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Chapter 75

Chapter 75 A Born Talent

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Li Yundong carried out Observation-Thinking in his mind . The first person he thought of was the cute little girl next to him . As soon as he thought of Su Chan, the surrounding clouds began to flow slowly .

He felt that his soul seemed to be drawn from the original location of the world . He was elevated to the top and looked down on the chaotic world wrapped in clouds .

In this dark world, Li Yundong found the cloud masses under his feet gradually condensed and formed into a girl’s shape . Her features became clear and lifelike, and Su Chan’s figure showed up .

This change made Li Yundong both shocked and delighted as if a strange and mysterious door opened to him .

Like a child getting a new toy, he kept thinking about one thing to another and never got tired .

He was having fun, but Su Chan was waiting anxiously .

Li Yundong was playing with his new toy in his mind, but there was not even a little change in his appearance which made Su Chan uneasy, fearing that Li Yundong could not overcome this or get a good result .

“If Yundong can’t figure anything, what should we do?” The little fox was thinking about the loss and couldn’t help, but feel nervous . She thought for a while and comforted herself . “No, no . He is too smart to fail . ”

She was hooked by her own lies . “What if he can only think of something simple?”

If so, wasn’t that a waste of his gold pill?

Su Chan felt annoyed . If he was not very talented, even though with the help of the gold pill, he couldn’t become one of the best figures in the cultivation world like Immortal White Crane of the Fair One Sect, Almighty Lord of the Danyang Sect, Master Yuankong of the Chan Sect, as well as the once-in-100-years genius in her Fox Zen Sect, Mysterious Black Fox .

She had a bee in her head .  “If he can’t become an immortal like them, then he can be an individual cultivator, which is fine . But if he is not qualified to be an individual cultivator, what should we do? I swore to help him become a top master . How do I carry out my promise?”

Thinking of this, she gradually revealed a decisive look after a while . “If he can’t be an individual cultivator, I will go to beg my master to help him open the Skyeye and see the future even though I will be blamed . ”

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The little girl had considered everything while Li Yundong was playing joyfully . In a flash, he had come up with hundreds of things, especially when he thought about the distant mountains and rivers . The accumulated cloud and airflow formed majestic mountains and rivers that made Li Yundong excited as if he had become the creator of the heavens and earth . Under his own baton, he could have whatever he wanted, including mountains and rivers, stars, and the sun .

“Ha, do I become someone like the Buddha and immortal Hongjun, who created the world?” Li Yundong felt secretly happy . He played to his heart’s content and began to form the figure of the Buddha as he thought of it .

However, when he did this, his mind began to rumble, like thunder turning over .

These cloud masses did not form the appearance of the Buddha according to Li Yundong’s idea, but instead, they continued to rise and float, as if they were going to roll over Li Yundong’s head .

Li Yundong was shocked and immediately stopped thinking about the Buddha . As soon as he stopped, these tossing clouds immediately sank .

Li Yundong secretly wondered, “Why can’t he think about the Buddha? Is it banned?”

Li Yundong was right . Cultivators had two big taboos . One was to use spells on mortals, which would attract Divine Tribulation . Another taboo was to offend the gods while practicing .

Li Yundong failed to form the Buddha . In fact, he stopped trying to imagine the Buddha . Instead, he turned to think of the Lotus Seat under the Buddha .

“Since I am not allowed to imagine the Buddha, I can imagine the Lotus Seat! Since ancient times, most of these Bodhisattvas are sitting on the Lotus Seats, right?” Li Yundong thought .

As he thought, the clouds slowly condensed together . At first, it seemed very irregular . Li Yundong felt that these clouds were constantly trying to escape, which never happened before . So he had to concentrate and put all his energy into forming a Lotus Seat .

As he tried, the thick clouds gradually formed the appearance of a Lotus Seat, with petals and lotus leaves appearing on edges . Li Yundong saw it work and suddenly rejoiced . He continued thinking, “This Lotus Seat should not look empty, there must be lotus seeds!”

As soon as he thought of it, the dark rolling clouds revealed a glimmer of light, like a little starlight dotting the Lotus Seat .

Li Yundong looked at it and found the light looked just like a lotus seed . He laughed happily . “Only one lotus seed is not enough . There should be more!”

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Then, on this Lotus Seat, more and more small bright spots showed up . The light of these lotus seeds gradually illuminated the dark world where Li Yundong stayed . Even the lotus petals around the seat became crystal clear and beautiful, like a lotus lantern in the dark night .

Li Yundong was satisfied with the Lotus Seat in front of his eyes . He reached out and tried to feel it .

Although Li Yundong was just a vain soul at this time, as he just came up with the idea of reaching out, the lotus flower suddenly rolled over and closed, turning into a lotus bud that was waiting to blossom .

Li Yundong was stunned and when he tried to retract his hand, the lotus flower in the bud suddenly bloomed . The radiance was blinding, and the petals were gorgeous, which made this little world shine brightly and dazzlingly!

Li Yundong was shocked and surprised . When he wanted to reach out and touch it, the Lotus Seat returned to a lotus flower again . He laughed like an urchin while he played with it nine consecutive times .

