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“Host, this Bai Yao is really pitiful, so badly deceived by a slag woman like Su Mei, we must save him!!!” 9957 says acting cute at the same time.

“Yeah.” Xia Liang replies with a calm face.

“Host, you really don’t have any sympathy, didn’t you see it, ah…”

“Shut up! What is the level and points of this mission?” Before 9957 begins a tirade, Xia Liang immediately stopped it.

“Oh… Host. You’re so cold. I don’t want to talk to you anymore…”

Xia Liang did not speak this time, just bit her lips, the blue veins on her forehead had began to show, she endured!

“Host, you are still very good. Others complain so much, you didn’t blame me… I still like Host the most…”

Xia Liang: “…”.

My system is too good, I want to change one, what should I do?

“Okay! Host, you can go down and you can see the level and points. This time it is divided into three levels. Your choice of character and the difficulty of completing the task will be different.The points are different…”

“I understand. This is not the first mission.” Xia Liang said looking at her control panel, faintly said.

Although 9957 is not reliable, but this task is doing very well. At this time, on her interface, detailed scores and grades are displayed.

Possessed figure 1: Bai Yao's mother, Mrs. Bai.
Difficulty level: ☆ ☆

Task points: complete the task +30 points, the task failure, 0 points will be deducted.

Comprehensive evaluation: In the plot, Mrs. Bai has the greatest influence on Su Mei and Bai Yao. She has the right to dispose of Su Mei, who is the servant of the avatar. She can easily prevent Su Mei from approaching Bai Yao, and her love for Bai Yao can improve his happiness index. Therefore, the task is less difficult to complete!

Possession 2: Bai Yao’s fiancee – Huo Yao
Difficulty level: ☆ ☆ ☆

Mission Credit: Complete the mission +50 points and 3 points will be deducted for the mission failure.

Comprehensive evaluation: Huo Yao and Bai Yao have a marriage contract. If you choose to take the initiative to get married, take the initiative to hook Bai Yao, you can easily enter the world of Bai Yao. Once you are his wife, you can have certain power to dispose of the servant Su Mei. However, considering the degree of the shamelessness of Su Mei, the degree of stalking, the task is still a little difficult!

Possession 3: Female guards in the Fire Guards – xx (multiple characters)
Task difficulty: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Mission Credit: Complete the mission +100 points and 10 points will be deducted for mission failure.

Comprehensive evaluation: Female guards have low status, no prestige, no right to speak, and it is difficult to directly approach Bai Yao. It is not enough to have a direct impact on Su Mei and you do not have the right to dispose of her! Therefore, it is extremely difficult to face Su Mei.

If you want to successfully complete the task, it is recommended to successfully hook up with Bai Yao, become his concubine, and improve your status, rather than being humble female guards.

Warning: This is a freehand and through a woman who steals the faces of other women [TN: i don’t get this]. If you are not careful, you will die and the mission will be failed! The task is extremely difficult! When choosing, please consider carefully! ! !

“Host ~”an elongated spoiled voice sounded out, “Which level do you want to choose? Did you think about it, huanhuan will give you a small suggestion, I choose the second one, be the wife of Bai Yao…”

Xia Liang: “The third, female guard identity.”

“Ah! Are you sure?! Host, this is the most difficult! With your cold temper, how do you go to the white lotus with white robes? Are you thinking clearly?! Mission failed, not only to get the points, but 10 points will be deducted!” 9957 system blows up, screaming.

Xia Liang: “No need to shout, I have other methods. And I need points!”

“But… hooking up with Bai Yao, becoming his concubine is the best way the system gives. What other methods do you have?” 9957 says, still in a state of madness.

Xia Liang raises her eyebrows: “You don’t believe me?”

“Oh…” 9957 immediately wilted, unable to refute.

Because from countless experiences, it is absolutely impossible for Xia Liang to complete the task.

Because she is clever and intelligent, and unusually cold and calm, she is ruthless.

In order to get the task points, you suffer the most pain, the biggest bitterness, you can be crazy, you can be mad, as long as you complete the task!

She is like a machine, does not understand sentiment, does not understand love, but has the most sophisticated mind, and an attachment to the points.

9957 glances at its own core and took a look at the core 'reconstruction plan' of Xia Liang.

Huanhua system has clearly changed from a high-cold system to a cute thing, but how can the effect not work?

9957 is entangled in this extremely, if there is hair, it is estimated that you can get rid of it with a pinch.

Xia Liang naturally does not know its heart, even if she knows, she will not pay attention to it.

Before entering the mission, Xia Liang habitually checked the character interface:

Name: Xia Liang
Gender: Female
Points: 181
Current skills: medical foundation (upgradable); beginners magic (upgradable); fighting primary (upgradeable)
Internal force:? ? ?
Yuan Li:? ? ?
Mana:? ? ?
Magic:? ? ?

Xia Liang stretches out her hand, her finger bends, deep in thought, her brain running fast.

For each mission, except the fixed points for completing the mission, as well as the extra points in the middle or the points acquired by the extra props, and then deduct the points that will be spent, and finally get about 80 points for each mission.

For a novice, her ability to earn points is already incredible.

Even if you have already done hundreds of tasks, you can’t guarantee that you can earn more points.

If this is known by others, they will definitely say: abnormal!

However, even so, Xia Liang is still somewhat dissatisfied, she feels that the speed is still too slow.

If each task can be completed perfectly, make fewer mistakes, and through the accurate calculation, you can consume less points, perhaps…

Thinking of her goals, Xia Liang lightly bites her thin lips, and in her cold eyes, there is a touch of burning determination, but it is gone in a flash.

Noticing the movements of Xia Liang’s hands. As a moment of concern for the psychological changes of the host, there is a conscience that sells meng, the voice of 9957 sounds at the right time, encouraged to say:

“Host~, you have only done a few tasks. There are a lot of points! You don’t have to rush, you are so good, you can quickly accumulate enough points, then…”

However, the other party does not appreciate it, or simply does not get it.

Xia Liang looks at the interface and says coldly, “Start the transfer.”

9957 feels wronged: “Host you are always so cold, tell huanhuan, how can one have the capacity to enter your heart… Hey… , for the time you are there, you have to enjoy a dazzling beauty…”

Xia Liang: “…”.

Shut up, don’t make trouble.



And it begins.

This is the first novel I’ve read that the host can choose the body they possess. How nice 😍😇. Our Xia Liang seams to be addicted to points 😂.

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