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A certain defeat had suddenly turned into a victory. The female lead was truly talented. XunMi and Si YuFan didn't show too much change in expression. But Zi Qin and Big winter melon's faces' sudden expressions were easily detectable.

"Slightly Cold, tell me. Are my eyes working?" Big Winter melon rubbed his eyes, completely shocked. This was the first time he realized that a healer could be so OP. His eyes were about to pop out of their sockets ok. He knew who YaoYao Xiao Qi was: Owl Listens to Snowfall's number one beauty. But he hadn't imagined that not only was her beauty worth noting, but her skills were incredibly powerful too.
Slightly Cold Night was also shocked. They were both healers. She even had the higher level. But in comparison, YaoYao Xiao Qi was the better healer.

Ai, was it as the saying goes: Yangtze's waves push forward other waves to their deaths atop the sand? No, that's nonsense!

"I wonder if big master XunMi could also do something like this. I really want to see.~" Big winter melon didn't wait for Slightly Cold Night's response and began talking to himself.

Zi Qin's face darkened as she heard the others praising YaoYao Xiao Qi. Again. It was always like this. It was like everyone could only see YaoYao Xiao Qi. She wasn't willing, she really didn't want to accept this.

When YaoYao Xiao Qi came back holding the ice flute, Zi Qin's face darkened even more.

XunMi was already becoming suspicious about whether she grabbed the wrong book. She should have been the second female lead but she became a NPC instead. Meanwhile the second female lead was completely easy picking for the female lead. She rubbed Little Nine's head as her smile widened. She thought that these were interesting new developments. This way, she couldn't predict the future, or the ending. The things people were unsure about the most always made them more curious to investigate.
"Miss Xun, we meet again." ScatteredDust and his group walked up to greet XunMi. They had decided last night that they wanted to create a connection with this mysterious big master. They couldn't even grasp the true extent of her skills. Moreover, she was close with the number one ranked Si Handsome. Together, they were a completely unstoppable pair.

XunMi nodded her head slightly as acknowledgement. She looked down at the ice flute in YaoYao Xiao Qi's hand. En, the color wasn't as pretty as her ice blue flute. Its' powers were far inferior to her own flute. Not interested.  But, since her husband liked flutes so much, she wondered if this flute could catch his eye. She took a glance at Si YuFan, and met his dark eyes as they silently gazed down at her. XunMi blinked in surprise. The emotion inside his eyes were too strong for her to decipher.
"XunMi, that flute isn't as good as yours. If you want one, I have better ones." Si YuFan spoke solemnly. He didn't notice that his words made the previously happy female lead immediately deflate.

"Oh? You have better ones? Then, when have you been coveting my flute?" XunMi placed Little Nine down on her shoulder and pulled her ice blue flute out of her backpack. The light blue color shined bright, extraordinary from the first glance.

Si YuFan pitifully looked down. "I'm not lying. I really do have a lot of treasures. {T/N: Omg is this because he has dragon blood in him so he feels the urge to collect shiny treasures?!} If you want them, I'll give them all to you. Really!" He had collected many advanced leveled equipment and weapons. Some were very useful limited editions.

XunMi's smile deepened. It looked like she might have misunderstood her husband a little. He wasn't just after her flute. He seemed to have a preference for all treasures. She really was speechless.

"XunMi, you have to believe me. I can show them to you right now." Seeing her stare at him without saying anything, Si YuFan immediately became anxious. He quickly pulled out his 'better quality' goods out of his inventory and placed them down in front of XunMi so that she can look and choose her favorites. There were fire whips, double knives, scepters, obsidian stones, and so on. All were rare treasures that big master Si YuFan had just thrown down in front of everyone.

XunMi's lips twitched as she looked down at the crowded floor. She didn't know whether to cry or laugh. This fellow wasn't afraid that she would take them all away? She helplessly stopped his hand from pulling more out. She patted her husband's puppy head. She suddenly realized how overtly adorable her husband was in this life. "I believe you. Put your things away now. I don't need them."
Seeing his face change, she continued. "I have a lot of treasures in my hands too. It's not like I can use them all. If I need any, I'll come get them from you, okay?" Alright, when her husband looked at her with his clear eyes, she really was hopeless. Especially when he had such a childish expression on a handsome and stern face. It was contrastingly cute.

After Si YuFan confirmed that XunMi really didn't need them, he put his things back in his inventory. He happily returned to XunMi's side, as if he were a large husky skipping happily back to his owner's side.

The others on site hadn't even recovered yet. They had just seen such bright light that they all had a headache. They had been forcefully fed a large bag of dog food {T/N being fed dog food is a popular slang used to describe being forced to watch a couple perform PDA or act loveydovey}. It was very torturous to watch but they couldn't take their eyes off the two.
Si YuFan noticed that XunMi's eyes kept darting back towards the python. He immediately remembered what she had said before. He picked up his silver sword and swung it at the python. With a few swipes, he brought the already severely injured snake to XunMi.

"XunMi, XunMi. This is for you." His eyes shined brightly, obviously looking for praise. XunMi could no longer hold it in and left out a laugh. Her husband really was too cute. The anger inside from earlier released like a popped balloon.

"Then, I'll accept it. Let's go." With a wave of her hand, the python was transported into her inventory. She turned to leave. She had gotten what she wanted so there was no point in staying around.
When the two disappeared from sight, the frozen onlookers finally came back to their senses.

TF, they had all been given a live show demonstrating how big master Si Handsome groveled to try to please big master XunMi.

So happy, so excited. They definitely needed to go alert everyone else. How could they be the only ones to be forced to eat such dog food. Everyone must suffer together!

Big winter melon and Slightly Cold Night quietly edited down the recording they had taken and turned it into a WorldVideo. They called everyone over to watch as big master happily bullied the single dogs {T/N single dogs just refers to those that are single}.
ScatteredDust actually admired the two of them, especially Si Handsome big master. He hadn't known that you could so shamelessly court someone. The previously tall and aloof big master Si Handsome was now considered shameless in his eyes.

YaoYao Xiao Qi's eyes were filled with envy. She really couldn't compare to that woman at all. She didn't even have the right to be jealous of her.

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