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Published at 6th of July 2019 12:37:08 AM
Chapter 77.1
Chapter 77 School Shooting (I)
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Where did Zhao Yujian get the gun?

This problem was not very important at this time . The important thing was that this man had already pulled the trigger .

At the moment when the gunshot sounded, the birds on the campus fluttered at the same time, making a variety of horrifying screeches .

The campus was as quiet as a cemetery . Time seemed to stop moving, and the air seemed to solidify .

The teacher holding a textbook had a bullet hole in his head . His eyes were wide open as he stumbled to the ground .

A female college student who followed him had stopped moving, textbooks still in her arms . Her face had been splashed with hot blood!

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The sophomore students of the Chinese Department looked at the bloody scene at the door in fear . They used to see such views many times in movies . At that time, they could have popcorn while commenting on the authenticity of the films .

However, when the scenes in the movies actually happened in front of them, their brains went all blank .

The only sounds found in the room were the gunshot, the rapid, worried breathing, and the hysterical roar of Zhao Yujian .

“Why? Why did you do this to me!” Zhao Yujian had gone crazy . No one knew if he meant when he pulled the trigger, when Zhou Qin once again refused him coldly, or when Ding Nan once again trampled on his dignity unceremoniously .

“Zhao, Zhao…” Ding Nan, who was glib at ordinary times, could not finish a sentence . She tried to call Zhao Yujian’s name in order to persuade him not to hurt her .

However, Ding Nan was aware that she should be the shield of Zhou Qin . Zhou Qin had taken her, a rural-born girl, into various high-class places and given her benefits because she could block the romantic pursuits that Zhou Qin did not want, as well as various attacks against Zhou Qin .

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Ding Nan knew very clearly that she was the one that Zhao Yujian wanted to kill!

However, she also knew that no matter what she said, she could no longer persuade Zhao Yujian to turn back because he had already pulled the trigger .

Human-beings were the strongest beings in the world, but they were also one of the most vulnerable . Both their physical and emotional states were frail .

There was an evil voice that kept screaming in Ding Nan’s heart, whining and complaining, “I’m going to die . I am dead! He shouldn’t blame me . It’s all Zhou Qin’s fault . She asked me to do it . ”

Ding Nan wanted to shout, but her voice was caught in her throat . She opened her mouth and only the sound of babbling came out . She could not complete a word or sentence and they all sounded like a dying man’s whining .

Zhao Yujian’s face was full of anger and malevolence . The girls who were familiar with this handsome boy looked at him in shock, as if they never knew him .

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In the past, he was such a sunny, handsome man who was like an angel, but now, he was so hideous and horrible not unlike a demon from hell!

Zhao Yujian put the pistol against Ding Nan’s forehead . His eyes were popping while he said, “You are glib, aren’t you? Keep talking!”

Ding Nan’s teeth struck against each other, and her tears flowed uncontrollably . She was still muttering and could not say a complete sentence .

Upon seeing that Ding Nan, who was so mean and arrogant in the past, being so scared, Zhao Yujian felt extreme pleasure . The power from the pistol in his hand made him swell in hysterical madness .

However, at this time, although Zhou Qin had been shocked, she was a celebrity who had seen the bigger world . She took a deep breath and said, “Zhao Yujian, there is nothing we can’t discuss . You don’t need to do this . ” ”

Hearing this, the students around her all looked at her in admiration and resentment .

They admired Zhou Qin who dared to speak like this at this moment, but they also resented the harsh tone in which Zhou Qin spoke .

Was this woman crazy? Did she want to make Zhao Yujian go on a killing spree?

When they thought of Zhao Yujian’s predecessor, Ma Jiajue, and the victims of the shootings in European and American campuses, they were all scared and sobbed quietly .

The sounds of crying made Zhao Yujian more restless, and he shouted at these students, “Shut up, be quiet!”

After he shouted, the students in the classroom were all stunned and quickly covered their mouths with their hands while shaking like a flock of sheep .

At this time, the girl with a bloody face at the door finally slowly sat down, leaning against the door frame . Director Qian, who heard the gunshot from outside the corridor, thought that someone had set off firecrackers in the classroom . He yelled before walking to the door, “What are you doing? How can you set off firecrackers in the school!”

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