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Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Five Qi toward Origin

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After hearing Li Yundong’s exclamation, Su Chan asked inexplicably, “Why are you yelling?”

Li Yundong laughed and put his hands together . “Amitabha, I agree with you . It’s an honor to meet you!”

Su Chan chuckled and said, “What are you talking about? Why do you act like a monk?”

Li Yundong smiled and tentatively asked, “Don’t you come from a Buddhist Sect?”

Su Chan was stunned, subconsciously remembering that although her sect had a relationship with Buddhism, and many of the spells and instruments she learned were from Buddhism, they did not belong to it, nor Taoism .

Su Chan shook her head, “Who told you I was a Buddhist disciple?”

Li Yundong looked surprised . “Or you are a Taoist disciple? Amitayus, this Taoist friend . It’s nice to meet you . ”

Su Chan laughed . “Stupid! I am not a Taoist!”

Li Yundong was confused . “Since you are not from a Buddhist nor a Taoist Sect, then you can marry into our family . ”

Su Chan chuckled and his cheeks flushed . She retorted, “Phew, you are really shameless . Who wants to marry you?”

Li Yundong pulled her into his arms with a smile . “Then what do you want to be?”

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Su Chan and Li Yundong were getting more and more intimate, and they had cuddled for several times . She snuggled up to Li Yundong . She felt as soft as water, and very fragile . She smiled and said, “My master, I only want to be your little girl, sound good?”

Li Yundong became ecstatic and pointed to his cheek as he said, “Come on, give me a kiss . ”

The young boys and girls who fell in love were always happy to do this kind of thing . Su Chan kissed him on his cheek, but Li Yundong became pushy and pointed his finger at his lips and said, “Here, you can’t make fish of one and flesh of another . ”

Su Chan was agitated by Li Yundong’s fierce testosterone and became excited . She said with a wink, “Master, do what l said . After that, I will give you the benefits!”

Seeing Su Chan’s charming and cute face, Li Yundong became so excited that he let go of his hand and said with a smile, “Do what?”

Su Chan stood up and asked Li Yundong to cross his legs again . She calmed down and said, “Close your eyes and look at the internal organs of your body . ”

Given the benefits that Su Chan would give him afterward, he did everything she said, but he was distracted at this time, thinking about the scene when he was intimate with Su Chan and could not enter the state of meditation in a short time .

Seeing this, Su Chan groped his spine from the top down with her fingers .

The spine of the human body and fishbone are very similar . After the fish is eaten, the fishbone left is a long strip with scattered fish bones on both sides . The space between two thorns is a depression in the human body . It is like a valley between two mountains . The earth’s heart is where the essence of the human body converges, that also is where the blood and Qi converge . That is where the Lingtai point lies .

Su Chan found his Lingtai point . She put her five fingers together like a chicken’s beak and gently clicked on it .

She had never had a partner of cultivation before . She learned all of this knowledge and skills from her master and books . She clearly remembered that her master once told her that Lingtai was a crucial acupoint . It was the main point of the back as the Huagai acupoint in the front chest . Many of the Outer Disciples of martial art often beat their backs gently with a self-made wooden hammer daily . They were hitting the Lingtai point .

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Li Yundong had all kinds of dirty pictures in his mind and was naturally impetuous . However, when Su Chan knocked at his Lingtai acupoint, he suddenly felt a shock as if a basin of cold water poured down his head . The boiling hot air in his lower abdomen was cooled down immediately .

Li Yundong took a long breath . After the hot air was expelled, both his body and mind calmed down .

Under these circumstances, Li Yundong quickly entered the state to see his internals . At this time, he had already achieved refining Qi . If someone guided him on how to see the interior of his body and how to meditate, success would only be a matter of time .

As Su Chan saw him loosen his eyebrows, close his eyes slightly, and breathe gently, she knew he had succeeded . She said softly in his ear, “You see the internal organs, now, try to lead the air of these internal organs to your head, which is also your upper dantian . ”

Although Li Yundong had entered meditation, he could hear Su Chan clearly . When he tried to guide the air of his internal organs, he found the five different colors were like huge rocks that could not be pushed .

