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T/N: I’m not fully happy with this chapter. Some of the wording was difficult and left me unsatisfied. But, there’s no more time before I have to leave so…

Li Yundong did not know what Su Chan was thinking inside. As he looked at the beautiful, lovable, cute and adorable girl before his eyes, there was an inexpressible fondness and adoration in his heart. Recalled her diligent display when giving him a message, an idea formed in Li Yundong’s head. He said, "Su Chan, how about I give you a massage too?"

Li Yundong’s words allowed Su Chan to temporarily break away from her uncertainty. She looked at Li Yundong in confusion, "I don’t need a message though?"

Li Yundong said with a smile, "Your massage technique is too amazing. Just consider it as you teaching me!"

This was one of the rare times when Li Yundong wanted to learn from her. The little fox thought for a bit before she said with a nod, "All right then. However, you don’t know how to circulate qi!"

Li Yundong said in puzzlement, "Massage requires circulating qi? Doesn’t massage only require knowledge of the right positions and acupoints and the right hand technique to work?"

Su Chan burst out into laughter, "That’s the lowest level of massage. In ‘Yellow Emperor’s Internal Canon’, it is mentioned that massage is a type of technique used to clear and activate the meridians and collaterals.*1 Without understanding the proper way to circulate qi in the body, it becomes impossible to achieve the effect of treating disease and alleviating pain through massage. Without knowing how to circulate one’s own qi in order to guide and adjust the other person’s qi, it becomes impossible to achieve the effect of cultivation and refinement of qi…"

Li Yundong listened up until here. He curiously asked, "Cultivation and refinement of qi? Is it that mystical?"

The smile on the little fox’s face stiffened. Vigilance secretly surfaced in her heart. ‘That was dangerous. I almost exposed my identity."

She hurriedly changed the topic. Holding her hand in a certain form, she said to Li Yundong, "Do you remember the massage I gave you before?"

Li Yundong nodded and praised, "Of course I remember. If you start giving out massages, then all the masseurs in the world will be forced to retire."

Su Chan said, "The very first time, the technique on you is called the tri-pronged blossom."

After she said that, Su Chan pressed on several acupoints on the top of Li Yundong’s head. Then she demonstrated and explained her hand form.

After Li Yundong had managed an excellent likeness to her form, he smiled and said, "Should I try it now?"

Su Chan said in annoyance, "Do you really think it’s that easy? Now, close your eyes. Try to feel the flow of qi inside your body."

Li Yundong smiled and said, "You make it sound like learning qigong!"*2 However, he still did as she asked.

Unfortunately, after closing his eyes, he still could not feel the flow of qi inside his body.

Su Chan asked, "Can you feel it?"

Li Yundong opened his eyes and shook his head.

Su Chan used her hand to cover up Li Yundong’s eyes. She said, "Close your eyes. Try again!" As she spoke, she put her hand on Li Yundong’s lower abdomen and used yin qi to stimulate the yang qi inside his body.

His lower abdomen was extremely close to his nether region. When Su Chan’s hand pressed down, Li Yundong did indeed feel a burst of heat or rather hot qi surge directly upward from hi lower abdomen. However, this heat also made his little buddy down there rapidly stand to attention.

Li Yundong bitterly smiled and said, "I think I can feel it…"

It was currently daytime. Su Chan could naturally see at a glance the little tent that had formed down there. For a time, her heart beat like drum. She forced herself to pretend to be calm and said, "You must use your thoughts and slowly guide that hot qi toward your hand."

Li Yundong closed his eyes and tried to guide that burst of hot qi toward his hand. However, no matter what he thought, no matter how intensely he thought, this hot qi continued to circle inside his chest, showing no signs of heading toward his hand.

Li Yundong helplessly said, "It’s not use. I can’t guide it over."

Su Chan considered the problem. She secretly mumbled to herself, ‘Master once said, cultivation has nine greater realms. The first three realms of Mortal Body, Qi Refinement, and Spirit Condensation are the very basics. They are also the basic realms that everyone in this world could cultivate. Li Yundong has the assistance of the Human Origin Gold Pill, allowing him to directly break through the what a normal person would need several years or possibly ten and several years of cultivation to achieve, the Mortal Body realm.

‘The qi in Li Yundong’s body was vigorous to an unthinkable degree. Normally, if he were willing to cultivate, then the realm of Qi Refinement would also be quickly broken through, allowing him to enter the third realm of Spirit Condensation.

