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Chapter 82.1

Chapter 82 He Is a Legend! (I)

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According to the movies, the police always showed up at the last moment . This time, they didn’t break from the stereotype and even came to the school later than the reporters .

The arrival of the police and reporters made Tiannan University more chaotic and busy . The police pulled a warning line around the entire building and emptied the surrounding people . The school committee held an emergency meeting to confirm how to blockade the area . After that, the teachers quickly took action and gatheared the students in the class, severely warning them not to spread the matter around or talk about this anymore .

Fortunately, Li Yundong had played an unparalleled role as a savior in this incident . For this, even Director Qian, who saw Li Yundong as a thorn in his eyes, did not dare to criticize him .

Although the press had received orders from the Propaganda Department to confirm that such news could not be released, there were still some curious reporters who asked the students in detail about the matter .

Some of Li Yundong’s classmates were still in shock when they told the reporters what happened in the classroom . Although each person told a different story, when they mentioned how Li Yundong dodged the bullets, they were all wide-eyed with excitement and fanaticism .

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“You mean Li Yundong could avoid bullets?” A reporter couldn’t help, but reveal a strange look after listening to a boy’s story .

The boy nodded hard and looked like he saw Megatron attacking the Earth or Altman dominating the universe .

The reporter couldn’t help, but laugh . He smiled before he realized it was rude, so he said to the student, “I’m sorry, you can continue . I, I just couldn’t help it . ”

The boy blushed and said loudly, “You don’t believe me!”

The reporter tried to control his laughter and said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but what you said makes people feel untrustworthy . ”

The student felt infuriated as if the fact that the reporter did not trust Li Yundong’s deeds was a great shame to him . “I am telling the truth . If you don’t believe me, you can ask someone else!”

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At this time, a girl passing by suddenly shouted, “I can testify, I have seen it with my own eyes!”

The reporter looked at them and barely stopped laughing . He said seriously, “Listen, I have studied psychology . I know that sometimes people will have mental illness after suffering from major trauma . The disease is called Fantasy, which makes you arrange and fantasize what you saw in your own delusions, and believe that is true . ”

He tried to explain, but the boy in front of him looked at him with very hostile eyes . Even the girl pulled his sleeve and said, “He said that we have a mental illness . Don’t talk to him . I think he is the sick one!”

The boy nodded, stared at the reporter bitterly, and then turned to leave .

Only the reporter stayed in the same place .

The tragedy did not deteriorate under Li Yundong’s control, but the impact it brought to Tiannan University was still damaging . The school committee immediately sent the casualty compensation to the families of the dead and injured and reached a privacy agreement with them .

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Although Li Yundong’s performance in saving people was questioned, Zhou Qin spoke for him . He did not suffer too much interference and only made a confession during the police’s inquiry and was quickly let go .

One day later, the exchange meeting between Tiannan University and the University of Pennsylvania was over with a very disappointing ending . Foreign friends from the United States, both teachers, and students, shook their heads to everything they saw here . The only thing that made the visit feel worthwhile was that they had seen a great person .

For Li Yundong, the exchange students almost never stopped talking about him . Tom and Kris were discussing him every day: How did Li Yundong manage to do what he did?

Unfortunately, Westerners were accustomed to using all the deep-rooted scientific theories in their brains to explain everything, so no matter how they tried to explain it, they felt that it wasn’t quite right .

“When our protagonist caught an adult woman who fell from the fifth floor like the giant Antai, a tragedy finally came to an end . Throughout the whole thing, the horrifying skills of our protagonist made me feel curious again: how could he have such extraordinary power?”

Kris sat in the cabin seat of the plane, facing her own computer and typing with her fingers quickly . When she finished the last letter, she couldn’t help, but breathe a sigh of relief and stared blankly at the article .

At this time, a snap rang beside her . Kris turned her head and saw Tom squatting in the aisle and said, “What can I do for you?”

The girl next to Kris was very discreet and said to Tom, “I am changing seats with you . ”

Tom smiled at her . “Oh, you are so sweet!”

Kris smiled and watched Tom sit down beside her and said, “Give me a cup of boiled water!”

Tom smiled and pressed the service light to call the flight attendant . He passed the water to Kris and whispered, “When I was a kid, my grandmother told me that there were some very mysterious people in the far east of the mainland . They had unparalleled power, just like the half-human, half-god of Achilles and giant Antai, etc . in Western mythology . But their power came from unremitting spiritual practice, and the power of Western mythological heroes came from their divine blood…”

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