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Chapter 6.1
Chapter 6: A World of Eternal Darkness
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Part 1

Shelfa called out to Ralphus and the others, who were guarding her back, in worry .

“If I run, then everyone else here will…!”

“You’re her target, Your Majesty! You running away will help the others left behind as well,”

Gazaram called back before muttering,

“but still, what the hell is with that monster!? Her strength was something else! Is she a Dragon Slayer or something like the General?!”

“——I don’t know . But in any case, it’s obvious that we’re no match for her . ”

They heard a loud crash, like the entire palace was collapsing, coming from the hall they had just escaped the moment the words had left Ralphus’ mouth .

Everyone stopped in their tracks . Rather, the corridor was shaking so badly that they could no longer run . When they turned around, they found that Noelle had destroyed the door —wall surrounding it and all— and was calmly walking toward them .

It hadn’t even been that long since she had first broken in through the ceiling .

“Hmph . Where are you running? There’s no way you could escape me . ”

Ralphus stood his ground, perhaps because he had acknowledged the confidence in her words or perhaps because he had discerned Noelle’s immense strength as a fellow warrior .

“Gazaram . Take Her Majesty and flee downstairs . You have to regroup with Rain! I, Ralphus, will stall her here!”

“I’ll stay with you!”

It was not Gazaram who replied .

It was Falna, who had received her knighthood today .

She was wearing a dress, but she had ripped off most of her long skirt so it was easier to fight in .

Then, she unwound the long whip that had been wrapped around her waist and stood in line with Ralphus to block the corridor .

Gazaram finally returned to his senses .

“Ridiculous . Like hell I’d leave behind a newbie and my liege’s best friend and run! I’ll be the one staying behind!”

“I don’t want to sacrifice you all and run away by myself either!”

Even Shelfa joined in on the protest .

“Good, you lot . ”

Noelle seemed strangely impressed for some reason . She continued,

“you’re all weak by my standards, but I acknowledge your resolve . I’ll do my best to refrain from taking your lives . ”

Her exposed limbs accelerated as soon as she had finished speaking . Afterimages shadowed them as she decided to attack Ralphus and Falna standing at the vanguard first .

Ralphus and Falna quickly braced themselves .

But, right before Noelle’s attack could land, yet another crash echoed throughout the corridor . The wall next to them (which was also made of hard stone) crumbled into pieces and a slender figure jumped into the fray .

The figure slammed bodily into Noelle and pushed her into the wall opposite ——it was Sylvia, who had come running before even Rain did . She had been fast asleep in the room she had been granted and had woken up and come flying as soon as she had sensed the danger .

“I won’t have any excuse to give Rain if I let Her Majesty get hurt while I’m right here (though she had been asleep) . So, I’ll have you prepare yourself!”

“Preposterous! Who do you think you’re picking a fight with, bitch!”

“That’s my line!”

They were close enough in proximity they were almost touching, so they naturally didn’t pull out their weapons . Noelle and Sylvia switched postures like they were skilled martial artists (wrestlers), locked hands, and pushed forcefully against each other .

The sturdy stone walls crumbled easily every time one of them was pushed against it .

“You’re getting on my nerves, woman!”

Noelle went in for the attack, irritated .

She let her daemonic strength do the rest of the talking and slammed bodily into the corridor wall with Sylvia in tow .

As a result, the stone wall broke apart as if it was a toy made from building blocks and they plummeted to the ground below .



Meanwhile, Rain, who was heading toward the palace at full speed, was met with an obstacle . The Galfort palace consisted of two separate buildings, and he had reached the walkway between the building where the garden was and the other building when he was obstructed by a line of enemies .

A girl in a miko outfit —an unusual sight in this kingdom— and three prisoners were blocking the path before him .

Naturally, the three prisoners were the three behind Shelfa’s assassination attempt whom Rain had easily captured, and they were standing behind the white-haired girl like retainers waiting upon royalty .

Suddenly, the girl introduced herself .

