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Chapter 1724: A Real Green Tea Bitch

As Bai Yiqiao prostrated herself on the side of the road, Chen Ermei threw a few coppers into her bowl. Ashamed and insulted, Bai Yiqiao covered her face with her dirty and messy hair.

She watched Chen Ermei and Fang Yong walk into the distance and saw how considerate and caring Fang Yong was towards Chen Ermei. Bai Yiqiao felt extreme regret over her decisions.

Steeped in bitterness and regret, Bai Yiqiao froze to death in the street. When she woke up again she’d been reborn in the moment where she was about to go back on her engagement. The reborn Bai Yiqiao decided to turn over a new leaf. She was no longer vain: she became down-to-earth and decided to live a good life with Fang Yong.

Ning Shu after receiving the storyline: …

Why was rebirth the issue again? People like her were reborn while those who’d suffered injustice and those who’d experienced great pain didn’t even have the chance to start over!

Fuck this Bai Yiqiao! She was a real green tea bitch. The only reason she wanted to live a down-to-earth life with Fang Yong was because she knew that he would be outstanding and rich sooner or later.

Bai Yiqiao had always been afraid of Chen Ermei, who had lived a lifetime married to Fang Yong, and Chen Ermei’s current situation was Bai Yiqiao’s handiwork.

Bai Yiqiao wasn’t a kind or gentle person. She’d been a concubine in a large family and the affairs of its complex inner courtyard were marked by struggles and all kinds of shameful secrets.

Ning Shu looked at Chen Ermei. It was hard to imagine that Chen Ermei died when she was only in her thirties. Her appearance showed the many challenges she had to go through and the exhaustion she bore.

Ning Shu asked Chen Ermei, “Counterattacking requires you to sacrifice soul energy. Are you sure?”

Chen Ermei nodded. “I’m sure. I’ll give up fifty percent of my soul energy.”

“So your heart’s desire is to get back at Bai Yiqiao and your husband?” Ning Shu inquired.

Chen Ermei’s eyes darkened. She bit her lip and nodded. “Yes.”

“Alright, I’ll take this task,” Ning Shu said.

“Thank you, Miss.” Chen Ermei courtesied to Ning Shu, and her form vanished from the system space.

Ning Shu opened the system marketplace. She redeemed a few fasting pills, medicines, and antidote pills.

Knowing that this was a chaotic world, Ning Shu wanted some protection and bought a very short dagger.

With all her preparations complete, Ning Shu then told 2333, “Let’s start the task.”

“Alright…” 2333 responded.

Ning Shu’s head spun for a moment. She felt as though her body was merging with another’s. She could feel someone pressed against her body, pecking at her neck. He was making slurping, slobbering sounds and his breath smelled vile.

One hand roamed over her body and removed her clothes.

Ning Shu immediately opened her eyes and saw a man lying on top of her.

Ning Shu felt more sickened and disgusted than ever before. She reached out a hand and chopped at the man’s neck. His eyes rolled back and he fainted on top of Ning Shu.

Ning Shu pushed the man’s body off of hers. She shook out her hand. Only one chop and it was aching.

Ning Shu kicked the man hard and quickly buttoned up her lapels.

This man was likely the original host’s husband in this life, Li Gouzi. He was a loafer that stole chickens and dogs. People hated him and he even looked like a pervert.

This was the event that changed Chen Ermei’s second life. Li Gouzi had defiled Chen Ermei and they were caught in bed together. Under pressure from all sides, even Chen Ermei threatening suicide couldn’t save her from being forced to marry Li Gouzi.

Ning Shu put her shoes on and took out the dagger. Li Gouzi was just scum.

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TLC: Kaho

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