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On the second day, Li Yundong was preparing to go to school. His hands carried the broken television and hanging light. He could not help but shake his head and sigh, "A single night almost wrecked the building. This can’t go on!"

Su Chan who followed behind him stuck out her tongue but did not speak.

After Li Yundong threw away the garbage, he brought Su Chan along to eat breakfast and then the two walked toward the school.

Just as he walked into the school, Li Yudong unhappily discovered that there were even more people pointing at him and Su Chan.

"Hey, did you see? That’s the Li Yundong that defeated Zhao Yujian yesterday!"

"Screw. He doesn’t look like a martial artist! Did Zhao Yujian trip and fall down?"

"Screw you. Can a fall cause a comminuted fracture? Let’s see you fall and get a comminuted fracture!"

"What? I don’t have the ability to perform that kind of special class falling techniques!"

Ever since Li Yundong consumed the Human Origin Gold Pill, his hearing had become very acute. He could hear all the whispered conversations around him. He was startled inwardly, ‘Zhao Yujian got a comminuted fracture? Is it really that exaggerated?’

He turned toward Su Chan and said, "That guy I punched from yesterday, his lower leg suffered a comminuted fracture. What do you think? Maybe I should go visit the hospital and take a look?"

Su Chan was not innately cold-hearted. It was simply the nature of the cultivation world where the strong preyed on the weak. There has never been a strong expert who defeated his weak opponent, only to hypocritically run over to ask if the opponent is okay.

She snorted and raised her head. She said, "His skills were lacking and he was so rampant and tyrannical. Serves him right!"

Li Yundong thought about it and then nodded, "If he weren’t so overly aggressive yesterday, he would not have ended up like this."

After the two had this conversation, they walked into the classroom. Just as the reached the back row to sit down, class monitor Sun Li walked over with a cold smile on her face.

"Li Yundong, you aren’t doing too bad these days. You’re a famous figure now." Sun Li said as she smiled coldly.

Li Yundong realized that she did not come with good intentions, so he asked very innocently, "How did I trouble you this time?"

When Sun Li saw him put on his innocent face, she was so resentful her teeth were itching to bite him. "You’ve become too good at creating problems! First, you broke one of Zeng Qing’s ribs. Then you followed up by fracturing Zhao Yujian’s leg. Finally, you kicked Director Qian. Next time, will you go hit the headmaster?"

Li Yundong became a bit angry inside due to the very blunt tone in which Sun Li hurled questions at him. His neck tensed and he said, "It wasn’t me who started the conflict! They were the ones looking for trouble. If you don’t believe me, you can go ask. Should I have just lay there letting them hit me? Would that have been more reasonable?"

Sun Li almost choked on Li Yundong’s response, nearly unable to regain her wits, but She managed to bite down and asked, "Then what about Director Qian?"

Li Yundong almost blurted out that Director Qian wanted to dig the corner of his wall, but then he thought for a moment and endured. After all, if he publicized what happened, then it was equivalent to burning the bridge with Director Qian. Nothing good could come from that.

Li Yundong sighed and said, "That was just a misunderstanding. Director Qian isn’t even intending to pursue. Why would the honorable you need so much rectitude in his place?"

Sun Li was so offended that she stood right up. Pointing her finger at Li Yundong, she angrily said, "He doesn’t intend to pursue? Hmph, I’ll tell you, last night, Director Qian called the headmaster and said he wanted to expel you. You’re on your own!"

Li Yundong was badly surprised. "What? How do you know?"

Sun Li coldly snorted and said, "How do I know? In the entire school, you’re probably the only one that doesn’t know! It’s amazing how you’re still so at ease."

Once she finished speaking, she turned and left. Her ponytail bouncing behind her.

Li Yundong sat on his seat staring blankly for a while. His mood was extreme gloom and irritation. He was not even aware in the slightest that the teacher had entered and started class.

Only when a girl sat down beside him and nudged at him did he regain his wits.

Li Yundong took a glance. The person was actually Feng Nuo from the Taekwondo Society who had gotten a signature from him earlier.

Li Yundong feeling uncomfortable, so he sneered and said, "Have you also come to look for trouble?"

Feng Nuo was surprised. She asked in puzzlement, "Who’s trying to trouble you?"

Only now did Li Yundong understand that he vented his anger on the wrong person. With an apologetic expression on his face, he said, "Sorry, it’s my mistake. What did you need me for?"

Feng Nuo sighed and looked at Li Yundong with a serious expression, "Being a student of Tiannan University, I believe you know about the exchange in seven days with the Mayan Bincifaneya University, right?"

