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Chapter 1141: New Era in the Game World

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Chapter 1141 - New Era in the Game World

After a day of discussions, the military organization plan came out of the oven.

First, fill up the East Africa legion corps.

The East Africa legion corps housed in Somalia currently had a shortfall of one legion. Naturally, they had to first fill up these shortfalls and greatly increased the military presence of the Imperial Court in North Africa.

Along with the two legion corps in Africa reaching their full organization, the Imperial Court would start to occupy land in the 6th year.

Secondly, build the Nanjiang legion corps.

The Nanjiang legion corps would be from the Auckland formation and would mainly take charge of Australia and Auckland defense work. During this organization, they would fill the four empty legion spots.

The Nanjiang legion corps marshal would be Tiger Legion Corps 2nd legion Legion General Fan Lihua. As per usual practices, she would be awarded Grade 2 north conquering general rank.

2nd legion deputy Legion General Hong Ying would take over Fan Lihua’s spot.

Niu Da, Shu Zhenji, and Li Gan were promoted to Legion Generals and proceeded toward the Nanjiang legion corps.

Building the Nanjiang legion corps was naturally preparation for taking down Java. Australia Province was right next to Java, and even if they did not attack, it would threaten Java.

Thirdly, build the Luzon formation.

The Luzon formation would have two legions and would be housed in Luzon province.

Due to the position and size of Luzon, the Imperial Court was not going to build Luzon a full legion corps. Along with the Luzon formation being formed, the Dragon Legion Corps would go down south.

With that, Luzon did not need too many troops to defend its land.

The Lieutenant General was chosen to be 2nd Legion General of the Leopard Legion Corps, Zhang Han.

What needed to be said was that the Nanjiang legion corps and the Luzon formation including the Hanoi legion corps would belong to the southwest warzone and would be under Baiqi.

The overall strength of the southwest warzone had broken a million and had a total of 17 War Fighting Legions.

Along with the Nanjiang legion corps and the Luzon formation being built, Baiqi’s position in the Great Xia Army rose once more, jumping over the restriction of marshal heading toward an even higher platform, becoming the top person of the Great Xia Army.

Due to the southwest battlefield and Nanjiang Govneror General House sharing the same area, Baiqi and Bai Hua would be the spine of the Imperial Court in Southeast Asia, being called the two Bais.

At this point, the new round of military organization came to an end.

As for the remaining 260 thousand, a portion became bailiffs to the Nanjiang Governor-General House or the newly build Luzon and Australia provinces or retired to other occupations.

Amongst them, 150 thousand elites were given to Great Jin for three million gold, fulfilling Ouyang Shuo’s promise to Feng Qiuhuang to help them build a Guards Legion Corps.

The captured Badong and Luzon Squadrons were sold to Great Jin for two million gold after the casualties were replaced.

With that, the Great Jin squadron in Hokkaido reached full scale.

The formation of Great Jin’s squadron could work with Great Xia’s Binhai Squadron to restrict Great Zhou’s Handan and Haizhou Squadrons, releasing the Pacific Squadron to focus on voyaging.

The lock on the Great Zhou Dynasty had already basically formed.

Universe, unknown star system.

The huge Earth intergalactic squadron had spent five years in the vast space, passing numerous silent planets and heading toward their final hopeful land.

In the process of saving resources, apart from higher ups of the federation and a small number of scientists and news crew, the remaining people entered cryogenic sleep to reduce their energy usage.

If someone woke up from the game and looked at the galaxy outside, they would be in awe. The shining bright lights, rice-like stars and planets, and planetary belts that connected to one another.

Maybe only when one passed the galaxy could one see how small mankind was.

On the flagship where Gaia was at.

During these two years, along with the squadron proceeding smoothly, even some scientists and crew had entered the game world, leaving daily maintenance to Gaia.

Even the Federation President rarely woke up.

The flagship appeared really cold, only having the cold blinking red and green lights as well as machines following orders, which showed that the flagship was still running normally.

A certain cabin on the flagship.

This place was located at the bottom of the spaceship and was a really secret location. The number of combat machines guarding this place was the most.

In one of the rooms, there were various technological equipment.

In the middle was a giant nutritional cabin, with four cyborgs were surrounding it. They were nervously waiting for something.

That’s right, they were nervous.

To have such emotions that only humans had showed that their intelligence was really high. Behind them stood a row of combat machines; all of them were strong brutes.

Through the cabin glass, one could see that a naked young girl inside laid.

Or rather, a goddess.

Golden ratio body, perfect features, gentle and luscious body lines, and bouncy skin that was filled with energy; every part of her was perfect.

Combining everything, one could only look on in awe.

Even the strongest creators would not be able to give birth to such a perfect being.

If any player was present, they would be shocked till their mouths hung agape. The girl looked exactly like how Gaia looked in the game.

Apart from the special virtual feeling of the game world, everything else felt the same.

That’s right, this was a human body that Gaia created for herself.

The body was not some cyborg but started from zero through sperms and eggs. After modifying the genes, certain methods were used to develop this 100% flesh and blood body.

At this very moment, Gaia slowly opened its eyes.

Those eyes contained an indescribable coldness, like it had no feelings, easily letting people think back to machines or the legendary spirits who had no dreams and desires.

After a while, like it was downloading some sequences, the ice cold eyes showed some brightness.

Along with the nutritional fluid being sucked out and the cabin door being opened, Gaia slowly got up. The moment its legs landed, it was obviously a little unstable but this body quickly showed really strong adaptive ability.

Gaia walked a few steps and slowly stretched its limbs, exposing its perfect body to the air. If a guy was present, his nose would definitely bleed.

The brutish machines around naturally did not bother about all of this.


The four cyborgs and rows of combat machines bowed to Gaia.

At this very moment, be it for the intergalactic squadron or the game world, a new era and a new generation had risen.

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