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Published at 13th of January 2021 06:10:04 AM

Chapter 1001: 1001
Chapter 1001: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 25)

“Un humph?” Luo Qing Chen could hear the blame in Nan Luo Ze’s voice .

But she didn’t feel angry when he said this, she just said with a chuckle, “Then I’ll have to trouble classmate Nan Luo Ze to take care of our Xiao Xiao, I’ll be going now!”

After saying this, she picked up the bag of mice from the ground and disappeared into the alley .

According to the instructions from the system, she quickly found where Mi Xue Na and Yan Shui Qing were .

It was a high class outdoor cafe . They were chewing out their tongue with their thick makeup .

“Damn! What is wrong with us recently! We kept playing in the hands of those commoners, this really is infuriating!” Mi Xue Na gritted her teeth and had an angry look as her expression twisted .

Yan Shui Qing immediately said, “That’s right! That Su Xiao Xiao is that ugly and her uniform is so old, it’s the sweater the school made last winter and she’s not embarrassed to wear it! I really feel sick when I think about it!”

When she thought of how gentle Nan Luo Ze was towards Su Xiao Xiao, she was filled with rage .

“It’s all that Nan Luo Ze coming out that bag of mice didn’t fall onto Su Xiao Xiao, it really was a waste!” Mi Xue Na clenched her fist and unwillingly slammed the table .

Luo Qing Chen not far away heard this and her lips curled into a faint smile, “It definitely isn’t a waste!”

[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken . Successfully exchanged for space and time freeze (One time use) . ]

Luo Qing Chen walked over to Mi Xue Na and pulled on her collar, directly putting the mice inside .

When it reached her neck, she went to her next target, Yan Shui Qing .

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She stuffed the mice down her clothes and there were two left when she fully stuffed it . She gave a shrug and stuffed the final two down Yan Shui Qing’s skirt .

After it was finished, she walked out of the cafe and went to a certain corner before giving a snap .

Everything returned to normal and then there was a scream that pierced the sky .

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

Her lips curled and she went back the way she came .

With this ability, she had the right to be this arrogant . Since the other side challenged her first, then there was no reason to retreat .

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When she came back to the alley, Su Luo Luo was still standing there and Nan Luo Ze was by her side, as his face looked more and more ugly .

He suddenly felt sorry for the girl beside him . He had suggested that he send her back to the dorm or bring her to a hotel to wash up, but she stubbornly said that she would wait for Luo Qing Chen to come back .

It was like she was digging her head into the ground . No matter what Mi Xue Na said, she didn’t plan on compromising at all .

It was because she was this stubborn that he wanted to come out and couldn’t help interfering .

“Why are you only back now?” Nan Luo Ze narrowed his eyes . Although he didn’t feel good, he still made his tone calm .

“You’ll know tomorrow . ” Luo Qing Chen took Su Xiao Xiao’s hand and Su Xiao Xiao followed by her . She still lowered her head, but she was no longer trembling .

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“Alright! Don’t take her to the dorm tonight! Bring her to a hotel to wash up, if you don’t have enough money……” Nan Luo Ze suddenly looked stunned when he said this and he swallowed his words before continuing, “You can go to a smaller hotel if you don’t have enough money, otherwise there will be rumours if you go back to the school . ”

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