Li Yundong tilted his head and thought for a bit before saying, "I think I heard of it. So what?"

Feng Nuo sighed once more. With a face full of hidden bitterness, she looked at Li Yundong. Her stare made Li Yundong feel uncomfortable inside. "Hey, Give it to me straight. Don’t look at me like that. You’re making it look like I did something to you."

Feng Nuo gave a glance to Su Chan who sat beside Li Yundong. Then she woefully said, "Ai, you already have such a great beauty. Of course, you won’t fancy someone like me."

Su Chan blinked her large eyes and looked at them. Suddenly she threw in her opinion, "Your forehead is full. While your philtrum is not long, it is plenty wide. Your hair is fine black and your eyebrows are thick. Your eyes clearly possess spirit. Even though not comparable to the virgin beauty profound yin furnace I saw last time, but you could also be considered a first-rate cultivation furnace. If you copulate with Li Yundong, I won’t oppose."


The impact of Su Chan’s words was too strong.

When Su Chan blurted out those words, Feng Nuo was completely disconcerted. Her eyes blanked out. Li Yundong was also dumbstruck. A male student in the row in front of those, feel off his seat with a boom. With an exaggerated expression, he looked at Li Yundong and gave him a thumbs up. "Bro, where did you find this kind of top notch girl! Too awesome!"

The corner of Li Yundong’s mouth twitched. He forced a laugh. Toward Feng Nuo, he said, "This girl had no boundaries when speaking. Just pretend you didn’t hear anything."

After he said that, he turned his head and glared at Su Chan. "You, shut up! Stop spouting nonsense!"

Su Chan replied unconvinced, "Where did I spout nonsense!" As she spoke, she pointed at Feng Nuo and said, "Isn’t she a first-rate cultivation furnace?"

Li Yundong exploded in anger. He had just wanted to ask how the heck she was a fire-rate cultivation furnace, but he glanced around the classroom out of the corner of his eyes, only to find his classmates were all staring at him speechless, as if he were some kind of flower thief that specialized in ‘cultivation furnaces’.

These gazes were enough to make Li Yundong’s face flush red. He wished he could find a crack and crawl into it. Unfortunately, Su Chan had not finished speaking. This girl continued speaking in a serious manner toward Li Yundong, "Look at the roots of her brows, they are closely spaced without distancing themselves at all. This is evidently a pure virgin body…"

Pure virgin body!

The surrounding students could not help but exclaim in admiration. The way they looked at Feng Nuo also changed.

Li Yundong hurriedly rushed over and blocked off Su Chan’s mouth. He wished he could use thread and needle to seal her mouth off. Lowering his voice, he angrily said, "If you keep talking, I’ll spank you when we get back!"

Su Chan struggled to speak through Li Yundong’s hand in a muffled voice, "Even if you spank me, I’ll still say it!"

Li Yundong was so angry he started to laugh. "Then I won’t cook for you. You can go hungry for two days!"

Su Chan instantly became docile and stopped struggling. She only looked at Li Yundong pitifully with tears in her eyes, epitomizing the allure of a tearful beauty. "You don’t like Chan-er anymore? Why would you want to starve Chan-er for two days?"

A male student on the side saw Su Chan’s pitiful appearance. He stepped forward without hesitation. "I like you. I’ll make food for you to eat!"

Li Yundong kicked the back of that student’s chair enraged. Without any good humor, he stated, "Get lost!"

After he spoke, he turned around and said to Su Chan, "You, behave. Don’t talk. I’ll definitely like you. Do you understand?"

Su Chan made an affirmative sound feeling aggreived. Then she lowered her head and sat down in her seat. However, she persisted in evaluating Feng Nuo using her peripheral vision. That expression seemed to state, ‘She really is a super virgin cultivation furnace. I didn’t say anything wrong!’

Feng Nuo sat at Li Yundong’s side. Her face was so red that it looked like blood would come out. She didn’t know where to put her hands. If it weren’t for the fact there was something important she needed Li Yundong for, she would have escaped in a panic long ago.

Li Yundong also looked at Feng Nuo in astonishment. She still had not run away yet. He laughed dryly a few times. Then he spoke apologetically, "Don’t mind her. She’s just like that. What did you need me for?"

Feng Nuo raised her head. Her face was blushing red and she glared at Li Yundong. "This is all your fault!"

Li Yundong felt wronged inside. He asked, "My fault? What is?"