“My name is Claire . I am pleased to make your acquaintance . ”

“You don’t need me to tell you who I am, right? But man, today’s really not my day . Everything’s happening all at once . ”

“Yes, I can tell……though I am sure you already know of the intruder’s identity . ”

She directed her unfocused eyes at Rain and slightly bowed her head . Her vivid scarlet eyes made quite the impression .

“I’d have loved to celebrate our reunion and take the chance to talk to you about a lot of things, but it’s too bad . ……You really came at a bad time . ”

Claire looked truly apologetic as she lowered her eyes .

“My deepest apologies . However, I have decided to make the most of this opportunity, since I do not believe the chance will come again . Like you, I, too, care greatly about my comrades . ”

The three behind her shrank back as if they were awe-struck by her words .

They looked like they throw themselves to the ground and prostrate before her any second now .

“……There’s a lot I want to ask you, like why you came here as soon as the barrier broke . But, I can generally guess your reasons, so I’ll save the rest of my questions for later . In any case, get out of my way . I don’t have the time to be playing around with you!”

Rain purposefully increased his magic and covered his entire body with a bluish magic aura .

He lowered his posture slightly and stared directly at Claire and her party .

“Let me warn you that you won’t just be going to jail this time . If you won’t get out of my way, then I’ll defeat all four of you right here, right now!”

Bajeel and the other two prisoners stepped back before they knew what they were doing when they heard the unmistakable bloodlust in Rain’s words . The knowledge that they were no match for Rain had already permeated their bodies .

But Claire, and only Claire, did not seem the slightest bit perturbed .

——A gentle smile spread across her face instead .



The two opponents plummeted from a height that would have spelled certain death for any normal human and pulled away from each other right before they hit the ground .

Both Sylvia and Noelle had successfully managed to land in the courtyard .

“Hmm? You aren’t human . That being said, you don’t seem to be a daemon either,”

Noelle said with a pleased look on her face as she generated a sword of light in her hand .

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Sylvia checked no make sure that no one else was around before she readily nodded and said,

“I’m not human, and I’m not a daemon either . But in any case——”

Her wine-colored eyes narrowed . She continued,

“I can’t just ignore you if you’re here to defeat Rain . ”

Her expression changed as she looked to Noelle’s hand and said,

“That sword of light in your hand proves what you are without any room for doubt…… As expected of a daemon!”

She laughed . Sylvia continued,

“the entire blade is made from your own magic aura, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure any normal rune master’s magical energy would dry up in a second if they tried to make a sword like that . ”

Indeed . Sylvia, a rune master of the strongest class, had grasped the true nature of radiant sword Noelle was holding in but an instant .

Essentially, the hilt in Noelle’s hand was the only real part of the sword, and it didn’t have a “blade” like a normal longsword would . In other words, no blade had been attached to it in the first place .

The brightly shining blade was entirely composed from Noelle’s magical aura —a feat that was otherwise impossible if not for the fact that she was an upper-class daemon with a vast capacity for magic .

“Oh? You know quite well . My sword of light isn’t the kind of weapon that humans say are ‘imbued with magic . ’ For example, I can even pull off tricks like this quite easily . ”

Noelle suddenly swung her sword of light as she spoke .

An instant later, a crescent moon-shaped arc of light flew directly at Sylvia .

“——! Ugh!”

Sylvia hadn’t been able to dodge it even with her superior reflexes and it ripped through her right shoulder . A string of red blood danced in the air under the sun . Moreover, the arc of light continued past Sylvia, gouged out a chuck of the earth behind her, and destroyed a corner of a flowerbed .

Noelle grinned . However, the smile quickly vanished and was replaced by bafflement .

Sylvia’s wound——was rather deep and had reached all the way to the bone, but it closed up visible until it was completely gone . Naturally, the blood she had shed didn’t return back inside her, but the girl with the twin tails kept her composure .

“You’ve brought out another annoying sword, I see . ……Looks like I won’t need to hold back against you . ”

“Hold back? That’s some nonsense you’re sprouting . Besides, you don’t even have a weapon —are you planning to fight me with just your magic?”

“Well, swordplay isn’t my specialty . ——Though, I’ve only ever been beaten at it once . ”

Sylvia’s eyes narrowed in nostalgia as she spoke .