‘Furthermore, based on the presence and resolution Li Yundong demonstrated earlier, passing through the Spirit Condensation stage also would not pose a challenge.

‘Once he breaks through the Spirit Condensation stage, this step would signify that Li Yundong had officially transformed from an ordinary mortal into a true cultivator, stepping into the fourth realm of Foundation Establishment.

‘Foundation Establishment is an extremely difficult dividing line to cross. It separates people into two types: one type is the ordinary mortal and the other type is the cultivating immortal. Since ancient times, there had been countless cultivators who had fallen to this barrier, unable to cross over, doomed to vanish in the river of time.

‘Could Li Yundong successfully take that step? He had the assistance of the Human Origin Gold Pill. There should be no problems, right? If he steps over, what level of accomplishments will he achieve?’

Su Chan’s gaze remained fixed on Li Yundong, a myriad of thoughts in her mind.

Li Yundong waited for Su Chan to reply for a while, only to find she did not reply. So he opened his eyes and asked puzzled, "What are you doing?"

Su Chan as if waking up from a dream said, "Relax your body, only think about the position of your finger. The qi in your body will naturally flow over."

Li Yundong was astonished. "That amazing?"

He skeptically closed his eyes and tried to think about his fingertips. However, after he thought for a while, he found the qi in his body still had not moved. Somewhat frustrated, he opened his eyes and said, "It still doesn’t work."

Su Chan patiently explained, "You have too many distracting thoughts. You need to imagine that you are the only person in the world. Nothing else exists. I do not exist either."

Li Yundong smiled and said, "With a great and wonderful smelling beauty like you by my side, even if I close my eyes, it’s impossible not to notice your existence."

Su Chan was displeased. She furrowed her brows and said, "Do you really want to learn?"

Li Yundong realized that Su Chan was unhappy. He quickly put on a serious expression. "I want to learn!"

After saying so, he closed his eyes and once more tried to guide the qi in his body. As he tried, he listened to Su Chan’s soft voice by his ear, "Breath deeply. Empty your thoughts. Think of nothing."

Li Yundong inhaled deeply. This breath made his entire body feel comfortable, as if his whole person was soaking in a gentle hot spring. This kind of feeling was intangible and mysterious, possessing miraculous feeling that could not be described.

He subconsciously thought about his fingertips. Instantly, a burst of warm qi inside his body moved toward his fingertips.

Li Yundong was overjoyed. He opened his eyes and shouted, "I can feel it! I can feel it!"

His face showed an insanely excited expression. "Qi really did go to my fingertips!"

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong like she did not know whether to laugh or cry. She smacked Li Yundong on the top of his head. "Close your eyes. Only this much accomplishment and you’re already beside yourself with joy. Keep experiencing this sensation, until you can freely move this qi. The qi should flow where you want the qi to flow."

Li Yundong laughed. He closed his eyes and moved the qi in his body back and forth like achild having found an interesting toy. Like he were a general directing an army, never growing tired of the sensation.

Su Chan noticed the cheerful expression on Li Yundong’s face. The qi in his body would move back and forth. She hurriedly stopped him and said, "Enough already. If you can control it then that’s enough."

Li Yundong opened his eyes and asked, "Su Chan, did you also practice this?"

Su Chan smiled and said, "Of course!"

Li Yundong asked, "How long did you practice before you could control the qi in your body freely?"

Su Chan thought for a moment. She very proudly said, "Approximately five days more or less."

Li Yundong laughed heartily. He said immensely proud of himself, "I managed in less than five minutes. Doesn’t that mean I’m a genius?"

Su Chan’s face fell in an instant. She angrily though in her mind, ‘Isn’t that because you stole my Human Origin Gold Pill? Otherwise, even if you practice for five years, you still might not get it.’

Su Chan was unhappy inside. She pulled an exaggerated grimace on Li Yundong and angrily said, "What are you proud about. Now that you know how to circulate qi, you can try out the massage technique I taught you!"

When Li Yundong saw that Su Chan’s mood flipped after than a book, he started in fright. He thought, ‘How come she suddenly became hostile? Did I say something wrong?’

Once Su Chan sat down cross-legged, Li Yundong pressed down on Su Chan’s Baihui acupoint, Shenting acupoint, and her temples according to the Tri-pronged Blossom technique Su Chan taught him.