Feng Nuo from childhood till now had never been treated as Su Chan treated her just now. She had a belly full of anger and she vented it all on Li Yundong. "If it weren’t for your great deed, why would I come find you?"

‘Your great deed?’

‘What is it? Did she get pregnant?’

The male students were all resentful to the point of gnashing their teeth and hitting their chests. ‘You bastard. You already have such a beautiful girl. How could you make a move on Feng Nuo, this big sister from third year. This kind of frivolity is worthy of heaven’s wrath and people’s hate, lightning crashing down from the sky as punishment!’

The surrounding students became noisy. Their ears were all perked up and their souls of gossip were fiercely ignited.

Li Yundong cried out that he was wronged by the heavens, "I only met you yesterday. What did I do to you?"

Feng Nuo saw that he refused to admit his wrongs. She became anxious. In a loud voice, she said, "Did you forget what you did yesterday?"


Everyone’s gazes changed once more. This time, he advanced from a heartless playboy to the heights of Chen Shimei.*1

The male students’ tears streamed down their cheeks. Their collective grudge strengthened once more. ‘You did not know her yesterday, and today you secretly got her pregnant? Screw. Does such an accurate shooting technique even exist?’

The female students all looked at Feng Nuo with faces full of sympathy. In their hearts, they sighed, ‘This big sister is truly unfortunate. How could she take a fancy to a fellow like Li Yundong. Then there’s that little beauty whose allure was comparable to a fox spirit. Were both of them blind? Why would they fancy that fellow? That fellow has no money and no ability. If you wanted to lower your standards, at least pick someone a bit more handsome!

‘Now you’ve done it. You’re pregnant with that fellow’s child, right? You need an abortion, right? That brat doesn’t look like someone capable of taking responsibility. He doesn’t have money. Hmph. Hmph. Now you’ve realized that you’re going to have a hard time, right?’

However, those more experienced girls were faintly aware that something did not seem right. How could someone get pregnant on the second day?

Nevertheless, the show they were currently watching was very exciting. They were not willing to put too much thought into it. So all of they turned around and watched the back row. In such a large classroom, there was actually not a single person looking toward the blackboard.

The pitiful young teacher who was lecturing about China’s Modern Literature stood on the lectern. His face was black like a pot bottom. If he wanted to lecture, there was not a single person in the classroom listening. How could he lecture? If he wanted to exploded, all the students in the classroom were misbehaving. Discipline does not work when applied on the crowd.

The teacher stood on the lectern. No matter what he did, it would be difficult. He could not help but feel sorrow from the bottom of his heart, tears flowed down his cheeks, and he sighed and hemmed and hawed. "These years, public morals are degenerating each passing day. People today can not longer be compared with the past."

The teacher sobbed in his heart. A great grudge formed like the fires of hell burning intensely. ‘Most despicable are the three fellows in the back row. Even if you wanted to put on a good show. Your mother, you could at least be louder! The great me standing on this lectern can’t hear you clearly.’


*1 Chen Shimei - the full saying is 陈世美不认妻, which means the guy named Chen Shimei denies/betrays the wife, and he’s used as a comparison.

T/N: Here’s chapter 21. Warning, Li Yundong is verbally cruel this chapter. Please look for mistakes. The title means the more you explain something, the guiltier you seem. As a Canadian, I’m used to seeing dryly and typing it too. But these days, I started typing drily for no good reason. I can’t understand why. Well my autocorrect removes the u from color too, so maybe it’s that.

All the students in the classroom plus the teacher were so excited that they seemed like they were on stimulants. Their eyes glanced back and forth between Li Yundong and Feng Nuo.

Unfortunately, a little earlier, Feng Nuo had been provoked by Su Chan, her thoughts were a bit chaotic. Plus Li Yundong refused to admit his wrongs. She was already in a bad mood. As if there were no people around, she loudly said, "How could you be like this? Don’t you have a sense of responsibility? Yesterday, you made a big mess. Today, do you think you can pretend that nothing’s happened just because you left?"

‘Made a big mess!’

The classroom went into a hubbub.

The pure male students had all widened their eyes as they looked at Feng Nuo. They exclaimed in admiration, "How fierce! How bold! Truly someone worthy of being our senior!"

As for those innocent and naïve female students, they covered their mouths and glared at Li Yundong, "Too over the top. Too heartless. How could this fellow be like this!"

Those not so pure male students exchanged meaningful eye gestures with each other. They laughed a vulgar laugh that only men could understand. The lecherous sound of this laughter could make celebrities from the island nation jealous.

