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625 How Are They Rare?

“Oh my, why is there a worm? I’m sorry, Mistress. I thought I removed the worms.”

He had passed on many medicinal herbs because of these worms and finally chose a few good ones to dig up. He did not expect to find a worm still.

Worms were born to eat leaves! A single worm could ruin a large medicinal herb garden!

“So there are more of these worms?” An Jiuyue’s eyes lit up.

It was great news that there were more of them. She would catch a few more. In fact, she would take as many as she could.

“Uh…” Yan Jin was rendered speechless.

Qian Jiyun glared at him and reminded him, “She’s asking you a question.”

“Well… Mistress, is this worm useful?” Yan Jin did not understand, but he still asked softly.

They were merely white worms. They were numerous, but he thought it odd that they could only be found in that area. Other places had medicinal herbs as well, but not these worms.

“Budding Icy Heart Worms are useful in increasing the medicinal properties of medicinal plants. They can also increase the production of medicinal plants,” An Jiuyue explained.

“They’re that useful?” Yan Jin’s eyes lit up.

He recalled how he had spent a lot of effort to get rid of these worms and had even abandoned a large patch of medicinal herbs.

However, these worms ended up being useful! Fortunately, An Jiuyue noticed it. He would have destroyed it if no one did.

“I’ve never heard Shui Liu and the others mention it before.”

“They probably don’t know about this either,” he added inwardly.

“Budding Icy Heart Worms are rare,” An Jiuyue explained.

“How are they rare?”

Yan Jin was indignant. He had seen a large group of them.

However, these worms had large appetites. They had eaten such a large patch of medicinal herbs until only the stems were left.

“Lead the way,” Qian Jiyun instructed.

“Alright, alright. Mistress, I’ll bring you there.” Yan Jin nodded repeatedly and brought them there.

Yan Nuo had been digging for medicinal herbs near the patch of herbs that had been eaten by the worms down to the stems.

He was also puzzled. The two patches of medicinal herbs were so close to one another, but one had all its leaves eaten by worms while the other was worm-free.

Moreover, the herbs grown on the two patches were similar.

Maybe that patch of medicinal herbs is on land with excellent feng shui? So no one is interested in this patch I’m currently standing on? It seems a little strange.

“Mistress, this is the place. Look, the worms ate everything. I didn’t want these herbs.”

Yan Nuo looked up and saw his master and the others walking over. Yan Jin had even introduced that medicinal herb patch to their mistress.

Yan Nuo was silent.

Is it really just as I thought? Does that piece of land really have excellent feng shui?

“Master, Mistress, are the medicinal herbs here still usable?” he asked as he walked over after digging up a stalk of medicinal herb.

We can dig up all the herbs if they’re useful. It’ll be easy to remove the worms later anyway.

However, he was unaware that Yan Jin had spent 15 minutes removing two worms from a medicinal herb. These worms were not easy to deal with.

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