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"Yu ge, I'm fine. I just don't know who could possibly be outside. Should we go take a look? What if…" She anticipated that person's arrival. She quickly adjusted herself. She knew what kind of woman that person liked. In the last life, Ming XunMi used her weak and fragile appearance to gain his heart. This time, she'll meet him first. Moreover, that bitch Ming XunMi had killed him before. Therefore, he definitely wouldn't fall in love with Ming XunMi again. Even if there was a chance, she definitely wouldn't let that happen.

Yu WenBo led everyone downstairs. Ming Mei followed from behind. She had treasured healing abilities. That person would definitely be impressed with her.

Ye MingYe led XunMi to sit on a sofa on the side. He gently tidied up a few messy strands of hair on her head. "Are you hungry?" He pulled out a box of chocolate hearts from his space inventory and presented it to XunMi.

XunMi's eyes brightened. She loved chocolate hearts. She hadn't seen any at RT-Mart earlier. She had thought they didn't have any but it turns out that her husband had taken it first. She happily kissed her husband on the cheek.

When Ming Mei got downstairs, she saw their loveydovey scene. Large red marks formed on the palms of her hand as her fingers formed into a fist. Why was it like this? Why were they together again? Shouldn't Ming XunMi be in B City? Ming XunMi had killed him in the last lifetime, why would he still want to be together with her? Jealousy, disbelief, and hatred all swirled inside of her as she glared at XunMi.

It was impossible for XunMi to not notice such an obvious gaze. Ye MingYe next to her was even better at perceiving the emotions of others. His face immediately hardened. Who was this person? How dare they use that kind of gaze towards his XunMi?

XunMi knew who this person was based on her memories. Ming Mei, the illegitimate daughter thrown out by Ming family. "Ming Mei, long time no see." She stood and politely greeted her. She didn't wait for a response. She sat down and returned her focus to peeling open the chocolate hearts. She hadn't eaten one in so long. The previous world was set in the future, they had long forgotten about these sweets. She impatiently plopped one in her mouth. Mmmm..It was the same familiar taste, it was still as good as she remembered it to be.

Ye MingYe watched her light up, his heart brimming with satisfaction. A sudden thought appeared in his mind: just doting on her, watching her smile happily every day, would be a life comparable to the gods .
"MingYe, eat too. It's really good." XunMi placed a piece that she had just unwrapped up next to his mouth, and waited with anticipation.

Ye MingYer naturally wouldn't want to disappoint her. When he opened his mouth, his tongue accidentally swiped a thin pearl white finger. His heart skipped a beat.

XunMi didn't have too much of a reaction. Her and her husband had already been in more intimate settings numerous times before.
"En, very sweet." Who knew whether he meant the chocolate or the finger. Either way, his heart was overfilling with sudden sweetness. He didn't want to let go of this feeling. He didn't want to forget.
"Yup, I think so too." XunMi smiled happily and continued unwrapping chocolates. She would feed one to herself and another to him, going back and forth, completely ignoring the people that had already walked up to them. She especially ignored the blazing eyes from Ming Mei.

Ming Mei didn't understand. What was Ye MingYe doing? Did he forget that Ming XunMi had killed him before? Wait! Forgot? Could it be..?
Of course, that's definitely it. He definitely couldn't remember, or else why would he still want to be with the person that killed him? Why would he still dote on her? No, she needed to reveal Ming XunMi's schemes. She needed to let Ye MingYe know who was actually worthy of his love.

The confident Ming Mei finally pulled back her hostility. Immediately, her expression changed to disdain and disgust, looking at XunMi as if she were a bug.

Ye MingYe exploded immediately. No one saw how he let out his powers. They only heard a scream. Ming Mei's long soft hair had become a unique bird nest shape. Her white face was now dark as if exposed to coal."Ah, no!" Ming Mei grabbed her head and continued screaming.

XunMi tried to advise her. "Why don't you first go wash up?" Her face was really hard to look at right now. XunMi wouldn't admit that she was feeling schadenfreude right now. Humph, if she looked down on her again, her husband will finish her again.

Her disdainful expression almost brought out fire from Ye MingYe. At this point, he couldn't even remember what XunMi from the last lifetime was like. That XunMi had completely been taken over by this smiling XunMi in his mind. He couldn't even move his eyes away from her.
Yu WenBo was also surprised. This man could actually hurt Ming Mei without him seeing. No one else even saw how he moved. This meant that this person's skills were at least a level above his. He knew to be careful in a situation where he didn't have all the information. "Why did the three of you attack Ming Mei? She's but a weak woman. She didn't do anything." But there were still some things that needed to be cleared up so that they wouldn't be unreasonably harmed again next time.
Ye MingYe didn't say anything. Ling Chen snorted coldly. "She did nothing? Are her eyes fake? How can a thing like that dare look at our XunMi with despise? Is she tired of living?" He hated those people that had no talent of their own but still had the audacity to be jealous of others. If they felt life was unfair, they should go and practice their own skills. They don't put efforts in and yet still want success. Stop daydreaming.

Yu WenBo shut up at Ling Chen's words. He hadn't been focused on Ming Mei's expression before. But a girl that had always been kindhearted and gentle probably wouldn't do something like that. "Is there a misunderstanding here? This young miss seems to be familiar with Ming Mei.'

"En, I am familiar with her. She is the illegitimate daughter that got kicked out of my house. So she hates me." XunMi ate her chocolate and responded ambiguously. Her guess should be right: the person Ming Mei hated the most should be one that had all the doting love that she never got. But Ming Mei never knew that Ming XunMi was but a heavily priced product.

Yu WenBo once again choked on his words. He didn't know what to say anymore.

"She's just an illegitimate daughter. What right does she have to hate the legitimate young miss?" Ling Chen didn't bother with pleasantries. He had originally thought there had been other entanglements between the two. But this kind of thing was very common. But who else could one blame but the parent generation? Someone with a wife and kids would still go out to pick up flowers. Someone who knew their partner had a wife and kids would still willingly come closer. Who else could be blamed?

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