Some of the more rotten women*1 were even more fierce. They directly started chattering and discussing with each other, "A battle between dragon and pheonix? 3P? Or possibly, could it be… yaoi or yuri?"

At this time, no matter how dumb Li Yundong might actually be, he had sensed something was wrong. He looked at the various gazes he received from the surrounding. He moaned mournfully and placed his face into his palms. "I say. Beauty, look around you. Don’t you think there’s something wrong with what you’re saying?"

Feng Nuo looked left and right. She finally regained her wits. The color of her face escalated, becoming even more red. She prudently said, "Then let’s stop for now. We’ll discuss this somewhere else."

This time, the classmates in the classroom were unwilling to accept. They rose as a mob. "Don’t go somewhere else. This place is pretty good!"

"Senior sis, in front of the public, you can expose the true face of this Chen Shimei! Senior sis, we support you!"

"That’s right, senior sis. We want the truth!"

While there was a commotion on this side. Suddenly a distinctly resounding voice shouted out, "Give us pictures! Give us photos!"

Everyone turned around to take a look when they heard this voice, only to see the teacher standing on the lectern shouting himself hoarse. The students below the lectern were silent for a bit. They used meaningful gazes to look at the teacher.

This teacher did not get stage fright. He arranged his clothes and spoke in a unruffled manner, "No picture, no real facts, isn’t that right?"

The students suddenly realized something. They all started loudly shouting, "We want pictures, we want facts!"

There was even a senseless person who shouted, "We want seed!"

When this voice surfaced, all the students in the classroom laughed until they were unsteady on the feet. The teacher directly stopped holding class. He also laughed until he crouched on the lectern, very much enjoying the show.

Li Yundong wanted to vomit three liters of blood. There was so much ate in his heart!

‘This bunch of wretches are afraid that the world isn’t chaotic enough! This dog-spawned diploma mill. How could even a teacher—his mother—decide not to be serious. This is truly a case of subordinates imitating their superior’s vices.*2’

Li Yundong pulled Feng Nuo and escaped outside the classroom as if he were running for his life. The little fox Su Chan obediently followed from behind.

Feng Nuo’s entire person was dragged along by Li Yundong completely bewildered, like a wooden puppet. The classroom behind them was like a boiling pot of rice porridge, chaotic to the point of explosion, with a clamoring din.

Just as they left the classroom, the wind in the hallway blew on Feng Nuo causing her to shudder and only then did her mind clear. She shook off Li Yundong’s hand and angrily said, "Why are you pulling me!"

Li Yundong also angrily responded, "Do you think I want to pull you? Think about what you said inside the classroom. What was that supposed to be?"

Feng Nuo recollected what she said inside the classroom. Internally, she already knew they were inappropriate, but for the sake of argument, she refused to admit defeat. "Wasn’t that because I was angered by the beauty next to you?"

Su Chan noticed that the flame of battle had fallen on her head. She puffed up her cheeks and said, "I haven’t said anything wrong, right?"

Li Yundung saw that the two beauties intended to be diametrically opposed. His head immediately hurt like someone was fighting inside. He hurriedly tried to smooth over the issue. "Enough. Enough. Now is not the time to pursue this issue. Senior classmate Feng Nuo, you and I had no grudge before and we have no grudge now. Really, what do you need me for? What is so important?"

Feng Nuo angrily said, "You punched Zhao Yujian into a hospital bed and he can’t get off. In seven das, what will the Taekwondo Society do? His program was the highlight of our university’s performance.

Li Yundong smiled bitterly and said, "What does that have to do with me? Can’t you just find someone else to replace him?"

Feng Nuo laughed satirically, "Find someone to replace him? The only person with enough qualification and ability to replace him was Zeng Qing, who has also been injured by you to the point of being unable to get out of bed. What replacement is there?"

Li Yundong’s eyes were staring into the distance. "It can’t be. Then what will we do?"

Feng Nuo put one hand on her waist and demonstrated a big teapot pose using the other. "What will we do? What else can we do? Obviously the person who caused the problem will take responsibility!"

Li Yundong dazed said, "The person who caused the problem?"

He understood in a flash. He jumped up and said, "You want me to replace Zhao Yujian to attend the exchange?"

Feng Nuo’s expression seemed to say this child can be taught. "That’s right. That’s right. Just like that!"

Li Yundong loudly stated, "No way! I don’t know taekwondo!"

