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"We have been deceived by the Heavenly Sword Sect." The medicinal liquid within the blood crystal had an abnormal effect, the wounds on the Cultivator Chen's body almost instantly healed, but his face instead revealed a painful expression. Previously, when he was wrapped up by Wei Suo's Yin energy, he was motionless and did not resist at all, and his face did not have any expression of pain. It was evident that the pain he was experiencing did not come from the wounds on his body, but from the memories.

"Back then, your parents and two of our good friends and I were both prospectors. Back then, we went to the Vault of Heavens to hunt a few demonic beasts and to see if there were any mines along the way." However, that time, we just happened to meet a few Heavenly Sword Sect cultivators. Those cultivators saw that we have a slight insight into the Heavenly Sword Sect's mining techniques and wanted to hire us to help them explore a spirit stone mine. The Heavenly Sword Sect is extremely powerful, and the cultivation of the cultivators we met with were all far above ours. Moreover, they gave us an extremely generous reward, so we didn't dare to disobey. "

"However, when we followed them and arrived at the spirit stone mine, we discovered that they did not want us to search for any ordinary spirit stone mine. They are actually here for the Fierce Devil Marking Veins!" Furthermore, there are already many cultivators like us gathered at that place. They all want to use their lives to go and search for that vicious vein. "

"What is a devil tattooed vicious vein?" Wei Suo quietly listened, and when he heard this, he asked.

"The Fierce Demon Tattoo Veins are a unique type of topography. In the several mountain ranges and in the desolate plains, there were dozens of intersecting cracks in the ground. Looking down from above, it seemed as if the Demon King's giant claws were scratching at the ground. Moreover, some of the cracks were close to the underground fire vein, emitting a blood-red red light. Beneath this kind of geomorphology, there was an extremely high probability that there were spirit stone vein mines, and even other vein mines. However, the ancient records also said that this geomorphology was formed when the ancient heaven and earth cracked, and it was extremely ancient. Within this geomorphology, there was a high chance that there would be many abyss demon beasts gathering, or even forming terrifying demons. Therefore, this kind of place is extremely vicious to all prospectors. Basically, as long as a cultivator who has a slight understanding of the Pulse Observation Mining Technique sees this type of terrain, they would be scared out of their wits and quickly flee, because according to the ancient records, even the outer perimeter of this place is extremely dangerous. Many prospectors perish here, and many strange things are not something an ordinary cultivator can understand. " A trace of fear unconsciously appeared in the eyes of Cultivator Chen.

"They clearly know that it is the Fierce Demon Tattoo Veins, so they forced you to go down and investigate. If you disobey, you will be directly killed? " Wei Suo took a deep breath and asked slowly.

"That's right. When we arrived at that place, it was night, and we could see the light coming from within. We could immediately tell that it was the Devil Tattooed Evil Veins, and when we discovered that something was amiss, the Heavenly Sword Sect cultivators had already changed their faces, and if we did not enter the Devil Tattooed Evil Veins to investigate, we would immediately kill them. " Spirit Master Chen said through gritted teeth, his entire body trembling.

Wei Suo did not say anything. He slowly raised his head and looked at the sky. His face was calm, but his hands were trembling imperceptibly.

In the sky above, the moon was bright and the night was as dark as water.

He could feel the terror and helplessness his parents and cultivators with the surname Chen had felt when they had arrived before the Demon Tattoo Evil Vein and saw the bloody light that shot into the sky in the middle of the night.

Right now, he was already at the fourth level of the Aurous Core Stage. Even though Lin Taixu and so many other great ancient cultivators joined hands, he was still not his match. However, there was nothing he could do to change that. No matter how powerful the spell was, it would not allow him to travel through time and space and change his mind. He would not be able to appear before his parents and kill all of the cultivators from the Heavenly Sword Sect to save his parents.

Right now, he had such a divine ability, but his parents were no longer around.

"What happened next?" After standing in silence for a while, Wei Suo lowered his head, looked at the Spirit Master Chen, and continued to ask.

"When we were tricked into that place by the Heavenly Sword Sect cultivators, there were already some who had entered the Fearful Veins to investigate under their guidance. It has been confirmed that there are several spirit stone mines. " The Chen Spirit Master looked at Wei Suo and said, "But the people from the Skysword Sect, other than letting some cultivators continue to explore these spirit stone mines, the cultivators that came by various methods to search for spirit stone mines are the ones with clearly ancient spirit veins. However, they have already completely broken and dried up their spirit energy. We need to think of a way to thoroughly understand the direction of each spiritual vein that is being drained of spiritual energy and figure out where these spiritual energy veins lead to. "

"A dried up spirit vein? Could it be that the Heavenly Sword Sect was looking for a broken spirit vein like the Sea Immortal Sect? That's not right! Find out the direction of these spirit veins... It was also possible that he wanted to use this opportunity to search for the remains of some ancient sect! In ancient times, spirit veins were usually occupied by the northern sects. Especially if several spirit veins were connected together, it would be hard not to be occupied by the sect. A large spirit vein could produce powerful sects in ancient times. That's right, they might be thinking of directly using these spirit veins to enter the ruins of an ancient sect! " When the green robed old man heard what Spirit Master Chen had said, he kept on shouting. He was getting more and more excited.