“Hmph . That doesn’t change the fact that you’ve lost . ”

“I suppose not . But, I’m not ashamed of having lost to him . After all, he’s a bonafide genius,”

Sylvia said calmly before her usual gentle look vanished from her visage and she raised both of her hands .

A brilliant magical aura enveloped her entire figure .

“Allow me to send you back not to the spirit world, but to Hades! Tell everyone you meet there that you were defeated by Sylvia Rosenberg! I’m sure it’ll be something to brag about!”

A black triangular shadow several meters wide appeared around Noelle as soon as the words had left Sylvia’s mouth . It was a type of closed barrier, and it became a solid shadowy prism that trapped Noelle inside a moment later .

And, before Noelle, with a quizzical look on her face, could swing her sword of light again——

Sylvia raised the levels of magic in her body and thrust her finger at her .

“Triangle Extinction!!”

The magic that had converged inside the barrier exploded at her cry . Electricity discharged, and the inside of the barrier was ravaged by bluish white lightning and stormy gales . The castle wasn’t safe from the explosion either and was shaken by violent tremors .

Even the guards, who had finally appeared on the scene, were no exceptions to the trembling and fell over as they lost their footing .

It was only natural, as the entire castle was shaking .

The magical storm only rampaged within the closed barrier, but its aftermath reached the world outside . Half of Galfort Castle would have collapsed if the barrier hadn’t been there .

However, the prism expanded before Sylvia’s, who was bracing herself without letting her guard down, eyes and was destroyed . Another shockwave burst out as it vanished and knocked over the guards again just as they were getting back up on their feet .

What little of the flower beds that had remained where now cleanly gone, and a giant fissure ran up the palace wall with a disconcerting creak .

Then, Noelle dashed out as if she was chasing after Sylvia, who had quickly put up a shield and had leapt away . Noelle had wounds all over her body, but they all healed by the time anyone was able to so much as look at them .

“You broke right through it, huh? ……Not bad,”

even Sylvia could not help but groan . She continued,

“at this rate, I might not have the leeway to worry about the castle as we fight . ”

“Do you really think you have the time to worry about that, you fool?! In any case, that last attack really pissed me off . I’ll have you pay me back for that!”

“You’re the one who attacked first! You’re the one who needs to prepare yourself!”

The two girls readied themselves to clash again .


“Wait, Sylvia!”


They both looked up to find Rain looking down at them from the corridor they had destroyed and fallen out from earlier .

He had run all the way there, only to find that he had missed them both because they had fallen outside the castle .

Rain nodded in thanks when his eyes met Sylvia’s .

Then, with his far-reaching voice, he said,

“I’m her objective . So……can I leave the rest to you?”

Sylvia only hesitated for but a moment .

Her opponent was one thing, but she ultimately decided to have faith in Rain’s current abilities .

——I would’ve been a little (actually, a lot) worried if this was ten years ago, but now…… she thought .

“There aren’t many people who can fight on even grounds with me, so this was pretty fun ♪ . I would’ve ignored them if anyone else tried to intervene . ……But if it’s my former student-cum-current liege asking, I suppose I’ll have to respect your wishes . ”

Sylvia shrugged and continued,

“that’s just how it is, so I’m done here . I’m pulling out . ”

She readily dispelled the magical aura that had been writhing around her entire figure .

Her fighting spirit and bloodlust vanished completely as well .

The change in her attitude was so sudden that even Noelle lost interest .

Noelle’s bloodlust dwindled considerably, and she clicked her tongue as she said,

“hmph, do as you wish . I’ll take you on again once I’ve defeated him . You just get to put off your death for a little while longer . ”

Sylvia crossed her arms behind her back and smiled . Proudly, for some reason, she said,

“well, I wonder about that . I’m sure you’ll find that defeating Rain’s going to be a lot harder than you think . ……Don’t come crying later, okay?”


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Rain was about to jump down after he saw Sylvia give a small wave of her hand and fall back . However, someone suddenly grabbed his sleeve and caused him to stumble .

“Whoa . ”

He swiftly turned around and found that his eyes had met with Shelfa’s .

