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Chapter Prologue
Rain:Volume 1 Prologue Prologue

Taking a walk through the back courtyard of his palace, King Leygur stopped suddenly, sensing a presence.

The sentinels supposedly guarding the area had disappeared at some point, and in their place several men he was quite familiar with entered into the center of the courtyard.

They were generals who served Zarmine, and were vassals to Leygur.

Yet their expressions which had always shown a sort of forced respect, had vanished to be replaced with that of a murdering intent…

“Hoh...You seem to be saving me some time, betraying yourselves like this.”

Brushing up his long silver hair which concealed one of his eyes, Leygur’s gaze narrowed.

An expression that would freeze ice took hold of his stunningly handsome face.

To this face which showed not a hint of faltering, the four generals who held pride in their battle experience unknowingly shifted, as though wanting to move away.

But the one leading the group, a man in his forties by the name of Arvin spoke up in a loud voice.

“Silence! We have born the burden of living under your direction ever since you killed the

last King and took his place. However! We have reached our limit. No longer can we look away as you bring your escapades of tyranny upon this land!”

The remaining three raised their voices in consent. Drawn along by the moment, each of the men drew his sword. The four long-swords glinted as one in the light reflected off of their blades.

Yet Leygur’s composure never wavered.

Judging from his outward appearance he was in his twenties, and compared to the generals should be inexperienced, but all that he said was “Worthless.”


“Do you really believe that even with your combined efforts you have a chance of killing me? I never knew you were such fools. That being said, I’ll gladly accept this opportunity to rid myself of some stress.”

He gazed at the four men as though they were merely objects.

“What I seek now is one who has surpassed all others and…no.”

He broke off suddenly, laughing.

“Forget surpassing all others, its someone who can take down the strongest of the legendary beasts that I want as my subordinate. Those as mediocre as yourselves, who can’t even measure

measure their own potential are unnecessary. Especially for the plan that will soon be put into action.”

At the kings words, the four men knitted their eyebrows.

If you mention the strongest legendary beast, your talking about the Millennium Dragons that had lived for thousands of years, and if so then the men Leygur was referring to were the Dragon Slayers.

They were legends among legends.

It’s said that to one who can defeat a dragon in solo combat, to him will be given all the strength possessed by that legendary beast.

…Of course, at the most that was only a legend.

“Such idiocy. You’re crazed after all. We should have done this a long time ago,” spat Piers, one of the four.

A cold smile played across Leygur's face.

“Idiocy…No matter. In the end all of you will die here. Telling you anything about what is going to come next…would be pointless—-”

Just as he finished speaking, Leygur moved.

The sound of metal sliding along metal.

An ominous crimson light reflected in the eyes of the four traitors.

The magic sword drawn from its sheath gave off a glowing red aura the color of

color of blood. And of the four, he closed the distance on Piers in an instant.

It was a speed that went beyond human ability.

All that the battle hardened Piers managed to do, was lift his sword.

It was a speed that had an impossible force behind it, yet Leygur had hardly seemed to have moved.

The sword swung down as though it were lightning, cutting Piers's sword in half and continuing through.

Leygur quickly regained his distance. In one moment the armor protecting Piers’ body was broken to pieces. A fountain of fresh blood sprayed outwards, raining out upon the remaining three.

Unconsciously Arvin took several steps back, sucking in his breath. As though it meant nothing at all, Leygur raised his hand a second time, calling on the sword.

“Mage Light!”

Upon those words, a blindingly white light of magical power exploded, flowing outward in a torrent under Leygur's command.

Arvin who had backed away took the light full on. He fell to the ground as his chest turned the color of charcoal.

The remaining two retreated quickly from the still smoking corpse.

“Ma, magic!? He didn’t even chant a rune!”

“There isn’t a rune!”

“There isn’t a way in hell that was something a human could do! You couldn’t be—-”

Leygur never gave them the chance to speak.

Again effortlessly closing the distance, he commanded the sword again and swinging horizontally cut through the two.

They never had a moment to scream in pain.

All of them having received fatal wounds, died instantly. Their eyes gazed lifelessly up at the open sky, as their blood seeped into the ground around where they had fallen.

In life, their bravery and deeds as generals had been acknowledged by all.

But in a matter of ten seconds, they had all become lifeless bodies devoid of speech.

Leygur’s expression never changed as he slid his prized magical sword 'Justice' back into its sheath.

Without giving the dead a second glance, Leygur turned his gaze towards the heavens.

“Well. I believe I’ll need to look for some new underlings. Yet whether or not there is someone worth searching for in this world…”

Speaking aloud to nobody in particular, Leygur twisted his lips. Well, it wasn’t as though there were no candidates.

Perhaps the time had come to put him to the test…

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