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Chapter 1547: Conspiracy

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When Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian returned to their tents, Swords Immortal, Clouddragon Immortal and Reflectingmoon Immortal had also returned to the camp of Taiyi Fantasy Sect.

The moment they entered a tent, the three heavenly knights had sat together gloomily. Not until a few minutes’ silence did Swords Immortal open his mouth.

“It seems that Zhang Tie’s battle strength is as powerful as before…”

Despite being in the sound-isolated tent, Swords Immortal still spoke secretly by battle qi. In this sense, even if there was any fourth one at present, he would not hear their talks.

“According to the news from Xuanyuan Hill, Xuanyuan Changying almost used all the means to deal with Zhang Tie’s wound in vain. In the national banquet of Xuanyuan Hill, according to the secret observation of our insiders, Zhang Tie appeared having not fully recovered as his spiritual energy and battle qi wave all over was weak. However, his spiritual energy seems as powerful as before today!” Refectingmoon Immortal grumbled gloomily whose skin was covered with goosebumps like that of chicken’s skin.

“It’s said that Zhang Tie had triggered his bloody sacrifice furnace after returning to Fire-Dragon Bounty Territory and used thousands of demon fighters for a bloody sacrifice. It’s said that the bloody sacrifice furnace is so marvelous that it could almost cure any disease at the cost of demons. Although Zhang Tie was not cured in Xuanyuan Hill, he might have been healed by the bloody sacrifice furnace!” Clouddragon Immortal said solemnly as his smile had disappeared.

“Bloody sacrifice furnace is indeed a top rarity that we don’t have, its value is immeasurable. According to the current situation, we have to change our plan against Zhang Tie. Bloody sacrifice furnace could even cure the wound left by the thunder of nirvana, when we target at Zhang Tie later, we should have the function of bloody sacrifice furnace into consideration. Otherwise, as long as Zhang Tie is alive, he would be able to recover easily. He has an amazing flight ability as a divine dominator, the body-changing immortal bloodline and the bloody sacrifice furnace; even King Fairyocean couldn’t be as tricky as him.” Swords Immortal said as he shook his head helplessly.

Zhang Tie’s secret methods were out of people’s imagination. As long as he combined various secret methods, he would gain much greater power than the total of the pure addition of these secret methods. Like what Swords Immortal had mentioned, after combining the three abilities, Zhang Tie could absolutely become unrivaled. Even if he was besieged by sage-level knights, he would escape to a place and read one’s memory before turning into that person’s look. The moment he caught the opportunity, he would be able to recover using the bloody sacrifice furnace. Additionally, except sage-level knights, even ordinary heavenly knights would be fragile to him. Who was not afraid of such a great opponent? What was more, Zhang Tie was just a shadow knight. As long as he promoted to a heavenly knight, who could control him, a divine dominator?

The moment they thought about the situation where Zhang Tie promoted to a heavenly knight, all the powers of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavensholding Pavilion and Qionglou Pavilion became numb.

There had long been a conflict between Zhang Tie and Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Although being not serious, at the least it could indicate Zhang Tie’s aversion to the Taiyi Fantasy Sect. What counted most, Zhang Tie and Taiyi Fantasy Sect were not of the same kind. Zhang Tie’s attitude towards Taiyi Fantasy Sect could be proved by the fact that he rooted for the royal prince and he widely promoted fiery-oil weapons vigorously across the country. What Zhang Tie was doing was completely against the original intention of Imperial Alliance, which Taiyi Fantasy Sect had joined.

Imperial Alliance plumped for Xuanyuan Infinity; insisted that fiery oil should be under strict control and forbade commoners to gain fiery oil and made massive destructive weapons using fiery oil. The existence of fiery oil was a great obstacle for the ultimate idea of the Imperial Alliance.

However, fiery oil appeared all of a sudden and was promoted too fast. As it was in the holy war, before the Imperial Alliance reached an agreement responding to this new matter, fiery oil had already spread across the country and played an enormous role in the holy war. Imperial Alliance didn’t have any reason to prevent its development at all.

After the war at the bank of Weishui River, Zhang Tie gathered more halos and had already become one of the most attractive figures in the eyes of the Imperial Alliance in Taixia Country. Although the Imperial Alliance had long planned to respond to Zhang Tie’s actions, they didn’t imagine that Zhang Taixuan would suddenly jump out which made Zhang Tie vigilant and thus disturbed the plan of the Imperial Alliance to a certain degree.

“If we want to deal with Zhang Tie, we have to deal with his bloody sacrifice furnace first. We’d better deal with the two aspects at the same time. Otherwise, the bloody sacrifice furnace could destroy our plan easily. What happened today has to be reported to our sages right away. As to the following steps, we should follow their orders…” Clouddragon Immortal said as he watched the other two people, who both nodded seriously.

“Now that Zhang Tie has already fully recovered, the other task of ours would not be tricky in this sense. I’m afraid that neither way would barely work, attack by innuendo or coerce and bribe.” Swords Immortal said as he shook his head.

“You mean we should figure out why Zhang Taixuan screwed and caught Zhang Tie?” Reflectingmoons Immortal asked.

“Yes, Zhang Taixuan is just a piece that we’ve long put. He deserved death. However, without enough motive and allure, it’s hard to imagine that Zhang Taixuan dared do that to Zhang Tie under our eyes and offend the most powerful people and force in Taixia Country. I don’t think that he did that for fiery oil and all-purpose medicament. Even though Zhang Tie was killed, he still had no ability to control the two items as Yan Feiqing alone could kill him easily. In the words of sages, Zhang Taixuan might have already known a top secret about Zhang Tie, which stimulated Zhang Taixuan to do that to Zhang Tie; however, he failed it and was finally killed by Zhang Tie…”

“We couldn’t figure out this case ourselves. It doesn’t work for us to investigate it by force. We’d better do that from other aspects. What counts most is to deal with the current affairs. As full-moons gates are going to open, now that we’ve already assured that Zhang Tie maintained his battle strength, we should well negotiate on how to deal with him later…”

“What about four sage freaks? Do we need to…”

“They are just trivial craps. If we hurt them, we would arouse Zhang Tie’s alert. Just let them go. I don’t think they could arouse any big trouble…”

“Hopefully, there’s Great Wilderness Sutra in the following floors. However, ifGreat Wilderness Sutra was acquired by others…”

“Then, the catastrophe facing Great Wilderness Sect dozens of years ago would repeat somewhere in Taixia Country. No power could block our great undertaking, Iron-Dragon Sect, Demons-kill Valley or Jiang Clan…”

The tent became full of killing intent once again…

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