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Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Cry and Beg to Be a Disciple

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The students backstage also became confused at this time and didn’t know what to do .

Kris thumped Tom’s heart with her fist and did artificial respirations . Her forehead was covered in beads of sweat .

Su Chan had completely calmed down at this moment . She came to Li Yundong, took his hand, and whispered, “Yundong, ‘Look for flowers with three fingers’!”

After holding Su Chan’s hand, Li Yundong suddenly felt calm . It seemed that he could be fearless as long as the girl was around him .

Li Yundong turned his head and whispered, “Will it work?”

Su Chan nodded affirmatively . “Yes! I’ll observe . You can do it!”

Encouraged by Su Chan, Li Yundong calmed down . He approached Kris and said, “Let me do it . ”

Kris looked up, and immediately became enraged . She shouted, “You are a murderer! What else do you want?”

Li Yundong pointed at Tom . “I can save him!”

Kris was furious . “He’s not breathing . How can you save him?”

Li Yundong looked at Kris and said firmly, “You can’t, but I can! Get out of the way! ”

Seeing Li Yundong speaking as cool as a cucumber and his eyes were calm and confident, Kris was shocked by his look and got out of the way .

Li Yundong helped Tom sit up and then he pressed Tom’s Baihui, Shenting, and temple points according to the methods Su Chan taught him .

Li Yundong secretly urged the Qi in his body to his fingertips and it flowed inside . In no time, a faint white smoke rose above his head .

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Some sensitive people pointed at Li Yundong’s head and wanted to yell when the person next to him covered his mouth to stop him from disturbing Li Yundong .

Kris didn’t notice Li Yundong’s unusual action at this moment . Her eyes were fixed on Tom .

The reason why Tom’s heart suddenly stopped beating was that Li Yundong’s previous blow hit his heart, causing it to stop beating .

Huang Yifei had blocked the attack with the iron ring and was still injured, so how could Tom survive?

In the west, judging whether a person is dead or alive often depends on whether he is still breathing, has a heartbeat, pulse, or brain waves .

However, in traditional Chinese medicine, under the condition that a person’s body has not been damaged, there is only one criterion for judging whether a person is dead or alive . That is, whether he has Qi inside or not .

After Li Yundong used the method of “look for flowers with three fingers”, he found out immediately that Tom’s breath was still strong inside his body . Li Yundong quickly enhanced his Qi and violently stimulated Tom’s primordial yang . His Qi was instantly pushed up .

As soon as the Qi of the human body was mobilized, the breath would automatically drive the blood to run . When the blood ran to the heart, the impact of the blood would make the heart expand and then shrink automatically .

Under these circumstances, Tom came to life at once .

“Hiss!” He opened his eyes fiercely and took a deep breath, clutching his chest and coughing .

“He’s alive! He’s alive!” The backstage was full of joy!

The nervous people around Li Yundong suddenly exhaled a long breath . Su Chan patted her chest with a happy face .

Feng Na and others also secretly wiped off cold sweat and looked at Li Yundong in admiration . The boy was as cool as a cucumber when facing death .

Kris was also obviously relieved . She drew a cross in her chest, prayed, looked at Tom carefully, and shouted, “You stupid fool, how are you now?”

Tom, clutching his chest, coughed painfully, “What’s wrong with me?”

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Kris felt amused and angry at the same time . She looked at him and said, “You were punched and flew away . Just now your heart stopped beating . He saved you!”

As she said, Kris pointed at Li Yundong .

Tom looked blank and he obviously didn’t understand what had happened before . He shook his head like a rattle-drum and said in English, “Impossible . I remember I hadn’t been close to him yet . How did he beat knock me away?”

Kris glanced at Li Yundong with a look of inexplicable awe . She lowered her voice and said to Tom, “You were still in mid-air, and he sent you flying . I mean, he beat you away a meter or two before you met him just like the man who practiced Iron Wire Fist! ”

Tom’s eyes got big and his head shook like a rattle-drum . “Impossible, how is that possible?”

Kris said, “My grandmother told me that there were many amazing people in China . You should believe it and everyone saw it with their own eyes! Do you want to have another competition with him?”

Tom shook his head even more violently . He was wholly convinced by Li Yundong although he didn’t understand what had happened . The fact was that Li Yundong was better and he had to admit it .

He sat on the ground for a while, then suddenly recalled some Chinese martial arts films he had seen before . An idea occurred to him .  “Could this be the so-called internal skill? Is this man really a great master?”

The more Tom thought about it, the more he felt it possible . He suddenly turned over and knelt down toward Li Yundong . He shouted a Chinese sentence with American characteristics, “Teacher!”

