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Published at 28th of August 2020 02:12:35 PM
Chapter 290

It's the first time Fang Shao Han sees Bai Qing cry . She looks like pear blossom bathed in the rain .

In the past, Bai Qing was cold and distant to him .

It might ring true with all men that what they can't get is always an itch .

In a word, Bai Qing is different from those average flirtatious bitches .

Moreover, because she's an actor, she even looks beautiful when she cries .

At least Fang Shao Han is touched by her .

He wipes her tears and sounds gentler than ever .

However, when she brings up the ban, he tries to change the topic .

A bit awkwardly, he says: “Bai Qing, it's not that I don't want to help you . If I can, I will . But I can't . I can’t act against my father . You have to understand that . ”

What he doesn't tell her is that Lu Yuanzhao has played a part in that .

Rising Divinity could compete with Sky Star from time to time . But nobody dares to offend Lu Yuanzhao .

Bitterly disappointed, Bai Qing looks at him sadly . “What should I do then?”

With a beauty next to him, who stares at him helplessly, Fang Shao Han’s heart melts .

He couldn't help but promise: “Trust me . Rising Divinity won't give up on you . As soon as the situation improves, I’ll get you film deals . ”

Bai Qing sighs . She knows that is the best she can get for now .

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She stares at him as if all she has is him and gives him a kiss .

She knows that a man won't take her to heart if she doesn’t give him a sweet taste .

Having seen Fang Shao Han off, Bai Qing goes to the bathroom and has a shower .

Afterwards, wrapped in a bathrobe with wet long hair falling on her back, she walks to the floor mirror and watches the woman in it carefully .

After a good while, she sighs slightly and puts a hand on her face .

Don't worry, nor panic, Bai Qing .

You are young and beautiful . It’s just a temporary low point . It’ll pass .

She has got so far from a girl who had nothing, hasn't she?

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One day, she’ll get to a higher place so that neither Bai Family nor Lu Yuanzhao can restrain her .

Her vision for the future seems brilliant yet she forgets that she has got where she is today not because of her own ability but due to Lu Yuanzhao’s firm support .

She might never know that there won't be a fool who will treat her as good as Lu Yuanzhao did anymore .

Her nightmare is yet to come .


Recently, there are three pieces of major news in the entertainment industry .

First, The Qin Empire, the film which has been subjected to extensive discussion, finally wraps up .

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The production team has released stills of the leading roles .

Zhang Yu Jia, a well-known actress, has two looks in the film, one full of heroic spirit, another one graceful as well as beautiful . Both her aura and appearance filled people with expectation .

However, compared to Bai Mu Ye’s stills, Zhang Yu Jia’s is nothing .

People are familiar with his name . He also uses his photo as the profile picture on social media so fans know he is a good-looking guy .

However, that profile picture which looks more like a selfie is less pleasant to the eye than his stills .

On the huge poster stands a young emperor in black ceremonial robe with golden hem .

Turning sideways, he wears a crown with twelve strings of pearls hanging down in front of his face, a symbol of an emperor .

His eyes close as if he will open them any time like a beast that will kill his prey with strong claws .

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