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Chapter 41 Worse Than an Animal!

Li Yundong left the apartment with Su Chan. The two of them stood on the roadside alone, with pieces of luggage. They looked quite miserable. Su Chan looked Li Yundong with wide-eyes. “Where do we sleep tonight?”

Li Yundong considered this and replied. “We’ll stay in a hotel near the school and find an apartment tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Su Chan nodded and caught up with Li Yundong. After a while, she raised her head again. “Don’t you have classes tomorrow?”

Li Yundong sighed. “Classes? Well, tomorrow I have a self-study session and some less important classes so I’ll skip them. I need to find a place to live first!”

Su Chan nodded again and fell silent.

The pair entered a hotel with their luggage. Li Yundong passed his ID card to the receptionist.

The female receptionist looked at Li Yundong in amazement and shot another stunned look at Su Chan. She exclaimed in her heart. “They’re a perfect match. It’s just that the girl is a bit too pretty. Is she a movie star?”

The receptionist checked his ID card and turned her eyes back onto Li Yundong. She said in an unsure tone. “I’m sorry, but I need your personal ID card.”

Li Yundong smiled. “That is my ID card, I’ve lost some weight.”

The clerk’s eyes widened. She looked at the ID card again and then eyed Li Yundong up and down. She could definitely say that the chubby boy on the ID card was nowhere near handsome or charming. The boy’s eyes in the photo looked quite darkened. Looking at the boy in front of her now, his eyes were shining brightly and his body was surrounded with energy.

The receptionist checked a few more times and then signed them in. “How long will you be staying?”

Li Yundong answered. “One night.”

“Single or double?” added the receptionist.

Li Yundong cast a look at Su Chan, thinking that this girl really didn’t know anything. She was simply staring at Li Yundong with a wide-eyed gaze. For a second, Li Yundong even pictured that if he had sold her out, the girl would still be counting money for him.

Deep down, Li Yundong actually wanted to sleep in a single bed with the little girl, however, after a second thought, he decided not to. After all, they still had plenty of time in the future. If she found out that he was taking advantage of her, that would be disastrous.

“We’ll need a double,” answered Li Yundong, who decided to behave.

The clerk snorted in her heart. “Bring a girl to a hotel and sleep in a double? Can’t you book a single?”

She handed the ID card and room card to Li Yundong, saying, “Room 205, insert the card to power up.”

Li Yundong entered the room with the little fox. He tossed the luggage onto the ground and dived onto the bed. He sighed. “Well, tonight I’ll be homeless.”

Su Chan also threw herself onto the bed. She sniffed and complained. “This doesn’t smell as before.”

Li Yundong found her funny and cute. He rose up to pinch the little fox’s nose. “Idiot, they change the sheets here every day, how can you smell anything like before?”

Su Chan chuckled and grabbed a pillow to throw it at Li Yundong. “I hate you, stay away from me. Why are you always pinching my nose? I hate it!”

Li Yundong grinned and said, “You don’t want me to pinch you? Okay, then I’ll tickle you!”

Then, he tickled the little fox’s waist and armpits.

The little fox didn’t dodge. She just wriggled and fluttered while laughing the whole time.

These two, one teenager and one innocent girl, were both young and forgiving. Though they had wronged before, now, they simply put that behind themselves after a round of pillow fighting.

They had played for quite a while on the bed. Finally, they crashed onto the bed while being out of breath and staring at each other.

“Alright, we’re now officially counting on each other!” Li Yundong smiled and reached out to brush away a strand of hair on Su Chan’s forehead.

Though Li Yundong sounded miserable, in Su Chan’s eyes, the words sounded warm and sweet. She grasped Li Yundong’s arms tightly and said in a cute way, “Yes, from now on, I won’t get you into trouble anymore. I’ll shut up whenever you want to me, and I won’t do anything you forbid. I’ll listen to you! You can’t dump me, starve me, or leave me alone!”

Li Yundong recalled that when he finally returned to their previous apartment, how the little fox wept. She must have been scared when she was alone.

Li Yundong felt tender for her and stroked her head. “Yes, I won’t leave you, scare you, or dump you. You can say whatever you want, and do whatever you want. I won’t stop you.”

Su Chan’s eyes were wide open. “Why? I was always getting you into trouble. Even when I tried to help you, I…” In the middle of the sentence, the little girl lowered her head.

Li Yundong drew her chin up with his fingers. He looked into her eyes and said, “Compared with your looks, I like your honesty and innocence more. I like the way you act and how cute you are. So, I don’t want you to be a weak yes-man. If that were the case, you won’t be cute in my eyes…”

Li Yundong put on a serious face on purpose and said, “If you’re not cute, I won’t like you anymore!”