She had beat the guards in running to him and had grabbed him by the sleeve . She was normally quite gentle, but she was always rather quick during times like this .

Rain almost complained, but he was rendered speechless once he saw how moistened her eyes were .

With little other choice, he whispered to her so that Ralphus and the others couldn’t hear .

“It’ll be over soon . So quit worrying . ”

“I don’t doubt that you’ll be victorious, Rain……but please don’t get hurt . ”

“Well, I’ll do my best . Anyway——”

He then said the first thing that came to mind .

“I’ll give you a kiss when I get back, so let go of me for now . ”

Shelfa let go at light speed .

“Really, you will!?”

Rain waved at his belatedly approaching friend and Gazaram instead of replying .

“Well then, I’ll be back soon . ”

And with that, he quickly jumped down .



Rain jumped down several dozen meters and landed safely in the courtyard .

He coolly turned toward Noelle like nothing was wrong and began walking up to her……slowly . He passed by Sylvia along the way and raised his hand up slightly in gratitude .

Sylvia high-fived him audibly and gave him a few words of encouragement .

“That child’s pretty strong, you know? Don’t get hurt, all right?”

“……You both say the same things . I might get a little roughed up, but I’ll still win . ”

“I don’t doubt you will, but try not to get too hurt……if possible, don’t get hurt at all . ”

Sylvia walked away with one last smile .

Rain and Noelle faced off against each other next to the demolished flowerbed .


“You’re finally here . ”

Noelle looked like she had regained her cheer now that her intended opponent had arrived .

She smiled, as if she was waiting for the fun to start, and studied Rain from head to toe . While she did, the guards who had been pathetically knocked over around them slowly got back up (or they were unconscious and were carried away), and more guards and knights poured out from the palace in droves . Galfort Castle was the royal castle, after all, so there were more than enough of them to go around .

Enough reinforcements gathered around Rain and Noelle at a distance in numbers that could have made up an army and waited for a chance to intervene .

Moreover, guards continued to blow their whistles in the distance, perhaps because they had realized that Claire and the prisoners had gotten away, and their surroundings were noisy beyond compare . Still, Noelle’s bold attitude never once crumbled all things despite .

She looked only to Rain, as though they were the only people present in the courtyard .

Eventually, she nodded in apparent satisfaction .

“Hmm . I can feel the pleasant force of your power even though we’re only standing here, Rain, or whatever your name was . No wonder Leygur was being wary of you,”

Noelle whispered honeyed words that were completely at odds with her bloodlust form earlier .

Rain simply nodded and replied calmly, as though they were simply gossiping .

“Well, there’s nothing I could do about it even if you didn’t feel anything while standing before me . ——And by the way, why are you targeting me? Are you one of Leygur’s comrades? Are you here on his orders?”

“I’m not here on anyone’s orders! Besides, I’ve never once been his retainer . We were kindred spirits until just a little while ago, but we aren’t even comrades now . The reason I’m targeting you——”

She let out another chuckled before continuing,

“is because you once defeated Leygur . Anyone would want to fight you after hearing about that, don’t you think?”

“I see…… . Well, I’m not gonna complain if it means that strong enemies are seeking me out . ”

Rain tilted his head to the side and continued,

“but you were here yesterday too, weren’t you? I saw you looking down at me from the sky . ”

“Oh, so you did notice? I didn’t attack yesterday because I wanted to make sure you had enough time to rest . So, did you rest well?”

Noelle charged up her fighting spirit once again after one last smile .

A magical aura covered her supple, effeminate limbs again and her wave of power expanded .

Then, in a voice only Rain could hear, she said,

“it’s only polite that I name myself when standing before a suitable warrior . My name is Noelle . I am an upper-ranked daemon from the spirit world . Carve my name into your heart in this short time before you die . ”

“You’re absolutely sure that you’ll win——is that what you’re trying to say, huh? That’s some nerve you’ve got, saying that to me . ”

“……Pft . My confidence is justified, no?”

Rain drew his magic sword and readied his stance .

Then, he spared no effort to smile the brazen smile he always made before a fight .

“Countless people before you spat out similar things at me . But never once did things go the way they thought it would!”