Li Yundong couldn’t help, but frown when Su Chan immediately noticed the difficulties he might encounter . She said softly, “Don’t deliberately mobilize the air of the five internal organs in your mind . First, try to arouse the primordial yang of your lower belly, and then guide it to slowly move around the organs so that the visceral air will naturally follow your primordial yang . When they start to move, you can mobilize primordial yang upward . ”

Li Yundong did as Su Chan’s words and mobilized a trace of the purest primordial yang in the lower abdomen . It slowly drifted in his body like a warm, thin hairline . When it approached the five colorful air masses, Li Yundong felt them begin to move . After a short while, there was a slight looseness toward Li Yundong’s primordial yang .

Li Yundong felt that they had mixed with his own primordial yang and followed the primordial yang to wherever he led, just as the generals freely instructed the soldiers!

When Su Chan saw Li Yundong loosen his frown, she knew that he had already grasped the key and couldn’t help smiling .

Li Yundong learned from Su Chan about how to cultivate while Su Chan proved her previous learning with Li Yundong . In this process of verification, she had some new insights into what she had learned in the past .

Dual Cultivation was not just about sex between men and women . It had a profound and vast meaning .

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Seeing Li Yundong’s face turn white, red, black, and green at intervals, she knew this was the performance of Li Yundong mobilizing the five colors of Qi to his head .

What was “Five Qi toward Origin”?

Five Qi, as the name suggests, refers to the Qi in heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidney . It was not enough to cultivate the meridians for cultivators . Even if the meridians of a human were strong, compared with the Qi in the internal organs, it was nothing, but the external phase which was similar to rivers and the sea .

Once cultivators practiced their own internal organs to the extreme, they could have not only have potent internal organs, but also the excellent external of the human body . Most importantly, the human body’s Qi could be exhausted and it could not be recreated on their own while the Qi of internal organs could regenerate and store a lot of breath . They were called the Congenital Microcosmos .

Origin had two meanings: one referred to the primordial yang’s congenital traction to the Qi of the five internal organs . This was a passive meaning; the other meant that if cultivators wanted to cultivate with the Qi of the five internal organs, they had to gather it to the top of the head . This was an active meaning .

What did the Qi of the human body’s five internal organs head to? The essence . It was not only the primordial yang of the human body, but also indicated the most important part of human’s upper body that they should cultivate with: the upper dantian, which was the brain .

Su Chan fixed her eyes on the changing colors of Li Yundong’s face nervously . She knew that if Li Yundong could send this breath back to the five internal organs, it would indicate that Li Yundong had completed the second highest level of cultivation: inward vision .

Refining Qi was the most dangerous thing . It was like a child waving a hammer . If he did something wrong, the hammer would smash his head .

But Li Yundong was not a child . He was a powerful man who could swing the hammer with ease .

After the five colors changed nine cycles, they gradually recovered to normal and slowly returned to the body with the primordial yang .

Su Chan was overjoyed . She knew that Li Yundong had successfully completed the homework of internal vision . He could carry out the next step of his homework . “You can try to see the shape of the Qi inside the body, and what shape you can change it into . ”

Hearing this, Li Yundong was puzzled . Was the Qi like Transformers and could be changed as he wanted?

But when he tried to think about it, he was shocked . He seemed to be in the middle of a sea of clouds . The thickly piled clouds blocked the surrounding light like a big steamer .

Li Yundong raised his hand and wanted to see his own hand, but found he had become a ball of void with no limbs, head, or body!

Under this shock, Li Yundong was flustered with cold sweat on his forehead when he heard a long and distant voice coming from the direction of heaven . It was kind and gentle to the point that it could ease him, “Don’t be nervous, this is your microcosm as well as the world of your Lingtai . Try to watch it and see what you can imagine in this world . ”

Observation-Thinking which was the basic skill of the cultivators to start the journal of cultivation, was the homework that could best test the talent and understanding of cultivators .

It tested the ability and ideas of the cultivator to mobilize the breath, as well as the savvy and creativity of cultivation . The more complicated things one could imagine, the more talented he was, and vice versa .

Li Yundong gradually calmed down and fell into Observation-Thinking .

Su Chan looked at him nervously without blinking her eyes . She knew that in addition to Foundation Establishment, this was the most important threshold for cultivators .

Foundation Establishment divided people into mortals and cultivators, while Observation-Thinking divided those who wanted to cultivate into geniuses, averages, and idiots . Different classifications determined the difference in their future cultivation .

For this, Li Yundong’s golden pill could not help him . The only thing that could determine his achievements and accomplishments was his cultivation talent .

“What can he imagine?” Su Chan bit her lip and stared at Li Yundong .

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