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Chapter 85.3: Hidden Secret from Back Then

[Croak, what are gold taels? Toad doesn't like to eat gold taels but loves to eat there sweet tasty little candies.]

Little Snow blinked its eyes in innocent ignorance.

"Alright alright, go ahead and eat them all. I'll go sleep first. After you finish eating you better go catch all the mosquitos and you are not to sneakily jump into my bed understand?" Qing Yu said with her eyebrow arched up slightly, and then put on a threatening smile on her face to continue to say:"If I come to find that you jumped up into my bed, I'll have red braised Snow Toad to eat tomorrow."

Little Snow's tiny body unconsciously trembled pitifully and another elixir pill slid down its throat into its tummy so smoothly without thinking. It croaked a couple of times and was still quivering slightly as it finished up the several more elixirs before it then went into a small corner, trying its best to reduce its presence.

[What is this red braised Snow Toad….. Why does that sound so terrifying?]

On the other side Mu Chi was doing everything within his power to use his glib and irresistibly honeyed tongue before he finally managed to convince his own cold and heartless sister who was more than a handful to deal with to go save a person.

It was afterall a member of the Three Great Sects. Although the internal departments might not be made aware of this, but they should still establish good relations with them on the surface at least, and he would also have the most powerful Assassination Temple hidden behind the Carefree Valley come to owe him a favour. No matter how you looked at it, this matter was highly beneficial to him.

But what they had not expected was that the entire matter would be so thorny.

According to what one of the Ten Great Assassins, Feng Qi had said on the day when he had come to look for him, that brother in arms of theirs could not live in dark and damp places or his condition would worsen. But as the Assassination Temple was situated within a valley, the air was highly humid and hence they had shifted him into a courtyard in the capital's suburbs.

The light was much better there and the place better ventilated. Feng Qi and his men had naturally gotten other Elixir Cultivators to come have a look before but those people had not even been able to make themselves get close to the patient before they all went running away from that strange condition that they had never seen before.

Hearing that, Mu Lai snorted derisively through her nose, thinking how could those people even consider themselves to be Elixir Cultivators. [Aren't they afraid that they are bringing shame upon the name of Elixir Cultivators?]

Her nickname as the Demoness was not given to her in vain. Although she was a girl, she was more resolute and decisive than a lot of men in her ways and actions. She was also gutsy, having tamed a ferocious and malevolent spirit beast when she was just four years old, born to hold great power, where she felt no fear even upon encountering such a massive beast that had devoured countless lives.

Many men outside greatly admired this Young Lord of the Mu Family and hence Feng Qi and his men greatly believed in her and were filled with anticipation to see what she could do.

The group of several people rode horses for slightly more than an hour before they finally reached their destination.

"This is the place." Feng Qi said to the two of them, as he got off from his horse first.

Mu Lai was dressed in her usual full unfeeling black battle clothes, her figure very tall, giving people a sense of power and security when being with her. She lifted one leg slightly and then flipped herself off her horse agilely.

Mu Chi then got off his horse behind them and followed them to make his way inside.

It was very serene and quiet inside the courtyard, a great place for recuperation and rest. Feng Qi was in front as he led the way, saying as he walked: "We will really be troubling Young Miss Feng greatly this time. Our brother has been afflicted with this tormenting condition for a few months already and we hope that he can be alleviated from his suffering this time."

"Since I've come here, I will definitely do everything I can to cure him." Mu Lai said indifferently.

Feng Qi smiled, seemingly consoled and just as he was about to say something, a maniacal and painful roar suddenly came out from inside the house and his face immediately changed.

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