While she was listening, her eyes became full of tears, but she felt warm in the heart. Afterward, she pouted and darted a bitter look at Li Yundong. “Why are you so nice to me?”

Li Yundong smiled and pinched her nose. “We’re counting on each other now. If I don’t treat you well, who am I going to love?”

Su Chan’s tears started to splatter onto the ground. She dived into Li Yundong’s arms and patted his chest. “You’re the worst! I hate you! Why are you so kind to me?”

Li Yundong forced a smile. “Am I wrong to treat you well? Ah, stop, I think you might squeeze my lungs out of me.”

Li Yundong didn’t know that when she heard those hateful words from the landlady and others, the little fox made up her mind to train Li Yundong to be a hidden master. However, when she considered this again, she felt a little regretful.

After all, in that way, she would never have a chance to obtain the Human Origin Gold Pill.

One must know that a Human Origin Gold Pill was nowhere near the common traditional medicine such as Six Flavor Rehmanni.

In the Gezao Sect, an external alchemy school sect in the south, it was considered a magical elixir that consisted of the Qi of heaven and earth, and essence from sun and moon!

The external elixir school sect Gezao Sect was good at refining all kinds of pills. Among them, the most famous ones were Heaven Origin Gold Pill, Earth Origin Gold Pill, and Human Origin Gold Pill.

Amid the cultivation sects went a saying: There was no true elixir apart from the three gold pills!

One could say that the three pills really were magical!

The refinement of Heaven Origin Gold Pill had been lost since the middle Ming dynasty, even inside Mount Hezao, Mount Longhu, and Mount Maoshan. Apart from Liu Bowen in the early Ming dynasty, no one had refined it during the following 500 years.

Though rumor had it that there was still an Earth Origin Gold Pill inside Mount Hezao, however, except Lyu Chongyang in 1949, no one of the Gezao Sect in Mount Hezao had cultivated to be an Earth Immortal and ascended to the heaven with the help of Earth Origin Gold Pill.

Therefore, out of the three pills, only the Human Origin Gold Pill existed in the world. The others were only real in far-fetched fairy tales.

This gold pill could enable the most mediocre cultivators to rise to the rank of individual cultivator with just one dose.

All the cultivation sects had scrambled for the elixir and nearly one hundred people had died because of it!

The little fox only managed to escape when her master drew away those horrifying rivals. Otherwise, with her cultivation, she would have been crushed into pieces and ended up in the eternal flames of hell.

It would be a lie to say that the little fox didn’t regret giving up such a powerful pill. Nevertheless, just when she was about to change her mind, Li Yundong’s words completely melted her.

She found that she could never harden her heart against the boy anymore.

The little fox wept and sobbed. She soon drifted off to sleep right in Li Yundong’s arms.

Li Yundong was stunned and pushed the little girl’s shoulder. “Hey, don’t sleep here. You’ll catch a cold. Sleep under your blanket!”

The little fox hummed and wriggled while murmuring sleepily, “It’s nice. I feel warm this way.”

Then she curled up her entire body in Li Yundong’s arms.

Li Yundong didn’t know what to do. “Hey, how am I going to sleep this way?”

The little fox didn’t answer. She just switched her head to face in another direction. Then, she wriggled again to find a more comfortable position and resumed her soft snore.

Li Yundong felt the little girl’s voluptuous curves and the soft feel of her body. He exclaimed in his heart. “For crying out loud, do you think I am the virtuous Liuxia Hui? You’re not afraid that I might do something to you?”

After taking the Human Origin Gold Pill, Li Yundong became more energetic than ever. Furthermore, he was now holding a beauty in his arms. He could feel her soft body and smell her sweet aroma. Under such circumstances, even Liuxia Hui couldn’t hold back himself, not to mention a young, energetic ordinary guy like him.

While Li Yundong was having a war in his mind, a joke that described this kind of situation occurred to him.

It went like this: A girl and a boy slept on the same bed. The girl drew a line on the bed and said, “If you cross the line, you’re an animal!”

In order not to be considered an animal, the boy struggled until the next dawn. However, the next morning, the girl still slapped him in the face. The boy cried out. “I didn’t cross the line!”

The girl said, “Then you’re worse than an animal!”

William Shakespeare once wrote in “Hamlet” that: To be, or not to be, that is the question.

Li Yundong’s eyes were fixed on the little fox, while he was murmuring, “Animal, or worse than an animal, that is the question!”

With a beauty in his arms, Li Yundong dug deep into an engaged philosophy conversation with himself.

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