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Chapter Epilogue
Epilogue: Phantom Thief Black Mask

-Just as Rain and Joe were about to meet again. –


Safir had finally recovered from the two-fold shock of having failed to make the princess his and having his prided curly hair cut off by Rain and had descended to the lowest floor in Galfort Castle.

In any case, he had thought to get rid of the nauseating feeling in the pit of his stomach by looking at a certain something.


The tightly shut door before him was the entrance to something that was closer to a storehouse than an actual room. The thick and heavy door

was made out of wood and was reinforced with metal.

Ralphus’ unit had been guarding it up until that morning, but no one stood in front of the door now that they had all left with their master.

Safir jerked his chin at the men he brought down with him and readily commanded them to “break the lock.”

A few men armed with large axes immediately stepped up and began to hammer down on the lock. They broke the once-sturdy lock into pitiful pieces with no time to spare.

“Hehehe……now open it. I want to see it all with my own e——”

Safir trailed

trailed off mid-word.

He stopped because he had seen what was on the other side of the door which his men had swung open wide.

The space inside the storehouse could have easily fit several dozen men and was surrounded by walls of stone.

But, something that should have been there was missing.

It was empty, and completely so. There was no trace to be seen of the hoard of treasures that should have had been piled up inside.

Instead, a strange magic circle was etched onto the four corners of the storehouse……along with one other thing. In the center of the room was a

was a single scrap of paper.

A sensible servant picked it up in his petrified master’s stead.

“G, give me that!”

Safir jolted into motion and snatched it from the man.

The piece of paper, which he had read in a panic, thus read:


To a certain greedy noble, from the mysterious phantom thief “Black Mask.”

I have stolen all of the treasure.

Do forgive me for not officially introducing myself, as my identity is a top-secret.



“Wh, wh, wha……”

Safir began to quaver with the scrap of paper still in his hands. The color drained from his face, and he bit his lips so hard that blood ran down blood ran down his chin.

Then, he shrieked,


“what’s this about some black maaaaask?! Damn himmmm, I’ll never forgive himmm!! I’ll kill him, I fucking kill him deaddddddd!!!”


Afterward, upon having searched every nook and cranny of the castle, they discovered that the armory had also been emptied out.

Instead of weapons, the armory was instead stocked with piles of stinky old soldier’s clothes, and it was difficult to discern why that was. It was likely Rain’s idea of harassment.


Galfort Castle was thrown into a turmoil for an entire day because Saifr collapsed while frothing at the mouth upon hearing about the old clothes.

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