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Chapter 173: Return of the Handsome Shoulder Throw

Malicious woman. It was malicious woman again. Xiao Yan didn't even call her by her name anymore. Every time he spoke it was just 'malicious woman.'

Xiao Yan hugged Su Meng as he glared at Ning Shu. "I won't forgive you if you dare to hurt Su Meng."

Su Meng shook her head. "It has nothing to do with her. I was the one who made the decision to leave you. As long as you're out, nothing else matters. Xiao Yan, you should just forget me."

"You're my woman. I won't allow you to escape from me," shouted Xiao Yan as he hugged her tightly. Then he glared at Ning Shu. "Su Ran, you should just fucking give up already. You actually used me to threaten Su Meng!? You're truly ruthless!"

Ning Shu didn't even know what she had said to Su Meng. From beginning to end, it had been Su Meng talking on her own and blathering something about agreeing to leave if it meant that Xiao Yan could be saved.

Ning Shu gave a cold laugh and pulled apart the two that were hugging as if they wouldn't separate even if the world collapsed. She pushed Su Meng into Li Xiuwen's arms, then turned and slapped Xiao Yan.

Then she slapped him again, and again.

Dusting off her hands, she said, "Xiao Yan, you should open your eyes and take a good look at the situation. If you keep saying 'malicious woman' this and that, I'll make your end very tragic."

Xiao Yan was completely stupefied by the slaps. The Xiao family had gone bankrupt, then he ended up in jail, and now even the woman he loved was being forced to leave him. All the stifled anger in his chest instantly ignited.

With a mad roar, he reached out to hit Ning Shu, but Ning Shu grabbed his hand and immediately executed a handsome shoulder throw. Xiao Yan smashed onto the ground with a boom.

Xiao Yan felt like his waist was about to break. Before he could even react, he felt a hard shoe bottom hit his face.

Ning Shu smiled evilly as she added more pressure to her foot and ground Xiao Yan's face with the sole of her shoe.

Everyone watched Ning Shu, dumbstruck. The first to come back to his senses was Su Dabao. He ran over and started hitting and kicking Ning Shu as he shouted, "Let go of my daddy, you malicious woman!"

Ning Shu pushed Su Dabao aside. Su Dabao fell onto the ground and started wailing. Su Meng hastily went over and hugged Su Dabao. "Su Ran, what has the child done wrong for you to do this?"

"Children should behave like children. Hurry up and get out of my house." Ning Shu pointed towards the door. "Scram! Don't hover around to disgust me."

Li Xiuwen left with Su Meng. When they were leaving, Su Meng kept looking towards Xiao Yan's bruised, swelling face with a pained expression on her face. In the end, Li Xiuwen finally got impatient and pulled her away. As Su Dabao left, he turned back to glared at Ning Shu with eyes filled with resentment.

When the old Xiao family couple saw their son being beaten up, they were angered to the point they couldn't even speak anymore. At the same time, they really didn't dare to say anything, because Ning Shu currently controlled their lifestyle. They had to ask Ning Shu for money even if all they wanted was to buy a stalk of scallion.

Xiao Yan closed himself in his room again. Then, after he couldn't take the hunger anymore, he came out to eat. After eating, he locked himself in his room again. No one knew what he was doing.

Master Xiao still hoped that his son could make a comeback and asked Ning Shu to lent money so that Xiao Yan could use it as capital to start a business. Master Xiao kept talking about how husband and wife shared wealth and glory, and how a couple must unite their hearts and strengths, and such rubbish.

Ning Shu rolled her eyes and paid no attention to him. Master Xiao was so angered by her reaction that his blood pressure abruptly rose and caused his heart to hurt. He had already humbled himself this much, yet she still wasn't agreeing!?

Leaving aside the situation on the Xiao family's side for now, Su Meng was very hurt. She despaired like the sky was falling. At first, Li Xiuwen comforted her gently.

However, later, Li Xiuwen seriously couldn't take it anymore and finally slept with Su Meng. Su Meng felt like the entire world was collapsing. This gentle man actually treated her like this during her time of greatest pain?

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Chapter 174: The Secret Ingredient - a Fistful of XXXX

Su Meng seemed to be in complete despair. Li Xiuwen still did like Su Meng, so he continued treating Su Meng gently and considerately, but Su Meng refused to forgive him.

In the end, Li Xiuwen became a bit fed up with her and sometimes would ignore her feelings and forcefully push her down. After those incidents, Su Meng would feel like she had betrayed Xiao Yan and would feel resentment towards Li Xiuwen.

Soon, Li Xiuwen and Su Meng started a passionate, sadomasochistic storyline. After sleeping together, she would cry. After crying, they'd end up sleeping together. After sleeping together, they'd argue. After arguing, they'd sleep together again.

Then there was the Su Dabao with cheat-like intelligence. He used his hacking skills to hack into the bank and get Xiao Yan a sum of money so that he could make a comeback. Su Dabao was determined to have his mom and dad end up together.

When Ning Shu discovered that Xiao Yan, who had been wasting away this entire time, was suddenly smiling brightly, she immediately felt that something was fishy and gave Xiao Yan a rough beating. Then she searched him and found a bank card.

When she learned that it was Su Dabao who gave him this money, she sighed, feeling a little moved due to Su Dabao's filial piety. Then she called the police.

A person like Su Dabao who had no sense of morals, no loyalty to the nation, and abnormal intelligence was very likely to become a terrorist. It'd still be alright if the country could control and make use of him, but if they couldn't, he'd definitely cause a lot of damage.

The police acted immediately, probably because Su Dabao had taken a little too much money. No matter how amazing Su Dabao was, he was only a six-year-old. He was instantly caught by the armed police.

Only then did Ning Shu find out that Su Dabao used the loophole in the bank's system to get Xiao Yan several hundred million rmb. Several hundred million ah, my God!

After being captured, Su Dabao was sent to a juvenile detention center. When Su Meng got this news, she almost fainted. She first ran over to beg Xiao Yan, but when she saw Xiao Yan, she was so shocked she forgot to even cry. In the end, when the person in front of her lovingly called out her name, her expression crumbled.

This was because Xiao Yan was now fat, extremely fat. His entire body looked swollen like a big balloon. It was impossible to see any trace of his past handsomeness in his face anymore.

The ground practically shook with his steps. Su Meng's face was pale with disbelief as she watched Xiao Yan approach her like a mountain of moving flesh.

A gaze filled with passion was matched with a pig-like head. If it had been the exceptionally handsome face from before, Su Meng probably would have flushed and felt her heart flutter uncontrollably, but right now, that gaze just made people want to puke. Su Meng's face turned even paler and her body swayed as if she was about to faint.

She turned and left without saying a word, not even bringing up the matter of having Xiao Yan rescue her son. When Xiao Yan saw how Su Meng left as if she was trying to escape, the flesh on his face contorted, causing his oily face to look sinister.

Xiao Yan turned around to roar at Ning Shu, who was leaning against the door and watching the show. "You malicious woman, what did you do to me!?"

Ha. Ha. Ning Shu spread out her hands innocently as she looked at the now unbelievably fat Xiao Yan. This actually was her doing. In all of Xiao Yan's meals, Ning Shu had added quite a lot of hormones, so Xiao Yan rapidly swelled up.

After losing all his family wealth and his sexy, handsome outer appearance, what would their 'true love' be like?

Su Meng's performance just now…

Ha. Ha. Ha.

#comment: Ahem, this series showcases a lot of ways to get revenge on people. Good kids, bad kids, all darlings don't copy.

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