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Chapter 2680: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (31)

As someone close to Lu Jue Feng, Yan Tong naturally had her own subordinates.

Although their combat skills weren’t as good as hers, they still had numbers.  They could still find a chance to kill a person.

Before carrying out the plan, Yan Tong sat in front of the mirror whispering to herself, “Young master Feng, I won’t disappoint you this time.  I definitely won’t let you be under anyone else.”

Downstairs at the Wanda Mall, Luo Qing Chen was in a lotus pink suspender skirt with an orange cap on her head.

Beside her was Lu Jue Feng who was in a suit and gave off a very formal feel.

He wanted to kill her, it made sense to torture him a bit!

Moreover, the affection hadn’t increased in so long.  This little brother really was……heartless!

Lu Jue Feng looked around and slightly knitted his brows.

There were too many people in this mall.  Now that Luo Qing Chen’s identity was known by the entire business circle, to reach mister L’s current position, he didn’t have a lack of enemies.

He was a bit worried about coming to this kind of place.

He even felt that it was ridiculous that he had this feeling.  He had given the order to kill this person before, but now he had been ordered to protect her.

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What was more terrifying was that……he began strangely worrying about her safety.

“It’s really been a long time since I’ve been in such a lively place.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “I have a lot of things to buy, will mister Lu be able to carry them all?  Tan Xiao said that I could call him if I needed anything……”

“No need.”  His eyes were deep and had a faint glow that people couldn’t see, “I’m enough.”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 20%.]

He also didn’t know why, but when ‘Tan Xiao’ was mentioned, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

It was as if this brother had become his enemy.

When everyone was supposed to go and deal with the school merger business together, Tan Xiao had said that he had something else to do first.

Was it……to find her?

He naturally wasn’t that kind of person that flattered his new master, he only had one reason for doing this.

He wanted to get to know her and nothing else.

The system’s notification wouldn’t lie.  Under that calm face, there were waves that were stirring in his heart.

At that moment, Luo Qing Chen seemed to have a slight understanding of what kind of person Lu Jue Feng was.

He was different from all the other people she had met before.  If she had to describe it in words, it would be……wildly trying not to fall in love with anyone.

She didn’t know if he had any affection for any other girls before she appeared.

But this kind of person, what would they become like after they fell in love with someone?

Even she was a bit curious.

But it really was a bit hard……

After an afternoon of shopping, Luo Qing Chen thought that Lu Jue Feng would be following her with bags, but that didn’t happen.

Everything she bought was specially transported and they would be neatly arranged in her room before she arrived back at the manor.

It’s no wonder he didn’t need Tan Xiao’s help!

Seeing Lu Jue Feng who wasn’t tortured at all, Luo Qing Chen felt a bit annoyed!

If it wasn’t for the system notification, she really thought that he didn’t want Tan Xiao to come to save him trouble and not because……

Not letting him come because he wanted to be alone with her.

“Did you buy enough?  Young miss.”  Lu Jue Feng looked at Luo Qing Chen who was a bit angry and his lips curled into a smile that he didn’t even realize himself.

Very faint and a gentleness that had never been seen before.

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