Feng Nuo saw that he wanted to run away. She hastily grabbed Li Yundong’s arm. "You already defeated Zhao Yujian. You’ve surely done martial arts before. There’s no reason that you can’t replace him, right?"

Li Yundong gave a bitter smile and said, "If I trained in martial arts before, I wouldn’t have been suppressed so badly by Zhao Yujian, right? That was a coincidence—coincidence, you know. Ai. Hurry up and let go. Think of what it will look like to other!"

Feng Nuo tightened her grip even more. "I refuse to let go! You need to agree to help first! This is a problem that you yourself caused. Are you really not going to take responsibility?"

Li Yundong was so anxious that his back was soaked with sweat. In the hallway, all the students and teachers passing by were staring at them. He suddenly pointed in a random direction and shouted, "Screw! Look there! It’s a plane!"

Feng Nuo gave a cold smile and said, "Do you think this kind of childish trick can fool me?"

A bitter smile occupied Li Yundong’s face. "I really don’t know taekwondo. If you make me the replacement, for me to lose face is only a small matter. But if the school loses face, then it’s a big matter.

Feng Nuo was startled. Her hand subconsciously loosened from Li Yundong’s arm. "You really don’t know?"

Li Yundong with a face full of sincerely stated, "Yesterday, I really wanted to go to the Taekwondo Society to learn taekwondo. However, I didn’t think I would get such a heated welcome, leading to those events. I also didn’t want that to happen! In the end, is it right for you to drive me like a duck onto a perch?"*3

Feng Nuo seriously looked at Li Yundong, trying to determine the authenticity of his words. After a long time, she said with a resentful face, "You win for now! I’ll let you go. However, don’t feel too proud, this is not the end."

Li Yundong bowed both with his hands in front and again with his hands at his sides. "Please, little grand aunt, stop tormenting me. Look for yourself!"

With those words, Li Yundong pointed to the window of the classroom.

Feng Nuo turned her head for a look and she started in fright!

Woah! There were densely packed heads lined up behind the window! Some of those faces were so pressed up against the window that they were deformed.

Feng Nuo sucked in a breath of cold air. She glared at Li Yundong, calmed herself, and walked into the classroom.

The moment she entered, those people who were piled up against the window turned toward her in a coordinated manner.

Feng Nuo drily coughed once. She bend her waist and bowed in apology. "I disturbed everyone and caused everyone inconvenience. For this, I express my sincere apologies."

The students inside the classroom simultaneously replied with an affirmative sound, "Oh…"

Feng Nuo saw that everyone had a strange glint in their eyes. She then proceeded to explain. "Actually, I came to find Li Yundong for the exchange with the Mayan university. Everyone must not think too much on it. There really isn’t anything between me and him."

Li Yundong stood by the doorway with his face in his palm, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. ‘Is there really a negative correlation between external beauty and intelligence? Su Chan is impossibly beautiful and she talks about mystifying nonsense all day long. Let’s not count her. Then what about this girl? You explain my ass. This kind of thing, the more you explain, the less people will believe.’

Feng Nuo saw the heavy doubt in everyone’s eyes. She could not help but anxiously say, "There really isn’t anything between us. We just met yesterday!"

When Li Yundong heard, he felt like going insane. He wished he could drag Feng Nuo outside and give her a spanking.

In the classroom, a type of expression that indicated they understood in the wrong wrong appeared in everyone’s face. "Oh!"

Feng Nuo found that the more she explained, the more this bunch doubted her. She became truly anxious. "What do I need to say to make you guys believe!"

Immediately, a student scream out, "No picture, no fact!"

Then this bunch of male and female farm animals started shouting, "We want pictures and we want facts. We want seeds and we want links!"*4

"Screw. There’s no saving this school. They’re all a bunch of sex-addled bastards! This is a straight out labeling an honest girl as a slut!" Li Yundong almost broke down. He charged into the classroom dragged Feng Nuo out like he was dragging a farm animal.

Li Yundong cursed soundly, "Are you a pig? Explain, my ass! Are your brains made of glue? If this kind of thing can be clearly explained, then this world will henceforth be happy and peaceful!"

Feng Nuo felt both anxiety and grievance. Even tears were about to fall out. "There really wasn’t anything between us originally!"

Li Yundong slapped forehead and moaned. "My god… someone come save me. How did I meet such an idiotic woman!"

Feng Nuo was offended. "You think I’m an idiot? You’re the real idiot!"

Li Yundong glared and angrily said, "Aren’t you stupid? I heard that women with big chests are brainless, but I think you’re flat chested and brainless. Did all the fat that should have been in your breasts somehow get into your skull?"

