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Published at 18th of October 2020 06:55:11 AM
Chapter 805: 805

Chapter 805: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 6)

“That, well I’m finished!”  Ye Zuo Chuan sat back down with a look of victory on his face .

Luo Qing Chen looked at him and couldn’t help finding it funny .

Was he really an idiot or was it the original host’s idiocy that made him so trusting?

“Ding . ”  The slide in the hall opened and all the resources, broadcast channels, and other data that Star Art was providing the hot IP was displayed .

Each one was much better and more professional than what Parkway offered!

“I’ll say a few words . ”  He Chen’s deep eyes sparkled as he looked at the awkward looking Ye Zuo Chuan, “First, the data that Star Art gave this IP is because Star Art is the best, it’s to teach the newer companies not to speak nonsense .  Second, I hope that Jia Fang will not bring such companies to Star Art in the future .  Since Jia Fang can’t decide, Star Art can’t decide either!”

“Si . ”  Everyone took a deep cold breath .

Even Luo Qing Chen doubtfully looked at He Chen, but she couldn’t see any clues from his eyes .

“That, director He……” Jia Fang’s expression became a bit ugly .

He knew who he should work with to give this IP the most exposure, it was all that Parkway Ye Zuo Chuan’s fault .

If he didn’t keep guaranteeing that the conditions Star Art gave would be worse, he wouldn’t have done such a foolish thing!

“Let’s talk again if there’s another chance!”  He Chen stood up and without any hesitation, he walked out of the hall .  Jia Fang and Ye Zuo Chuan were left behind with awkward looks .

In the afternoon, gossip was circulating all over the company .

“Did you hear?  Ye Zuo Chuan found someone in our company to make a copy of the data, but he received a fake copy!”

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“Damn!  It really is a film company, they act to the end!”

“Right, right!  I saw him in the conference room, he thought that he was so good!”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t care about the gossip of the team leaders, she also wasn’t worried about Ye Zuo Chuan exposing her .

Since she was still useful to that man .

The only thing she was upset about was, she had made so many changes to the data to grab “Su Tang, let’s walk apart from now on!”, but He Chen still easily gave it up when he could have won .

Intelligent people really were unpredictable!

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No, she worked hard for two hours on that ‘fake data’ and to give it up that easily in ten minutes, it really was… . .

She didn’t know if damn was appropriate here!

After thinking for three seconds, Luo Qing Chen decided to head to the president’s office .

Star Art’s eighteenth floor, a high rise office, there weren’t many people who came here .  There were only some well known artists and some high level members who came here .

When the elevator came to the eighteenth floor, she saw He Chen’s beautiful secretary Linda!

“Young miss Luo, director He was looking for you . ”  An awkward expression flashed on Linda’s face before she said with a normal smile, “Please come this way . ”

He Chen’s office was very big .  After a long corridor, there was a large office!

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The beauty of A City, you could see it all the moment you walked into this office!

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