When he tried the tenth time, the lotus banged fiercely, and the petals flew in the air like snowflakes falling in the air . The lotus seeds flew out like meteors and generally flew into Li Yundong’s body .

Li Yundong’s body was violently shocked . He opened his eyes and woke up from Observation-Thinking . He gasped and widened his eyes as if he could not believe what had just happened .

Seeing him waking up, Su Chan was surprised and happy . She asked carefully, “Yundong, what did you see?”

Li Yundong gasped for a while and gradually calmed down . He looked confused and said, “A lot of things…”

Su Chan was amazed and said inwardly, “Only by thinking of the simplest things can you finish Observation-Thinking easily . It means…”

She couldn’t help, but ask, “What are they exactly?”

Li Yundong told her briefly about the view he saw while in Observation-Thinking, including the birds, beasts, flowers, fish, mountains, rivers, and so on . And finally, he remembered something and added with a smile, “Oh, I also thought of you . ”

At first, hearing Li Yundong’s words, Su Chan was a little worried . These things were the easiest things to think about because the mountains and rivers were vast and majestic, but most of them were inanimate objects, while birds, flowers, and beasts were all living things without spirituality, which could not test the talent and understanding of a cultivator .

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But when she heard Li Yundong say that he imaged her, she immediately asked, “You thought of me? How did it look? Did it look like me?”

People are the intelligent part of the universe and are born to be smart with different looks . It was complicated to imagine a person vividly unless he was very talented .

Li Yundong smiled proudly, “Of course, very alike . It looked exactly like you!”

Su Chan was suddenly overjoyed, and her worries were suddenly put down . She smiled and kissed Li Yundong ecstatically, “Great . That’s great!”

Li Yundong also took the opportunity to hug the little girl and kissed her . “Yes, am I amazing?”

The little girl nodded like a rattle and smiled . “You are awesome . You did better than I thought!”

Li Yundong showed a smug smile . He suddenly thought of the strangeness when he imaged the Buddha and then told it to Su Chan .

Su Chan had cold sweat upon hearing this and looked at Li Yundong with a look of horror . She said in a trembling voice, “You… you dared to offend the Buddha? Are you crazy?”

Observation-Thinking could signify how powerful and vivid a person’s mental power and creativity were . The cultivator could imagine anything, but the gods .

It was because cultivators must do Observation-Thinking within their own body and mind . Everyone had a soul there, which was their own god .

But when cultivators thought of the gods, this meant that the spiritual power in their body was linked to the spiritual power that existed between heaven and earth . It not only could attract Tribulation Thunder, but could also lead the power of the gods into their own body . Once the spiritual power of the gods turned from a guest into a host, their own spirit would be obliterated .

Li Yundong thought about the Buddha, and immediately attracted the thunder in his mind which almost smashed his spirit unknowingly . He had no idea that he had made a turn before the Gate of Hell .

Su Chan’s panicked face made Li Yundong puzzled . After she explained the reason with a pale look, although Li Yundong was still doubtful, he remembered it in his heart: Don’t think about dangerous matters otherwise, he would go mad .

Su Chan stared at Li Yundong with big eyes and said, “You always tell me that fortune favors fools . I think you are the real fool and stupid!”

Li Yundong pretended to be angered . “Nonsense! Be careful with your words or I will spank you!”

They talked and laughed for a while until the previous fear slowly dissipated . Su Chan asked casually, “In short, don’t think about dangerous matters in the future . If there is nothing to think about, you can try a Lotus Seat . ”

Imaging a Lotus Seat was the last test of the second round of refining Qi since it was the most difficult thing to imagine in Observation-Thinking .

It was not only complicated, but also with sufficient spiritual power . Lotus lived in the dirt but weren’t dirty . The petals were beautiful and dignified, and the lotus seeds were fresh and sweet, which could preserve people’s health and be used in medicine .

Lotus regenerated lotus seed, which also symbolized the cultivation process of cultivators .

Starting cultivation as ordinary folks, ghosts, or beasts symbolized of growing in the dirt . Once one’s cultivation was successful, the Inner Pill cultivated inside their body corresponded to the lotus seed born in the Lotus Seat .

Hearing Su Chan’ words, Li Yundong laughed . “I have already imagined it nine times, but I failed the tenth time, and the Lotus Seat exploded, so I woke up . ”

Hearing this, Su Chan suddenly widened her eyes and looked at Li Yundong as if he was a monster . She couldn’t speak for a long time .

Li Yundong reached out and waved his hand in front of her eyes . “Hey, did I scare you?”

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong in shock and said blankly, “You…you have imagined the Lotus Seat and you have done it nine times? You aren’t making that up?”

Li Yundong said with dissatisfaction, “Who’s making things up? How could you not believe me?” Then he described the process and the feelings of his Observation-Thinking .

Only by then did Su Chan believe his words . She thought with amazement, “I could only image a Lotus Seat once when I did Observation-Thinking for the first time . Had he done it nine times already? This phenomenon was called ‘Nine-nine Lotus Seat’ in Observation-Thinking, which was a supreme talent and gift! Could he be a five-hundred-year-old genius?”

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