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Published at 27th of September 2020 12:35:45 PM
Chapter 231

The next morning while Lu Yang was still dreaming in sleep, he was awaked by the doorbell .

“Who is it?” He got out of bed in anger . He rubbed his barely-awake eyes, dragging his swollen painful ankle, finally made it to the door and opened it .

“What the fuck! Xia Liang?!”

Lu Yang was freaked out to see Xia Liang by the door . His mind was completely clear .

“Why? Why are you here?” Lu Yang still couldn’t believe it . He asked, supporting himself with the doorknob .

He was so shocked that he even wondered if he had fictions . Seriously . Why the hell is here at his apartment in the early morning?

“I am here to see you . ” Xia Liang smiled at him and said .

“See me? See what?” Lu Yang was more confused especially by her smile . He was shocked after processing it for a while, “Fuck! You just smiled! Did I get it wrong or not? But aren’t you have a poker face?”

Oh shit!

The problem is that she had a cute smile, and two cute dimples .

“I am not a poker face . It’s just that there is nothing to smile about . ” Xia Liang had to defend herself .

“Then why did you smile?” Lu Yang asked .

“I am happy to see you . So I smiled . ” Xia Liang smiled again, “You deserve it . ”


Lu Yang’s heart beat so fast . He was pleased indeed . His lips curved upward too .

She was not only good at flirting with men to full extent but also exceeded it overnight .

Which was overwhelming for him .


“Why didn’t you smile at me before? Now you are smiling for no reason?” Lu Yang asked .

“I didn’t like you before . ” Xia Liang said .

“So after one night, you found that your love for me is so strong and irresistible?” Lu Yang said, “didn’t you promise me that you wouldn’t pursue me first? Why are you here then?”

“I am not pursuing you . ” Xia Liang corrected him, “I’m clinging to you . ”


He knew it! He knew that he would finally go speechless about Xia Liang’s weird response in just a few minutes .

Lu Yang sighed, looking at her serious face, and said, “come on in . Why didn’t you go to class? If the teacher knows that you skipped the class, he would definitely give you a great lecture . ”

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“I asked a day off . ” Xia Liang said as she walked into the room .

“For what?” Lu Yang asked as if he thought of something, “right . How do you know I live here?”

“I am sick . ” Xia Liang said, “I asked Li Hao about your address . ”

“You are sick?” Lu Yang got nervous and asked, raising his voice .

Damn! He just realized that she was telling him the reason why she asked one day off .

He was overreacted . Shame on himself!

And Li Hao sold him out that easily . When he got back to school, he would definitely give him a hard time .

“Why bother to come here? We are in the third year of senior high . You should focus on your school not me . Do you understand?” Lu Yang lectured her while he limped all the way to the couch .

“Let me check if your foot is better . ” Xia Liang said, leaning forward and reaching for his foot .

“Hey! Don’t touch my foot . Stand up . ” Lu Yang felt super awkward about her bending on one knee in front of him .

While he avoided her touch by moving away his foot, he pulled Xia Liang back on feet and sat her down on the couch .

“I checked that your foot is still swollen . We have plenty of time and we are at a right place . I can give you a good rub which could help ease the swelling . ” Xia Liang said, pointing at his foot .

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They had plenty of time? At a right place? Give him a good rub?

Lu Yang was having a second thought, something horny, as he looked at Xia Liang .

He must be crazy!

“No need . ” Lu Yang faked a cough and sat away from her, bent his knees a bit to cover up the change his body was experiencing .

It was already easy for men to have an erection in the morning . Now he was easily turned on with a tinge of temptation .

Lu Yang found himself a bit of horny and embarrassed . He said, “now that you have seen my foot, you should go now . ”

“You hate me . Are you kicking me out?” Xia Liang asked, staring at him .

“I don’t hate you . ” Lu Yang was helpless, but being honest .

“If you don’t hate me, does it mean you like me?” Xia Liang asked expectedly .

“Don’t you mess me with words . There is a long distance between ‘don’t like’ and ‘like’ . ” Lu Yang said, holding up his fist, “you see? Like this far . ”

“You call a fist a long distance?” Xia Liang couldn’t understand .

“A fist means a size of a heart . It’s a heart away . Do you think it is far?” It never occurred to Lu Yang that he could be so poetic .

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As a free spirit, he was forced by Xia Liang to become a poetic person!

He was helpless .

If it were any other girl, she would be touched or moved by his poetic expression . But as a girl who was lack of emotional feelings and supporter of simple and tough expression,

Xia Liang pounced right at Lu Yang and hugged him tightly, chest to chest .

“What the fuck are you doing?! Are you harassing me? Get yourself off me . ”

Lu Yang didn’t expect that he was held by Xia Liang into her arms . And their chests were against each other’s . His body froze there because of her soft bosom and one second later he finally came to senses . He pushed Xia Liang away clumsily .

Fuck! Was he just being sexually harassed? Why did Xia Liang sexually harass him all of sudden? She was being slutty .

“Stay put . ” Xia Liang said seriously, “see . Now our hearts are against each other’s . We are very close, not far at all . ”

Lu Yang went silent and speechless at her words . He threw his hands in the air to give up . He said, “fine . You win! Get off me right now! Do you like hugging me or what?”

“Yes, I do . Can I hug you all the time?” Xia Liang rubbed her face into his chest . As close as they were, she could breathe in the aura and smell that made her comfortable which used to belong her brother .

It was easy for her to tell the feeling via only intimate physical contact after they had spent decades in last life .

It was so comfortable . She didn’t sleep well last night because she had spent the night thinking how to cling to him . She wished she could hug him like this and get a good sleep .

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