbed in thought .

Tom asked, “Are you coming, Kris? You are very interested in the magical things in this land, aren’t you?”

Kris hesitated and answered with a sigh, “I don’t know, Tom . I have to ask my grandmother . ”

Tom incited her and said, “Don’t hesitate, Kris . For your Pulitzer Prize for the news, for your yearning for Chinese culture, you should come! Do you remember what we have seen about that person after we came here? He kicked people from two or three meters away and knocked down more than a dozen gangsters armed with steel knives . He could avoid pistol bullets a few meters away and caught an adult woman who fell off the height of the five-story in the air with his hands . After that, he could also catch another adult woman with his bare hands . ”

Tom said with an exaggerated face, “God, even the craziest visionaries can’t imagine such a thing!”

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His exaggerated tone got a boy sitting in the front row to turned around who said to him with a smile, “Hey, Tom, you became a fanboy . ”

A girl next to the boy also said with a smile, “I am also a fan of him . Did you see how he corrected his arms after they were dislocated? I swear to God that he is definitely the most masculine man I have ever seen! If I could get laid by him, I would be so excited! God, I am looking forward to his behavior in bed!”

Westerners are bold in their sexuality and do not mind talking about their hobbies .

The girl’s words caused sneers to appear on the faces of the exchange students on the plane . The boy next to her teased and said, “Louise, haven’t you seen that he already has a girlfriend? And she is very beautiful!”

Louise shrugged her shoulders and looked regretful . “I saw her . If I didn’t, I would have asked him out . ”

Tom and the classmates in the front row joked and said, “Hey, don’t cast eyes at my master!”

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His words attracted the surrounding students to tease him and said, “Tom, do you really want to learn from this guy?”

The smile on Tom’s face disappeared . Instead, he looked serious and solemn . “Of course, he is a legend . I want to follow him and learn from him!”

The classmates laughed . “Like Luke Skywalker who learns from Obi-Wan?”

Tom nodded hard . “Yes, exactly! He is my Obi-Wan Kenobi!”

The students around him laughed happily . “Maybe he won’t accept you!”

Thinking of when Li Yundong had teased him, Tom showed a look of sorrow and frustration . He muttered, “I’m not afraid . I know there is a saying in Chinese which is… what is it, Kris?”

Tom tried his best to recall the Chinese sentence that Kris taught him when Kris couldn’t help, but smile . “Idiot, it’s ‘Faith moves mountains’!”

Tom opened his mouth, rolling his tongue to pronounce, “Faith moves mountains?”

Kris smirked and shook her head, holding her forehead . “Tom, you have a long way to go to master Chinese!”

Then, she turned her eyes to the vast sea of clouds outside the plane, ignoring Tom who was trying to pronounce it right .

In the meantime, she seemed to have seen a world she had never seen before in the sea of the land that was China…

“He is a legend . I want him to be my teacher!” Tom’s voice resounded in Kris’s mind .

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