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Chapter 5.3

“Big Sister, where are we going?” Han Piao asked Bai Feng Xi, who was looking at the faraway distance.

“Depends.” She answered as before.

“Are there any other answer besides 'depends'?” Han Piao now regretted going with her.

“Well,” Bai Feng Xi looked at him, then tilted her head and thought: “If we go this way, we will pass Nan Kingdom, Hua Kingdom, White Feng Kingdom, Black Feng Kingdom, Wen City,…If we just keep going straight like that, one day we will meet the black-clothed people."

“What? Just go on like that? With no clue?" Han Piao widened his eyes and did not dare to believe Bai Feng Xi.  He could not help but assert the hypothesis in his heart: The rumours in JiangHu about her extraordinary strength, brilliant talent, intelligent mind, all are fake!

“Why is your face like that?” Bai Feng Xi's finger hit Han Piao's head. “Have heard the phrase 'buy clothes at Bai, eat in Nan, train martial arts in Huang, learn poetry in White Feng, play in Hua, music in Black Feng'? Now, Big Sister will take you to enjoy an entertaining life!"

Nan Kingdom, the mountains at the Western border.

Two people, one big and one small, walked slowly along the road. At the front is a girl dressed in white, her sleeves fluttery, her black hair ebony, her foot light, her face smiled happily. The person behind was a teen dressed in white, wearing a small bag on his back, his white shirt had become grey, his face tired, his eyes gloomy with no light, his mouth torn, exclaiming:

“Why did I want to follow you? This is the worst decision of my life!"

“If I follow you I can only eat a few meals, sometimes we eat without paying. If we can't run away fast enough just leave me there, just let me eat wild grass and drink dirty water."

“At night, we either sleep under other people's porches or up in the tree, or in some ruined shrine that only has a single mat. During the day we dry under the sun, then at night, we ensure the wind. There is not a peaceful day! ”

“How can it be! Why does the world-renowned Bai Feng Xi have no money? Aren't all the heroes charismatic with silver dangling off their belts? ”

“I should have gone with Hai Feng Xi. Even if he sold me in my sleep, at least I can eat and sleep well for a few days!"

There's no need to think to know that the person whose mouth is full of resentment is the Han Piao who first decided to go with Bai Feng Xi, yet now deeply regret his choice.

“Little Piao, you are thirteen years old, not eighty-three. Why are you walking so slow like an old man!” Bai Feng Xi turned around to see Han Piao five feet behind.

On Han Piao's side, he immediately flopped his butt to sit on the ground, using his last ray of force to furiously glare at Bai Feng Xi in silent protest.

Bai Feng Xi stepped back, seeing that he could not bear the tiredness. Laughter filled her face: “Who was it that proclaimed himself a man, yet now can even walk a mountain path?"

“I’m thirsty, I'm hungry, I do not have the strength!” Han Piao objected.

“Alright, let’s me see if we can catch a wild rabbit or some mountain chick for your belly, okay? ”

Bai Feng Xi felt a little troubled. Carrying children is really inconvenient, especially the kind of masters used to good food and beautiful clothes. Not only can't they walk a short route, but they're also picky. Whatever, she was almost done disciplining him. Now, he's so hungry that whatever food there is, he will devour it like a tiger.

“If you are thirsty then … Looks like there are no streams nearby.” Bai Feng Xi shifted her eyes and lowered her voice: "You can drink the blood of wild rabbits or mountain chickens. They're refreshed and nutritious!”

“Ackk … Acck …” Han Piao hurriedly pushed her away and vomited. It's just that after only a few vomits, everything in his stomach are gone.

“Haha … Han Piao … you really lack training!” Bai Feng Xi smiled and laughed: “Remember, find the firewood, in this world, there's nothing you put effort into that will have no reward”

“Okay, I know.”

Han Piao tiredly stood up to find some wood, then he went to a flat piece of land, cleaned it up and waiting for Bai Feng Xi to return from hunting.

“Good little Piao, start the fire.”

From afar, he could hear the sound of Bai Feng Xi's voice. He knew that she had caught the prey and hurried to start the fire. Once the wood caught fire, Bai Feng Xi was standing with one hand holding a mountain chicken and the other hand holding two pieces of wild fruit.

“Eat this first to quench your thirst.” Bai Feng Xi threw the wild fruits to Han Piao.