Rain ran toward Noelle once the words had left his mouth .


He closed the short distance between them in an instant, and just before their swords clashed——

Noelle suddenly took to the skies, contrarily to Rain’s wishes .

She ascended to roughly about the same height as the ramparts without taking out her wings and she glared down at Rain with a sword of light handing from her hand .

Then, she raised up her right hand and took aim .

“First, allow me to test to see if that confidence of yours is backed by actual ability . Try blocking this . ——Light!!”

An instant later, the entire courtyard —no, the entire palace was dyed in a silver-white light .

The light could probably be seen from anywhere within the capital, and it almost felt like Noelle was trying to destroy the entire castle .

Rather, she might actually succeed if Rain didn’t block it properly .

A massive beam of heat and light, at least several meters wide in diameter, made of highly condensed magical energy rushed toward Rain at full speed . The magical attack was swift in a way made possible only by daemons, who didn’t need to chant a rune to use magic, and any normal mage would not have even had the chance against it even before considering the vast difference in skill between themselves and Noelle .

“Cheeky, aren’t you?! Don’t lump me together with your average mage! ——Field Reinforcement!”

Rain purposefully reinforced his invisible defensive field, which he generally didn’t even need to be conscious of, and widened its area of effect .

——Noelle’s magical attack crashed against it a moment later .

Normally, the field would become rainbow-colored and absorb any magic that opposed it, but that didn’t happen this time around . Even after being reinforced, the field creaked and turned red hot as it was hit with an extraordinary volume of magic that surpassed the field’s tolerance . The field, which had once protected an ancient dragon for millennia, was only able to halt the beam for but a few seconds .

The brilliant beam of light penetrated through and proceeded past it unhindered .

As it did, Rain, highly conscious of the fact that his allies were gathered behind him, steeled himself .

——After all, their fates were as good as decided if he dodged .

“Tch! This is nothing!”

Instead of flying out of the beam’s way, he raised his hand like Noelle hand and created a magic shield in front of himself .

The beam of light and heat crashed into it the moment it appeared .

The colossal energy pushed Rain backward like it was trying to crush him in his entirety .

Judging by the sheer amount of magic there was and its colossal destructive power, he probably wouldn’t even leave any ashes behind if he took this head-on but failed to block it properly .

But Rain blocked it . Though he had been pushed back five meters by the time the beam that clashed with his shield finally subsided .


“You did well to block that . But our fight’s only just begun!”

Noelle suddenly nose-dived while wielding her sword of light before Rain had even a chance to catch his breath .

She unleased one slash after another at a speed even Rain’s eyes could barely keep up with .

An afterimage of her sword, which looked like a trial of light, scraped Rain’s collar when he dodged by twisting to the side as his instincts dictated . He reacted immediately . He capitalized on the chance when his opponent pitched forward ever so slightly and scythed his magic sword horizontally .

He did not hold back even a little .

And yet, his swipe, which should have sliced Noelle cleanly in two, only passed fruitlessly through an afterimage .


Rain’s warrior instinct rang shrill in alarm as the illusion of Noelle faded away like a mirage .

It was only for a moment, but I lost track of my enemy!?

He was taken by surprise, but Rain still managed to obey his instincts and bend his upper body back by pulling back his rear leg . Noelle’s sword of light whisked by just a few millimeters in front of him .

Then, both he and Noelle slashed at each other as if they were about to lock blades .


Crackle crackle crackle!!


Noelle’s scarlet blade of light finally clashed against Rain’s magic sword .

From a high stance to a middle stance and back to a high stance——they crossed blades multiple times until they finally caught each other’s blows firmly and locked blades . Rain had begun laughing at one point at how each of Noelle’s attacks had been followed by an afterimage .

She’s seriously strong!

The daemon girl, too, was smiling from across their crossed swords .

“To think that a mere human could keep up with me to this extent! Your abilities are something to behold, of course……but so is that sword of yours . ”

She looked to Rain’s magic sword and continued,

“most longswords are rent in two once they clash with my sword of light, and even swords that were imbued with magic begin chipping away after a few strikes . ”

“……This sword here has probably the worst origin story ever, but ability-wise it’s undeniably the strongest sword in the world . Even I don’t think I could create a magic sword that matches it . ”

Rain flashed a grin and continued,

“besides, it comes with an amazing bonus in that strong enemies keep coming after me for some reason when I have it with me!”