Li Yundong was caught off guard and became stunned . “What did he say? What is he talking about?”

Kris explained in amusement, “He is asking you to be his teacher!”

Li Yundong also didn’t know how to react .  “The foreign people are hilarious! They had to be convinced by fighting . After that, they want to study from us . ”

Li Yundong waved his hand . “No, no, no, I’m still young and I can not be his teacher . Moreover, we call it a master! When you learn Chinese well, come back to find me!”

Li Yundong said a lot, but Tom could not understand a word . He just stared blankly . When he heard the word “master”, he knew what that meant so he nodded hard and shouted, “Master! Master!”

The people around him saw him like this and immediately burst out laughing .

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At this time, some school leaders had rushed to the backstage and shouted, “What’s going on?”

When they saw Tom kneeling in front of Li Yundong, they thought that Li Yundong had used force to treat their foreign friend . They were just about to get angry when Kris smiled at them and explained, “Tom wants to learn from him, but he doesn’t agree . ”

Hearing this, the school leaders immediately felt relieved and secretly gave Yundong Li an approving look .  “I thought something big had happened! Fortunately, everyone’s ok . Good, this boy is a very credit to the school!”

President Ke, who was in charge of tonight’s events, put down the big stone in his heart and said to Li Yundong, “Boy, you can accept this foreigner as an apprentice . In the future, when we talk about Tiannan City University, it will be a good story!”

At that time all the teachers and students around responded with smiles .

Li Yundong also hesitated, he didn’t want to promise Tom . First, he didn’t have anything to teach this foreigner . He learned from Su Chan . Second, he didn’t know how to teach him!

But at this time, not saying yes wasn’t appropriate .

Su Chan saw Li Yundong hesitating and was worried that he would promise to teach the foreigner . She couldn’t help leaning over and whispering, “Yundong, don’t say yes!”

Li Yundong asked in a low voice, “Why?”

Su Chan looked awestruck and said, “How can the great treasure of our country be passed on to the barbarians?”

Li Yundong was stunned, but soon realized that Su Chan was talking about the methods of massage and Qi training she had taught him before . Although he thought Su Chan sounded too outdated and conservative, she had a great influence on him . Since the little girl said so, Li Yundong had an idea .

He said, “I can’t do this right now . If I do it casually, it’s too outrageous and too undignified! I have to ask my master first . ”

By this time, President Ke had known that Li Yundong was a great master that preferred a low profile . He could not help but ask, “Who is your master?”

Li Yundong deliberately put on a look of embarrassment and didn’t say anything .

President Ke was experienced and smart and immediately understood . He was no longer reluctant . He said to Kris, “You heard him . I also think it also requires some more thought . After all, it is no small matter to accept a disciple in our country . ”

Kris nodded, pulled Tom up, and said in English, “Get up, he thinks your Chinese is too poor and won’t accept you!”

Tom stood up and shouted, “I can learn; I will try my best to learn!” With that, he tried hard to correct his pronunciation with a ferocious face, but this time he still didn’t enunciate it right .

People around him saw his appearance and burst out laughing .

Before, Li Yundong only thought that this foreigner was arrogant . Now it seemed that he was a straightforward and lovely man . He waved his hand and smiled at Tom, “When you can speak Chinese well, you can come back to me!”

Hearing this, Kris suddenly gathered around him, winked at him, and said, “I can speak Chinese, can you accept me as an apprentice?”

Although she said this in a low voice, the people around them could hear it clearly . At that time, all kinds of eyes looked at Li Yundong .

The girls spat to Kris . “This foreign girl is really good at taking advantage of timing . ”

The boys looked at Yundong Li admiringly and enviously .  “What good fortune has this guy gone through, and how can all the beautiful women come to him? This foreign girl is very hot!”

Li Yundong was shocked by Kris’s question and he found he had been pushed into a corner by Kris .

Kris looked complacent, and inwardly said, “Didn’t you say you would accept a disciple who could speak Chinese? Hm, how about that, you have to accept me this time . ”

The Chinese took such things as accepting disciples very seriously . Besides heaven, earth, emperor, and parents, teachers were the most honorable ones .

However, foreigners didn’t look at it this way . In their view, it was common to hire a tutor . Therefore, Kris could say that she wanted to be a student without any hesitation .

Knowing that Kris had no sincerity at all and she just wanted to make fun of him, Li Yundong was a little unhappy . At least Tom really wanted to learn from him . He said, “Our sect has a rule that we only take male students . ”

After that, a roar of laughter sounded around them, and some boys applauded .

Kris blushed with anger and shouted, “You’re sexist!”

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