"Later on, we had over a hundred cultivators who were slightly proficient in the Pulse Searching Method and were driven into the Demon Vein, investigating the direction of these dried up spirit veins. Because I'm afraid of causing some unforeseen events due to being together with other cultivators that I am familiar with, the cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Sect even separated me, your parents, and my other two good friends from other cultivators that I don't know. Five to six people in a group will enter the Magic Veins to investigate. " At this moment, the cultivator surnamed Chen continued, "When we saw that it was the Devil Tattooed Evil Veins, we had already felt that it was a disaster. We all said our last words. If someone was able to survive, if there were any things that remained undone by the others, those who survived would definitely help him accomplish it. The last words your parents left behind were just in case they fell. They told us not to tell you about this matter no matter what. "

Wei Suo's face was as dark as water, but his hands were trembling slightly. It was obvious that he couldn't calm down.

At this moment, other than the silly Li Wen who still didn't know the situation and was still muttering scriptures, the rest of them were very clear that the reason his parents left such a final message was that they did not want Wei Suo to know that they had fallen because of the Skysword Sect. They were afraid that Wei Suo would seek his revenge against the Skysword Sect after knowing about this. For ordinary cultivators, a super sect like the Skysword Sect was simply too high and mighty. It was as if an enormous mountain had been lifted up into the sky, completely unshakable.

"Although we were separated, we both had Lotus Heart String in our hands and could sense the life and death of our good friends from that time. The Fierce Demon Veins are extremely strange. Not long after I entered it with a few other cultivators, there was a huge tremor on the north side. The entire area within 100 miles of radius collapsed. The Lotus Heart String in my hand was completely burnt to ashes. Apart from me, your parents and two other good friends all perished. After that, our few cultivators met an unknown demon in a dried up spirit vein and were chased by that demon. The rest of the cultivators were also killed by it, and only another cultivator and I managed to escape into a crack in the ground. I relied on that cultivator's meridian clearing technique to follow him along a black iron mine.

"Later on, Dao Friend Liao and I thought that we were safe, but who would have thought that the cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Sect actually secretly placed restrictions on our bodies. After escaping from the Devil Tattooed Evil Veins, we were chased by a cultivator from the Heavenly Sword Sect. Originally, Fellow Liao and I were going to die under the pursuit of that Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator, but I don't know if it was due to our bad luck or if that Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator's luck was too bad, he actually lured a powerful demonic beast over. That Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator instead went all out against that demonic beast, getting heavily injured by that demonic beast and landing in our hands. From questioning that Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator, Fellow Daoist Liao and I found out that we were hit by the Heavenly Sword Sect's Yin Mark. This restriction will only disappear after a few years, and other than the Heavenly Sword Sect cultivators, no one else can remove it. So, Fellow Liao and I did not dare to stay nearby at all, and we escaped far, far away to the northwest of the Profound Sky Continent. Furthermore, during those few years, we stayed in the wilderness outside the dome of heaven, and did not dare to rashly enter the city. The Cultivator named Chen took a deep breath and looked at Wei Suo, "Later on, there was no news about the Demonic Tattooed Evil Vein. It's very likely that I was the only prospector left at that place by the Heavenly Sword Sect."

When we left Spirit Yue City, you were still young. I thought that you might not be alive, and even if you were alive, you might not be in Spirit Yue City. However, I never thought that before I could even find out about your information, you would actually bump into me not long ago in Spirit Yue City, and I was recognized by you. I was afraid that you would try your best to investigate the events of the day and bring about a fatal disaster, so I decided to leave so that no one would know about it. It's just that I didn't think that you would have such a divine ability right now. "

"Uncle Chen, I had a big misunderstanding about you earlier." "How disrespectful, please accept my respect." Hearing up to this point, Wei Suo bowed towards the cultivator named Chen and greeted him with the name of an elder.

Spirit Master Chen's body slightly swayed. After a long time, he looked at Wei Suo with a complicated expression and said, "Your appearance is very similar to your father …" If your parents were to know about your current divine ability, they would definitely be extremely proud of it. "

"Uncle Chen, do you know the names of the few Heavenly Sword Sect cultivators who killed my parents?" Wei Suo looked at Cultivator Chen and asked.

"I only remember one of them." The Cultivator named Chen hesitated for a moment, but said: "Nephew, if you truly think of me as your senior, then it would be because of the relationship between your parents and I. Just listen to me, the Heavenly Sword Sect is too powerful, and if what I know is not wrong, there is an old man named Huangpu Jue in the Heavenly Sword Sect who has already successfully broken through the Divine Profound Realm. With the current situation, you still cannot be impulsive and want to face them head-on. "

"The Skysword Sect also has a Divine Xuan expert?" Wei Suo's eyes flashed. "Don't worry, Uncle Chen. If I want revenge, I will naturally think of a foolproof plan. If I don't have the confidence, I won't go head to head with the Skysword Sect."

"That's good." The cultivator named Chen sighed in relief, "I remember that one of the Heavenly Sword Sect cultivators was called Wan Jian San."

Wei Suo nodded his head and continued to ask, "Where is the Devil Tattooed Evil Vein?"

"That devilish vein is extremely far from the sky, in the Wilderness between the Profound Sky Continent and the Cloud Spirit Continent, there is a great ancient river nearby. That great river from Ancient Desolation is connected to a great lake from Ancient Desolation. That great lake is also recorded in some classical records, and is known as the Heavenly Mother Lake. "

"Heavenly Mother Ze?" When he heard this, the green-robed old man let out another cry of surprise.

"Eh?" As for Wei Suo, his eyebrows couldn't help but twitch. The name of the cultivator surnamed Chen, the one between the Profound Sky Continent and the Cloud Spirit Continent, as well as the name of the Heavenly Mother Ze, made him immediately remember that the Heavenly Mother Ze was also recorded in the ancestral jade talismans he obtained from the Jin Mansion. According to the records of the jade talisman, ten thousand li east of the Northern Mang Ruins was the Heavenly Mother Lake!

In other words, the Fierce Veins of the Demon Mark was not far from the Northern Mang Ruins.

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