Rain pushed back Noelle’s sword of light as he spoke and leapt toward her chest .

He had meant to use footwork to trip up her long legs——but . Her long and slender legs refused to budge, as though they were firmly rooted to the ground .

Instead, he was met with a sudden counterattack as Noelle thrust her hand out before his eyes .



Rain immediately gathered his own magic to counter Noelle’s .

They released their respective magics almost simultaneously, which clashed at point-blank and offset each other . They hadn’t managed to neutralize the resulting shockwave, however, and both Rain and Noelle were blown backward as the magics blinded them .

Rain was blasted toward the palace, and Noelle was blown in the opposite direction .

And yet, Rain reflexively twisted his body mid-air . He kicked hard against the palace wall and sprang forward before he was slammed against it back-first like a crushed frog .

Essentially, he had triangle jumped himself in another direction .

His movements put an unbelievable amount of pressure on his legs, but he managed to pull it off without breaking them .

He was aiming for Noelle, who was desperately braking in the air .

Noelle suddenly tried to look toward the palace, as if she was looking for Rain, who was supposed to have been smashed flat against the palace walls . She had turned toward the wall that Rain had just kicked off of, and therefore inadvertently created a clear opening .

And Rain refused to let that half-second opening escape him .

“Where do you think you’re looking?!”

Rain fell toward her diagonally from above like a black streak of light .

Noelle had noticed Rain’s presence before he had called out and had reflexively tried to dodge him .


A blue flash of light struck her diagonally and left behind an afterglow as a trail of fresh blood chased after Rain as he fell .

She hadn’t managed to evade him .

Rain, who had landed soon afterward, nimbly leapt back and cautiously prepared himself for a counterattack .

“……Now you’ve done it . ”

Noelle’s voice was overflowed not in resentment, but in praise . She continued,

“to think that you would not only be able to keep up with my speed, but that you’d even manage to hurt me . ……He was right . Looks like I was underestimating you a little . ”

“You still are, you know?”

Rain retorted from the ground . He continued,

“you’re praising me just for being able to keep up with you——which means you’re still underestimating me big time . ”

He thought Noelle might get upset, but she smiled pleasantly instead .

“……Normally, I would have flown into a rage by now . But I’m only finding myself liking you more for some reason . ”

Then, an unexpected third party attacked Noelle as she made to descend after her amicable words .

“——! Hmph!”

She readily beat back multiple arrows that had come flying toward her while whistling in the wind .

“You’re acting in vain! Who are you!?”

Her mood immediately soured as she turned to a corner of the courtyard .

There, she found Elena Felicia Hartoul, donned in a flamboyant dress, who was yelling as loudly as her voice would allow her .

She was in visibly high spirits as she thrust her white feathered fan at Noelle’s direction .

“Now, you lot! Capture that impudent intruder! Make me look good in front of Lord Ralphus so he praises me!”

That’s your motive!?

Rain grew exasperated by how Elena’s words hid none of her interior motives first before he paled upon realizing what had just happened .

“Ugh . That idiot!

Rain and Ralphus’ men had only surrounded him and Noelle from a distance and wisely had not stepped into the fray .

One reason they had not done so was because none of Rain or Ralphus’ aides had ordered them to, but another was because the mid-rank commanders, like the platoon leaders and centurions, were refraining from intervening and were watching the situation carefully until the perfect opportunity presented itself .

But it looked like it was too much to ask for Elena to have the same wisdom .

Elena’s unit had run out from their lodgings, which just so happened to have been safe, in droves, and Elena had ordered the archers to attack . Ralphus or someone would probably rush to her side quickly enough——but they wouldn’t make it in time for the immediate crisis .

Naturally, Noelle wasn’t one to simply laugh and let it slide .

“You foolish girl who can’t read the situation! (Rain totally concurred . ) This is what you get for being so thoughtless!”