Han Piao bit of a large piece and used his energy to suck the water out of the wild fruit. Then, he breathed a sigh of relief, the sour taste of the juice was as good as jade wine. (Back then, people believed that drinking wine made from jade could transform one into a fairy.)

“Little Piao, do we eat roast chicken or clay-baked chicken?" (Clay baked chicken is a famous Chinese dish) Bai Feng Xi expertly skinned the skin. Such maneuver cannot be achieved without training for a least a few years.

“Baked …” Han Piao's mouth was filled with fruit. He wanted something fast to make.

“This is chicken roast FengXi syle." Bai Feng Xi brought the chicken to the fire: "Kiddo, blow on the fire a little."

“Puu!” Han Piao finished eating a fruit gained some energy, allowing him to bend down and blow the fire.

"Not enough, more!" Bai Feng Xi said as she sprinkled some seasoning onto the chicken. “If the fire is not big, then I let you sit and chew on chicken bones later!”

Knowing that Bai Feng Xi will keep her words, Han Piao quickly breathed deep in and used all of his energy to blow “PUUUU!!!”.


Fire dust flew into the air, scattering over them and covering the two.

“Han Piao!” Bai Feng Xi cleaned up the dirt on her face, that once white face had now turned black. She opened her eyes, grinding her teeth and spat out two cold words like autumn mist.

“I did not mean to do that!” Han Piao ran away to hide behind the trees, his movements were faster than wild rabbits!

“Stand still!” Bai Feng Xi chased.

Han Piao hid behind the trees, fearing that he will be found by Bai Feng Xi. In his heart, he felt a thousand remorse. He should have followed Hai Feng Xi, at least before his death he would be fed full!

“Get out!” The sound of wind and weapon penetrated through.

"I really did not mean to! Next time I will be more careful! ” Han Piao pitifully begged.

Yet, the sound of the wind became faster and faster, and a chill of cold air pressed against his head.

Surely Bai Feng Xi is not that heartless? Gathering his courage, Han Piao turned around to look. What he saw caused was so frightening it caused his soul to scatter and his lifespan to be reduced by half!

A sharped sword pointed at his neck. Looking at the blade, it was held by two fingers. The middle finger and thumb were slender and effortlessly held up the blade. Han Piao looked at the hand carrying the sword. White and elegant. Glancing up, he saw a face white like snow, pure like a beautiful flower, cold and delicate, as if you just need to touch it and the face in front of you will dissipate.

"Are you scared?" Bai Feng Xi suddenly teased from the side.

"Big Sister!" Han Piao relievedly hugged her neck, the coldness in his heart suddenly disappeared. His nervousness also died out.


Bai Feng Xi softly answered, her eyes glaring at the person standing in front. Is this person male or female? Apart from that face, everything else seems like male…Uhm…he's like a snowman! His hair long like snow, his clothes white like show, his skin pale like snow, his eyes transparent and icy like snow. Even his breath was cold like snow. Only his sharp sword-like eyebrows were black.

This beautiful snowman, who knows if, just like snow, he can't even stand a beating?

Bai Feng Xi thought about this and lifted up her left hand and tapped on the sword. The sound “ting” rang, shaking the blade. The snow-robbed man shook a little but still help the sword firmly, his eyes radiated a bright icy glare towards her. Suddenly his eyes became a strange blue hue.

“What?” Bai Feng Xi couldn't help but be surprised. The attacked was equivalent to the strength of five men. She thought that the snow man’s sword would surely be knocked down. As he still held onto the sword, it seems like his internal strength is not bad.

Yet, the snow-robbed man seemed more terrified, the girl in front of him was dusty and covered black ash, dirty like a maid in the ground, yet she comfortably used two fingers to stop a full-fledged sword and forced him to tremble. If he did not gather all his force into one hand, the sword probably would have fallen off his hands! Who is this girl and where does she come from? In the martial arts world was there ever a female fighter this powerful?

“Should I let go and you take back your sword? Or…” Bai Feng Xi tilted her head to glare at the snowman, the corner of her lips curved into a slight smile. Her black, dirt-smeared face a little funny when she laughed.

“Or … Should I break it !?”

As expected, his beautiful eyes showed a deadly ray of energy, the pale blue in his eyes becomes darker, like a blue blanket covering a whole field of snow. He radiated the energy of a warrior on the battlefield, with an immense will to fight!

Such an arrogant person! Bai Feng Xi sighed.

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