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Chapter 76.1

Chapter 76 Extraordinary (I)

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There were nine heavens in cultivation: the first was called “Shaping” . Many martial arts cultivators who practiced with inner power or outer power, could strengthen their own bodies through various practice methods to achieve this realm .

The second heaven was refining Qi . After martial arts, those who practiced with outer power and had reached the highest level would naturally turn to refine Qi, so would the inner power practicer, most of whom were able to reach the middle level of the second heaven: Active Cultivating Realm .

But very few of them could be able to go further . They could not practice internal vision, and Observation-Thinking, not to mention the establishment of a Lotus Seat .

Not only because they didn’t have a partner or a teacher who could lead the way, but also because they had no method to practice .

Method, wealth, partner, place, and equipment .

As the first one of the five necessary conditions for cultivation, the method had a valid position .

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Li Yundong easily reached the highest level of the second heaven, which meant he had surpassed almost all the martial arts people in the world, and began to enter the third heaven which could make him extraordinary: the Soul Condensing Realm .

Su Chan looked at the boy in front of her in shock as if it was the first time she knew her lover .

The reason why she wanted to help Li Yundong become a great cultivator was mainly because she was touched by Li Yundong’s true love for her . She felt that he was a straightforward person and was a material that could be made . But now, she found that the boy not only had first-class temperament, but also a great talent!

To become a great cultivator, one must have several prerequisites . The first was to have wonderful encounters; the second was to have a nice temperament, and the third was to be talented!

Li Yundong actually had all of them .

Su Chan looked at him incomparably, and secretly sighed, “This is really a genius that even God will marvel at!”

Su Chan knew that although the Fox Zen Sect had a relationship with Buddhism, and the Rock Fox Elder had learned from Master Baizhang[1]of the Tang Dynasty . However, most of the descendants cultivated with Taoist skills .

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In Taoist cultivation, inaction had been the most important concept .

What was inaction? It meant for one to do what they want and never do something deliberately .

Li Yundong had such a character, so he made a few turns on the death gate during cultivation, but was able to come back without any loss .

If someone else did it, he would have died with no residue left .

“Is this the plan of heaven?” Su Chan stared at Li Yundong blankly .  “Did God make me meet such a prodigy and let me help him?”

The envy and worship in Su Chan’s eyes made Li Yundong feel satisfied . Nothing would make a man more proud of himself than to let his favorite woman admire him .

At this time, before Su Chan urged him, Li Yundong had had a strong interest in Refining Qi . He liked the feeling that Su Chan was watching him with astounded eyes .

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After a while, Su Chan, who was still in shock, returned to her room and couldn’t sleep .

Li Yundong sat in meditation on the floor of the living room for the whole night .

The next morning, when the sun first rose and the light shined on Li Yundong, he immediately woke up from deep meditation .

He sighed and spat out a long breath which was like a sharp arrow, shooting straight out the window . It maintained being condense until more than ten meters away from the window before turning into white air .

Li Yundong stood up . He only felt that his eyes were abnormally bright . He stood on the balcony on the 20th floor, and could clearly see the scene of more than ten miles away, and identify the shop signs hundreds of meters away .

Not only that, but he also discovered his ears had become sensitive as they were able to hear the voices of neighbors around him . Even the sound of making breakfast, he could hear it clearly .

This change froze Li Yundong on the balcony, imagining that he had become a clairvoyant .

He was a little bit fascinated when he suddenly felt that someone was watching him . He turned around in the direction to have a look .

As he turned around, his gaze happened to meet a girl’s on a balcony next to his .

Their eyes fixed on each other’s, and then quickly moved away .

The girl on the balcony was wearing a loose white casual wear, doing simple gymnastics . She looked very beautiful and had a good figure . Her eyes were crystal clear, which left a deep impression on Li Yundong . She was the girl he met at the entrance of the community when he just moved in .

Li Yundong did not know that he had reached the level where a normal person would never have been in a lifetime . He glanced at the girl, not because the girl was watching him, but because he sensed her gaze so he turned around .

He noticed in advance that a girl would look at him, so he turned his head so that the two people turned their heads at the same time and he looked at her in the eyes .

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