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Chapter 77.2

Chapter 77 School Shooting (II)  

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 Behind him was his new ally, Mr . Liu . They were like a couple who came to the door of the classroom, protruding their stomachs . Mr . Liu said arrogantly before looking at the situation in the classroom, “Hey, Who did it? What are you doing?”

However, when they came to the door and saw the girl who was sitting on the ground with a dull face, they were suddenly scared by the blood of her face . The two looked down and then looked up when they saw a barrel of a gun pointed at them .

Director Qian and Mr . Liu were so scared that their legs were trembling and they couldn’t walk nor speak .

After seeing teachers come in, Zhao Yujian sneered and pointed at them with the pistol, “Come here!”

Director Qian and Mr . Liu looked at each other and said hurriedly, “Hey, he is talking to you . ”

“No, he is obviously talking to you . ”

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“I am the director of the Academic Affairs Office . I say he is talking to you, so you should go . ”

“Yes, it’s because you are the director of the Academic Affairs Office that he must talk to you!”

While watching them quarrel, Zhao Yujian became angrier . He raised his hand and just fired!


Another shot!

Fortunately, Zhao Yujian didn’t aim at anyone this time . The bullet actually passed between the heads of Director Qian and Mr . Liu .

Both of them only felt a gust of wind go by their ears, like death passing by .

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Director Qian and Mr . Liu suddenly stopped pushing each other . They looked at each other and shouted simultaneously as they fled through the door, falling and climbing over each other, and even the girl, who was stunned by their feet, was ignored .

Seeing this, Zhao Yujian laughed wildly, but after a while, he saw a figure in the back who he was very familiar with .

He suddenly stopped laughing, and his eyes became extremely sinister and resentful .

In his opinion, everything can be blamed on this boy!

He was the man who humiliated him in public and injured one of his legs so that he could not participate in the performance for the exchange students . All his honor had been taken away by this boy!

Zhao Yujian felt that if he could have participated in the performance that day, Zhou Qin would have been impressed by his heroic posture on the stage and accepted him!

Poor people must have hatefulness . Zhao Yujian was poor, but his hatefulness was never directed toward himself . How could Li Yundong injure his calf if he hadn’t carried out the deadly kick?

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What would happen next?

Li Yundong stared at the scene in front of his eyes, and his mind was a mess . He did brawl with the gangsters, but fighting and killing people were two different things; fighting against people with knives and sticks versus one with a pistol were two different things as well!

Su Chan had been waiting and watching when she suddenly noticed that Zhao Yujian’s attention was concentrated on Li Yundong with murderous eyes . She immediately whispered to Li Yundong, “Yundong, lead the Qi to Huiyin and then Lingtai . Protect Shenting and connect with Baihui!”

Li Yundong heard Su Chan’s voice and his body trembled a little . The trust and habits he had developed with Su Chan made him subconsciously start to move his Qi .

The majestic Qi of the gold pill was transferred from Huiyin and then to Lingtai .

When the Qi arrived at Lingtai, Li Yundong felt his brain suddenly became clear . His fear and shock gradually went away as everything in front of him seemed to settle down bit by bit .

The saying “holding Lingtai” of cultivators referred to keeping one’s mine clear . On the other hand, it meant to lead Qi through Lingtai . As long as the acupoint was unimpeded, then people would feel refreshed and comfortable .

After Li Yundong led Qi through Lingtai acupoint and reached Shenting, he suddenly felt that his mind became more agile . Previously he was shocked and sluggish, and now these feeling had gone away . His brain began to run like a high-speed motor, calmly and confidentially .

The Shenting acupoint was located in the center of the forehead . Sometimes when people were upset and unable to think, they would scratch their heads with their hands . When their fingers pressed the acupoint, they would stimulate it, making people conscious and look and hear more clearly .

When Li Yundong converged Qi in Baihui, it meant that he had completed a small circulation and a big circulation . All the Qi had been highly concentrated and mobilized . At this time, Li Yundong was surrounded by the Qi of the gold pill as if he had endless strength .

In the morning, Li Yundong just broke through the primary level of the Soul Condensing realm of the third heavenly: agile ear, clear eye, and perception . At this time, he had the Qi all over his body and felt courageous enough that he could beat thousands of troops in front of him .

Moreover, Li Yundong had a faint thought that Zhao Yujian couldn’t kill him at this time!

As soon as he thought of this, Li Yundong’s eyes immediately became sharp and cold . His entire body, even his pores, were revealing an aggressive momentum!

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