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When they saw the sword of wargod, the killing sword among Long Fei's Pubes started to throb.

Long Fei could feel the killing sword drooling.

The super battle intent of the sword of wargod, the God Tier Battle Soul, and the sword body made from billions of beasts' blood essence that he had absorbed, were definitely great supplements to the killing sword.

However …

It was impossible to give such a sword to Long Fei.

The amount of time spent digging, the expenses, and his power added on top of that, the value of the sword of wargod were all astronomical.

"Huff …"

Long Fei looked at the night sky and muttered: "It's useless to guess now, we'll know tomorrow."

Long Fei walked into the room.

tan dapao's figure disappeared into the darkness.

He never slept in his room.

When Long Fei was sleeping, he would usually stay hidden in the shadows.

… ….

The night passed silently. The next morning.

Ye Qingshan sent someone to deliver breakfast, then looked at Long Fei and said: "Kid, that kick of yours is truly irritable, that Wu family disciple is already crippled."

su su muttered: "Serves you right."

tan dapao said: "If it wasn't for boss wanting to keep a low profile, he would have died long ago."

"Cough, cough, cough..."

Ye Qingshan began to pant, and said: "You're still keeping a low profile? The Wu family's influence in the fairy city is not that simple. Just the fatry sect alone has three Wu family disciples, and two of them have already stepped into the Emperor Realm.

The power of the fairy city family does not depend on how many people you have, nor how much money you have, but rather, how many disciples you have in your family who can enter the fatry sect.

The more disciples there were.

The higher the cultivation, the higher the status the clan held.

To have three disciples meant that the family was very powerful, at least in the northern part of the city, the Wu family was a first-rate family.

tan dapao and the others frowned slightly.

Ye Qingshan laughed lightly: Don't worry, right now the Wu family is fully training the disciples that will be participating in this year's selection competition. That brat Wu Tianlong is just a playboy that isn't liked in the Wu family, for the time being, the Wu family will not have time to deal with you, but you better not leave the clan easily, otherwise our Xian Wu pavilion will not be able to protect him.

Long Fei expressed his gratitude: "Thank you, Elder Ye."

Ye Qingshan laughed: "Don't thank me, this is also the intention of our Grand Court."

"You guys can eat first. If it's not enough, just send someone to say it."


Ye Qingshan left.

su su muttered to herself, "I still want to buy some pretty clothes today."

tan dapao said angrily: "Just buy it, I want to see who from the Wu family dares to come. This time, I will definitely defeat him in one shot."

He expressed his displeasure.

Because Zhu Tian was ambushed, adding the lack of distance, it was impossible for him to use his launcher.

Long Fei said lightly: "Rest here for a few days and don't go out."

Safety was the most important thing.

Furthermore, what's the situation in fairy city?

Long Fei didn't understand it at all.

Where Fu Xishan was, whether her Business Alliance of Fu Family had made it into the fairy city was unknown.

Everything had to be done carefully.

Long Fei thought: "Looks like I have to level up my battle uniform, if not I won't be able to rest easy with them."

tan dapao's temper was too explosive, she was about to start a fight if there was any disagreement.

Lan Mei and su su didn't have much experience in the martial arts world, so they would easily be at a disadvantage.


"No high-quality materials!" Long Fei frowned, "Material … It's a problem. "

"The sword of wargod is so big, they won't be able to finish all of it. If we can use it to make a new set of armor …" Long Fei was secretly a little excited.

Yesterday night, he thought about that sword of wargod.

He was thinking about that huge scene.

"Who is that man?"

"That scene..."

"Above the Sky Sea, one man against billions of strange beasts. And each beast is a peerless existence." When Long Fei thought about that scene, his mind couldn't help but tremble.

It was too shocking.

The first thought that anyone could come up with to deal with billions of strange beasts was to run away, but he was the one who was going to kill them all. How powerful must he be?

"How much experience did he have?"

Long Fei laughed.

In the evening.

Ye Qingshan brought dinner, and said to Long Fei: "Grand Court has come."

Long Fei trembled slightly, casually ate a few mouthfuls of rice, and said: "Let's go!"

Lan Mei and su su looked at Long Fei and said, "Be careful."

Long Fei nodded his head: "En, you guys can stay here for a few days first, cultivate properly and wait for me to come back."

Following behind Ye Qingshan, Long Fei seemed to be deep in thought. In his heart, he was still thinking about that gigantic sword of wargod.

Not long later.

Walking to a remote courtyard in the Xian Wu pavilion, Ye Qingshan said lightly: "Wait here, the Grand Court will be here shortly."

After which, he walked out of the small courtyard.

When Ye Qingshan left, the door of the small courtyard suddenly opened, and an elegant man walked out. The man wore a mask, and looked at Long Fei: "You're not good-looking, don't mind it."

Long Fei did not exchange pleasantries, and directly went into the main topic: "What does Grand Court want me to do?"

At this time.

Grand Court walked down the stairs and said: "There's a Divine Weapon Appraisal Assembly today. I want you to participate in it on my behalf.

"Appreciating divine weapons?"

Long Fei tensed up slightly.

Grand Court said: "I saw your appraisal of the sword of wargod yesterday, not bad, it was just as you said, the name of that sword was indeed the sword of wargod."

"We can also call him the number one war god of the ancient era, but …" "He didn't stop the billions of beasts. He failed."

Long Fei was shocked.

He only stayed on the sword for a few seconds, only seeing a few images. He did not have the strength to see all the images. If he could see all the images, then this person's cultivation must be exceptionally strong.

Long Fei said: "Grand Court's taste is much better than mine, then why do you need me to fight in your place?"

"Hahaha …"

Grand Court smiled and said: "Smart!"

"This Divine Weapon Appraisal Assembly is a little special. If I make even the slightest mistake, I will die. I don't want to die." Grand Court was very direct and didn't hide anything from Long Fei.

Long Fei said: "Seems like it's quite dangerous."

Grand Court said: "It could be said that it is a narrow escape. To appraise a divine weapon, you have to compare your skills and bravery. You can reject it."

Long Fei hesitated for a moment, then said: "You just said that as long as I win, you can agree to one of my requests?"

Grand Court said: "Yes, as long as I can fulfill any request."

Long Fei said straightforwardly: "I want the sword of wargod."

Grand Court's eyes moved slightly, he thought for a moment and said: "Okay! If you win, the sword of wargod will be yours. "

Wealth comes from danger.

Long Fei needed the materials from the sword of wargod.

killing sword needs it.

He also needed materials to make the armor!


Appreciation of the Divine Weapon … Just what sort of divine weapon was it? Was it able to be ranked in the top ten grandmist weapons? Many of the Universal Realm's divine weapons came from the god's design attic, so how could there be a person from the god's design attic? Long Fei also wanted to see it for himself!

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