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Chapter 325: How Dare That Dog!

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They were stunned when they saw all the bottles. They could tell the bottles probably contained poison, but there were so many of them. They were shocked.

“That dirty dog!”

Although they had been living on the mountain and had not attacked anyone in years, they still exuded a strong murderous aura.

After seeing the poison, one of the men turned around and kicked the convulsing Pharmacist Yin viciously!

How many people would die if so much poison was used? How dare that dirty dog!

“Mmph, mmph!”

Pharmacist Yin was already on the verge of death. He grunted in pain after he was kicked a few times.

He knew he had no hope now. He closed his eyes in pain and could no longer beg for help. Soon, he stopped breathing.

The men guarded the bottles on the long table, and one went to report to Ge Li.

The only thing Ge Li said was, “Drag that dirty dog into the forest and burn him with everything here!”

Both the poison and Pharmacist Yin’s body should be disposed of immediately. Who knew what he might have hidden inside his body?

“Yes, Chief Ge.”

The men who reported to him agreed and left to carry out the task.

Er Ning, who was chasing Young Master Tan with his men, was having difficulty catching up with him.

Young Master Tan was not easy to deal with. After several twists and turns, Er Ning watched helplessly as he vanished.

“Damn it!”

Er Ning cursed fiercely and punched a tree trunk with his fist.

“Chief, that person doesn’t seem to be from Daqing Kingdom,” someone behind him reminded Er Ning.

Er Ning was furious and could not help snapping, “Cut the crap.”

The fact that the other party could escape right under his nose showed that his abilities had deteriorated over the years.

“That person used an escape technique from Li Kingdom!”

Li Kingdom’s escape techniques were distinct from other martial arts. They did not require lightness skills. Instead, they used the Guixi breathing technique and other special tools to make themselves difficult to detect, even if they were right next to others.

To put it simply, they could completely conceal their presence. Even the most intelligent tracking dog’s sense of smell would be unable to detect them.

“He’s from Li Kingdom!” he remarked.

Young Master Tan was not alone. He had brought a few of his trusted aides with him.

Of course, he had taken his trusted aides with him—not because he was benevolent and could not bear to see his people die, but rather so he could use them when necessary.

“Young Master, those people didn’t catch up to us.”

One of his trusted aides sensed that no one was chasing after them and spoke respectfully to Young Master Tan.

“Do you want to rest for a while?”

He looked at the wound on Young Master Tan’s chest and his pale face.

They had, fortunately, reacted in time. They never expected one of those they had captured would be skilled in martial arts, much less injure Young Master Tan suddenly.

“No. Let’s continue on our way.”

Young Master Tan was not as careless as his trusted aides.

They were still at the border, which was the other party’s territory. They could not afford to be careless, even if they crossed the border.

He had applied medicine to his wound as they fled. He had stopped the bleeding temporarily, so he would not die for the time being. However, if they did not leave quickly, they might really die here.

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