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456 Kicked Him In

“I have something to tell you. Let’s talk in the study. Warrior-Servants, take good care of Zheng’er and Rong’er.” With that, she dragged Gong Cheng into the study without looking back.

She would settle the score with him in the study!


Qian Yizheng and Qian Yirong exchanged glances. They thought their mother must have something important to discuss with Uncle Qian, so they would not cause trouble.

“Brother, let’s go over there. I want to play with the pony.”

Eldest Brother Yan and Third Brother Fu entered the Qiongzhi Courtyard and saw the two children holding hands and playing. They could not help but sigh internally.

The two children were really taught well.

Otherwise, children their age would be spoiled, cry, and make a scene, especially if their parents dismissed them with a few words.

However, after their mother had dismissed them, these two children played obediently on their own.

Comparisons were infuriating. As a member of the royal family, Eldest Brother Yan was the first to get married. He had a wife and numerous concubines, as well as children.

But what were his children doing in his residence?

Their mothers spoiled them. They did not study hard and preferred to be accompanied by large groups of servants.

He would be willing to raise such cute and sensible children in his residence even if they were not his biological children.

Unfortunately, Qian Jiyun would not be willing to give them to him.

“Eldest Brother, what are you looking at? Sixth Brother has been taken away.” He would probably be half-dead later!

Third Brother Fu did not say the last sentence, but they both knew very well that Gong Cheng would not be any better off in Qian Jiyun’s hands.

However, it was time for this child to wake up. It was good to have Qian Jiyun discipline him.

Lord Gong probably would not mind either. He might even raise his hands in approval of Qian Jiyun sending his son to the military camp to be taught well.

Otherwise, he would become an unfilial son sooner or later!

“Get in!”

Gong Cheng, who had feared Qian Jiyun’s study since he was young, gripped the door frame tightly, unwilling to enter.

An Jiuyue lost her temper and did not pity him. She kicked Gong Cheng in the chest into the study.


Gong Cheng was in so much pain that tears welled up in his eyes. Unfortunately, he could not say a word or even cry out in pain.

Qian Jiyun could not help frowning as he watched his wife kick Gong Cheng.

Gong Cheng was his brother. Even if he was unhappy with him, he would not be ruthless. When Rong’er threw him into the Moonlight Lotus Pond, Qian Jiyun only went along with it and ignored him.

However, she seemed to have kicked him a little too hard this time.

He could not help but wonder how Gong Cheng had offended Jiuyue. Did he say something he should not have?



An Jiuyue refused to hear Qian Jiyun’s voice. She was afraid she would lose control and slap him.

She was a hot-tempered person. She never denied that.

She glared at Qian Jiyun and walked in. When she saw Gong Cheng struggle to get up, she walked over again and stepped on his chest.

Third Brother Fu, who had just arrived, gasped.

How could Gong Cheng have an easy time after offending this couple? His future was bleak!

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