Li Yundong stood behind Su Chan. He noticed that even though Su Chan sat cross-legged, her posture made her thin waist even more apparent. Her butt was round and full bodied. Li Yundong’s gaze moved upward and discovered thin and soft virgin down on the girl’s neck. Her neck was slender and long, appearing proud and noble like a swan. Under the sunlight coming through the balcony, Su Chan seemed as perfect as a statue carved from white marble.

Li Yundong looked at her in a daze. For a time, he forgot to move. Su Chan noticed that he was not moving. She turned around and took a look, asking in puzzlement, "What happened? Why are you dazed?"

Li Yundong praised, "You truly are beautiful."

There are no girls in this world who do not love being praised. Su Chan naturally was not an exception. Her previous unhappiness disappeared like smoke. She smiled sweetly. Her eyes as she looked back were rippling autumn water.*3

Even though Su Chan’s beauty was startling, but the current Li Yundong did not have a single speck of evil desire. He treated her like a supremely rare treasure. He massaged her gently, afraid that she would crumble if he used a little more strength.

Su Chan closed her eyes and said, "Circulate your qi into your fingertips."

Li Yundong nodded. He also closed his eyes and circulated his qi into his fingertips.

His own body was that of a virgin. His primordial yang was the purest, when added to the medicinal power of the Human Origin Gold Pill, the strength, the pureness, and the thickness of his primordial yang was rare in this world.

Li Yundong used this kind of primordial yang qi to pressed down on the little fox’s Baihui, Shenting, and temples. This immediately stimulated the yin qi from the little fox’s pure yin body to leave the acupoints.

Yin and yang were originally attracted to each other. This was comparable to heavenly thunder attracting earthy flames.*4

Su Chan’s entire body shook. Her whole body was comfortable in a difficult to explain way. Her face quickly flushed.

While Li Yundong did not experience a sensation as intense as what Su Chan experienced, he still felt his fingertips go slightly numb from the yin qi transmitted from Su Chan’s body. Quickly, this yin qi flowed along his fingertips and entered his body. Light, thin, and weak, much like a strand of hair, the yin qi tickled at Li Yundong’s body, distracting his mind.

Like that, Li Yundong’s mental state fell into disarray. No matter how he tried, he could not maintain the circulation of qi at his fingertips. He opened his eyes and took a look, only to find Su Chan with her entire face crimson, breathing heavily through her nose. Her rosy cherry lips gently trembled. She was like an alluring fruit tempting Li Yundong to take a bite.

Something exploded in Li Yundong’s mind with a bang. He subconsciously moved closer. He kissed Su Chan on her lips.

When Su Chan was kissed by Li Yundong, her entire body shook. Her eyelids languidly opened a crack. Her eyes were enticing and soft like silk, glowing with amorous feelings.

Foxes were originally one of the rare lascivious creatures in this world. Not only could they easily make others fall in love, they themselves also easily fell in love. In addition, the two were of supreme yin and of supreme yang respectively. How could they possibly not be attracted to each other?

Su Chan was kissed to the point of moaning. Her body limply fell backward. But as her body fell, it came into contact with a burning hot hard object.

Su Chan instantly regained her wits with a start, and jumped up with a scream. She used both hands to push away Li Yundong, flustered. "No. No. Not like this."

After being pushed by Su Chan, Li Yundong fell into a seated position on the carpet. He spoke with his face full of regret, "I’m sorry. I-I could not stop myself… don’t get mad. I-I won’t ever do it again."

Su Chan’s face was flushed very red. She looked at Li Yundong in a daze. After a while, she abruptly jumped up and flashed her way to the bedroom. The door closed with a bang. She buried her head like an ostrich into the blankets.

Li Yundong looked at the tightly shut door of the bedroom. Subconsciously, his hand touched his lips, like her scent still remained, he reflected on that soul shaking kiss. For a time, he stayed in an unwitting daze.


*1 What are meridians and collaterals? If meridians are the cultivation channel equivalent to your major veins and arteries then collaterals are pretty much everything else, such as minor arteries veins and capillaries… basically branches off of the meridians.

*2 qigong is a type of deep breathing exercise, basically the same as cultivation, taking in qi and breathing out qi. The microcosmic orbit and macrocosmic orbit are all parts of qigong. The purpose of qigong is to circulate the qi in your body and make you healthy. It is an important part of many internal martial arts as opposed to more physical external martial arts.

*3 Limpid autumn water I’ve heard, but rippling autumn water, not so much. Apparently it’s the luminous/amorous eyes of a girl/woman. Because it’s moving rather than staying still.

*4 When lightning strikes, there’s fire, right?

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