Noelle swung her sword of light in a wide and hearty arc after she was done with her rebuke .

A crescent-shaped arc of condensed magic flew toward Elena and her troops . The arc turned horizontal once it was released and grew to over ten meters in length .

It looked like Noelle planned to finish them all off in one go .

“——! Kyah!”

With her white feathered fan still in hand, Elena’s golden curls trailed behind her as she moved with surprising speed . She had quickly hidden behind a nearby subordinate with the intent of using him as a human shield .

Not the worst reaction, but that probably won’t be enough to save you .

……Well, I suppose it’ll just be an unfortunate accident . I haven’t known you for very long, but so long in Hades .

——Elena out——


Rain honestly thought this for a moment, but his body moved in the end .

He couldn’t simply watch and let things unfold if he took his friend into consideration .

“Besides, I need to show her that I have the upper hand when it comes to ranged attacks!”

He had already swept the Siren’s Blade in a straight line by the time the words had left his mouth .

The magic sword once again made a sufficient display of its power as it unleashed an “invisible slash”, which had once made the people of Celestia, a small kingdom, tremble in fear . The invisible wave of power chased after the crescent-shaped arc of light and shattered it spectacularly right before it hit Elena and her troops .

The giant arc of light dispersed into tiny glittering fragments that flickered as they vanished .

Moreover, Rain’s “invisible slash” didn’t stop there and continued until it split a thick tree in the courtyard directly in two . Noelle watched the tree as it audibly crashed down before she turned sullen .

She immediately returned her attention to Rain .

“That was uncalled for!”

She stopped floating in the air and flew down before she dashed toward him . She was incredibly fast, too . Her speed was in no way inferior to Rain’s .

This time, it was Rain’s turn to greet her with a magical attack .


He pointed at her and the magical balls of light that had appeared above his head rushed for Noelle at once .

“——! Shield!”

she cried out just as the balls audibly made their impact .

The highly condensed magic exploded like large flowers one after another, and they flashed brilliantly with each hit .

The resulting light was so bright it obscured Noelle from view .

“I’ll break that shield of yours!”

Rain’s attack continued without pause as he cried out powerfully, and the balls of light assaulted the daemon girl like meteors . Noelle, however, was not one to be done in so readily .

She took flight, shaking off the incandescent whirlpool of light, and had entered Rain’s range in the blink of an eye .

“Fall down!”

“Do you really think it’ll be that easy?!”


The magic imbued within the magic sword and the sword made from pure magic——the two swords clashed and the repulsion between them let out a large burst of light .

A numbing shock ran from Rain’s hands all the way down to his feet when he blocked Noelle’s sword . She was insanely strong, despite her girlish looks . Moreover, unlike Bajeel from yesterday, she also had more than enough speed to spare!

Rain twisted his body a little and tried to maneuver around her blow by redirecting the power behind it .

But then, Noelle swiftly reached out and grabbed his arms .

The beautiful daemon girl smiled .

“I’ve caught you?”


She pushed into him like she was hugging him and readily lifted him up .

He couldn’t swing his sword because they were stuck together . But, more importantly, he couldn’t brush her off quickly enough because she was so insanely strong . Then, he felt Noelle kick off hard against the earth .

She leapt high in the air while maintaining her hold on Rain, and——Rain felt a huge impact on his back before he fully realized what was happening .

He had been slammed against the palace wall .

He heard and felt the cracks appearing on the wall and giant pieces of it broke off and fell……he also heard screaming from somewhere . He even tasted something sour come up from his throat . He was desperately keeping his grip on his consciousness when he heard Noelle whisper in his ear .

“……Looks like you’re paying too much attention to your surroundings . You don’t seem to be using your full power . ”

Noelle sounded deep in thought .

She held Rain down by the throat as she moved her free had in precise movements . She appeared to be drawing some kind of sigil, but Rain unfortunately couldn’t see what it was .

“In that case, why don’t we move to somewhere we can both fight to our heart’s content?”

“More importantly, I’m gonna get you in the face when I throw up, damnit!”

The world around him blacked out and changed scenes before he could fully finish his rather impudent sentence .

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