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Chapter 78.1

Chapter 78 The First Confrontation with Firearms (I)

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The two consecutive shots made Kris and the others who were in another classroom suddenly stunned . The exchange students of American universities all stood up and clamored since US gun control was not strict and almost every family had a gun . Many of them had fired a gun and some were even firearm-lovers, so they certainly knew what these two sounds were .

“God, did I hear it wrong?” Tom said with a shocked voice . “Was that a gunshot? Did I actually hear gunshots in a country where guns are strictly forbidden?”

Kris was only stunned for a moment before she asked, “Where did the gunshots come from?”

Tom was an expert who was very good at recognizing the direction of sounds . He said, “It seems to be in the direction of my master . ”

Although Li Yundong hadn’t accepted Tom as a disciple, Tom still stubbornly called Li Yundong “master”, and every time he saw Li Yundong, he would call him so as if he didn’t mind the last time when Li Yundong had made fun of him .

Hearing Tom’s words, Kris forgot she was in class and ran out of the classroom . Seeing this, Tom immediately followed her .

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“Kris, are you crazy?” Tom shouted . “What are you going to do? Be a hero?”

The classroom where Kris was in and the classroom that Li Yundong stayed in were separated by a teaching building . She ran as she shouted, “I am going to see what’s going on! Don’t forget, I’m a double-degree college student, besides Chinese language and literature, I am still a university student in the Department of Journalism . The closer I am to the scene, the closer I am to the Pulitzer Prize! It is the famous saying of Master Capa!”

Tom muttered and scolded, “Capa didn’t say that, you crazy woman!”

The two people soon came to the teaching building where the gunshots happened when most college students had not realized what was going on .

Kris looked around before she whispered to Tom, “These students haven’t run yet, which means the shooter who fired hasn’t left the room . ”

Tom looked at her nervously . “Hey, Kris, this is not a game nor a joke . You don’t want to get us killed, do you?”

Kris’s grandmother was the daughter of an eminent family . When she was studying in the UK, she ignored her family’s objection and married an unknown sailor in London . After the World War II broke out, they took a tanker to Pennsylvania, and finally settled down .

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After a hard start, they slowly developed into a family with considerable power and status in the local area .

Kris was the youngest daughter of her parents . She had four older brothers and two sisters and grew up with her grandparents . She not only inherited her grandmother’s Chinese ancestry, but also inherited her Chinese complex and had a strong interest in Chinese civilization . At the same time, she also inherited the unique spirit of adventure from her grandfather who was a British sailor .

Kris looked back at Tom, her eyes sparkling with excitement and nervousness . She bowed slightly and said to Tom in a low voice, “Don’t talk nonsense, Tom . If you are not afraid to die, you can follow me or you can try to dial 911 . ”

Tom could not help raising his voice, “911? That’s not the emergency call in this country! Do you think I know nothing about this country so you can just lie to me? The emergency call in this country is 110!”

Kris said, “Then call 110!”

Tom shouted, “I only have a domestic mobile phone . Do I dial back to call the police there to fly over here? God, it will cause World War III!”

Kris giggled . “Then shut up! I am going to capture my Pulitzer Prize for the news! The Philadelphia Daily is very interested in such news!”

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Then, she turned around and rushed inside . Two steps later, she turned her head again and added, “By the way, I hope the gunman will shoot your master in the head!”

Tom was shocked and grabbed Kris, “Hey, you are joking, right?”

Kris smiled slyly . “You got me . I am joking!”

Tom glanced at her helplessly, and followed her upstairs .

Kris worked her way to her destination slowly . The closer she approached Li Yundong’s class, the more resistance they encountered . More and more students knew what was happening in the classroom and ran down the stairs, screaming, and shoving .

“Look!” Tom pulled Kris’s arm and pointed at a girl sitting at the door of a classroom .

Only half of her body was showing, but the creepy thing was that there was a hand beside her which was motionless .

Kris held her breath, approached the door of the classroom, poked out her body, turned on the camera function of the phone, and reached out with the phone .

She didn’t know that her actions would completely change the fate of both her and Tom .

At this time, all the students in the classroom were extremely freightened . No one dared to resist, and even the students who sat nearest to Zhao Yujian didn’t dare move .

Only Li Yundong was standing alone in the back row, raising his head and shoulders above others .

When Zhao Yujian saw Li Yundong, he became furious while his fingers holding the gun were getting more and more forceful . When he could not bear his anger, he suddenly raised the gun toward Li Yundong and fired a shot!

At this time, Li Yundong had been covered with the Qi . When Zhao Yujian raised his hand, Li Yundong felt a sharp and strong pain tingling near his head .

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