Feng Nuo was mad beyond measure. She was not Princess Taiping.*5 She had a cup size of C. If someone said she was big breasted and brainless, then she’d let that go. At least she’d have a chest. However, having been described as flat chested and brainless, how could a girl endure?

Feng Nuo stuck out her chest and angrily said, "Which eye of yours thinks my chest is flat!"

Li Yundong wanted to say something in retort, but he saw the window and doorway squeezed full of people. Each and every one of their eyes revealed passion and frenzy, as if they wished that Feng Nuo and he would fight right here and now. Only then would they have watched to their heart’s content.

Li Yundong waved his hand, "I’m not going to say any more. In any case, the great me’s IQ is starting to drop down along with you!"

With those words, he beckoned to Su Chan who had long ago laughed to the point of crouching on the floor. "Hey, terrible girl, get up. It’s time to go! Laugh, laugh your head!*6 Still staying around, aren’t you afraid of losing face?"

Su Chan wiped away some tears. She gently rubbed at her belly that still hurt from all her laughing. Then she started to pursued Li Yundong.

The only one left was Feng Nuo who stood on the spot gnashing her teeth for a while, right up until a female student arrived at her side. That female student softly said, "Nuo Nuo, this time, you were really tragic. Met your match, huh?"

Feng Nuo only now regained her wits and glared at the girl who just arived. Then she glared at Li Yundong’s departing back. She resentfully said, "Shut up! This bastard. I won’t let him be! The great me suffered great losses this time, so I will have great gains!"*7

Feng Nuo was the third year finance department’s department belle. Her own family background was already quite good. Even though she had always been treated as a beloved person, a pearl on the palm, but her personality was open and lively, without a single bit of arrogance. From childhood till now, everyone protected her. When had she ever suffered such a loss?

In particular, the fact she was called flat chested and brainless by a certain someone, in some ways, this was actually a grudge even worse than killing one’s father, or stealing one’s husband. It was a great grudge where the two cannot exist under the same sky.

Feng Nuo gnashed her teeth for a while. She turned her head and looked, only to see the second year class, which was outwardly cold and inwardly passionate, was actually impatiently staring at her, waiting to watch the fireworks. Feng Nuo exploded with anger. She turned around and left. As she walked, she silently cursed at Li Yundong.

Mumbling to herself for a while, Feng Nuo seemed to suddenly remember something. She came to an abrupt stop. Staring at her best friend beside her side, she said, "Cheng Cheng, is my chest really small?"

This best friend named Cheng Cheng did not say anything. She simply thrust out her F cup chest and sighed.

Feng Nuo immediately flipped out. Grasping her five fingers into a claw, she roared to the sky, "The great me will kill all the women under the sky with bigger breasts than me!"

Cheng Cheng hugged at her chest with her face full of alarm and said, "Then wouldn’t you be the only woman left under the sky?"

Feng Nuo pounced toward her threateningly, "What did you say? Are you looking to die? Come here. The great me will crush your breasts!"

Cheng Cheng laughed out loud. She hugged her chest and ran. One in front and one following behind, the two fought and argued as they quickly disappeared down the hallway.


*1 Yes, this is literally fujoshi. It’s a loan word from japanese, directly using the kanji as chinese characters.

*2 This literally translates to if the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked. Of course it’s really a metaphor for government officials.

*3 Ducks have webbed feet, so it’s impossible for them to be on a perch. As an idiom, it means to force someone beyond their ability.

*4 Seed and Links could be bodily fluid and hookups… alternatively, it’s a website thing, torrents and hyperlinks.

*5 Princess Taiping - taiping can mean extremely flat or peaceful. She was the princess of peace, who was renowned for her beauty (it’s too long ago, no one knows her cup size). Nowadays, her name is used to describe flat-chestedness.

*6 nigetou - literally your head: It is used the same way as ‘my ass’ in English.

*7 There’s a bunch of idioms in Chinese that state suffering losses is good fortune. Basically, bad luck is a prelude to good luck. For in business, losing a bit, means bigger gains later on, like investment. There’s a pun in there, which is eating hair, and there might be a part I don’t get the reference for, but that’s how it generally is.

T/N: Island Nation is that place, which is approximately the same size as Italy or California, just east of China. Of course, that’s just its nick name. Often used in order to avoid directly referring to Japan. I’m replacing everything with alternate history in this novel, so its official name here will probably be Moon Nation or something.

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