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"If you fight, then you must pay the price…"

The spear was originally violet, but when it manifested in Su Ming's hand this time, it turned black. Its entirely black body seemed to represent death, and a powerful wave of murderous aura started surging towards all directions from around Su Ming.

That murderous aura was nothing ordinary and it seemed to possess physical form. As it spread out, it looked as if there was a vortex surrounding Su Ming, and it seemed to have turned into a whirlwind that was roaring with a burning desire to tear apart the world at that moment.

Su Ming's newly-dyed black hair danced about as he stood in the whirlwind. When he lifted his head, a chilling glare appeared in his eyes under the mask, and at that instant, it caused the people who were moving towards him to feel their hearts lurching in their chests. As if a clap of thunder had roared in their heads, they were all frozen to their feet by Su Ming's presence.

The words he had spoken had sounded like the might of heaven itself when added with his expression and the subjugation dealt on them by his presence. It crashed into their hearts, causing Su Ming to appear like a bloodthirsty, battle hungry, and undefeatable evil Immortal!

His lips curled up into a cold sneer, and he tightened his grip around the Undertaker of Evil's Spear and took a step forward. Except for Shen Dong and the person who had been pushed back while coughing out blood, he was going to fight against all the other seven people alone!

These seven people were all pureblood Immortals that had descended to the land of the Berserkers. They were not Berserkers, and even among the other Immortals in Evil Sect, they were outstanding warriors. Even the weakest among them was at the Soul Transformation Stage, which was the equivalent of a Berserker in the middle stage of the Berserker Soul Realm!

It was especially so for one of them. That person was an old man with a head full of grey hair who wore grey robes. There was a bump on his back that made him look like a camel… and he was the strongest in Evil Spirit Sect after Shen Dong!

He was also the one who had accused Su Ming of being conceited previously.

He had also reached Ascendance. Although he was just at early Ascendance, but any Immortal who was able to reach this stage was definitely no ordinary person! As that hunchbacked old man's pupils shrank, the six people around him started forming seals with their hands, and all sorts of divine abilities appeared in the air.

Almost at the moment they executed their divine abilities, Su Ming took three steps forward with the Undertaker of Evil's spear. With his first step, he swiftly thrust the spear forward, and a piercing sound of air being sliced apart rang out. A dimensional crack was also ripped open during that instant to form an arc that charged towards that gray-haired old man before him, who was the strongest person in this place besides Shen Dong.

The gray-haired old man lifted his right hand and right after forming a seal pushed it swiftly forward. Immediately, a ray of blue light manifested on his hand and turned into a blue bird that flapped its wings to charge towards Su Ming's spear thrust!

At the instant the Undertaker of Evil's Spear crashed into the bird, loud rumbling sounds spread through the air. The bird instantly exploded, and at that same moment, Su Ming took his second step forward, bringing with him the second thrust. With a hum, the spear shot through the air and arrived at the face of that gray-haired old man.

The spear was quick. So quick, in fact, that before the old man's eyes had registered what was happening in front of him clearly, the cold chill from the tip of the spear had already exploded with a bang, causing his hair to fly backwards. His face immediately filled with shock. He might have tried deducing this person's level of cultivation earlier and believed that he must have some form of capabilities with him since he had dared to snatch away their loot, but he had not expected this person to be this strong!

His first step and first thrust had destroyed the old man's resistance, and his second step as well as his second thrust had appeared right in front of his face. A wave of power that could destroy the world appeared at the tip of that spear, and the old man felt his skin crawl. In the midst of his shock, he even felt a presence that belonged to the Immortals' second step from that second thrust!

This was enough to scare him out of his wits, but he was, after all, a powerful Immortal in Ascendance. Even though his heart was racing in fear, he retreated without any hesitation, and as he formed seals with his hands, a gigantic shield immediately flew out from his storage bag. That shield was entirely green and a wave overflowing with life force spread out out from within it. The shield was round, and there was a large amount of runic symbols carved on it. Once that item appeared, a brilliant green light immediately erupted forth from it.

"Joist!" the grey-haired old man immediately let out a loud shout once he brought his defensive treasure.

As his shout echoed in the air, the shield instantly changed. As if it was originally formed of several layers overlapping one another, numerous layers spread out and turned into nine similar shields that overlapped to immediately block off Su Ming's second spear thrust.

The gray-haired old man's heart was filled with shock at that moment. He no longer cared about how to fight against Su Ming, but was instead thinking about how to escape being marked by this terrifying existence before him as quickly as possible.

He had a strong hunch that his shield would not be able to hold him back for long, but he only needed this person to freeze for an instant, and in that instant, he could immediately warp away from this place.

All of this lasted several breaths, since Su Ming took his first step up to the moment the old man brought out the shield. It was so quick that no one had time to react to it. The other people were still closing in and were still casting their spells, but even though this old man had his sect members beside him, Su Ming's two consecutive spear thrusts had still given him the feeling that he was facing off an army alone.

This feeling did not end, and neither did a momentary pause in Su Ming's movements arrive. Su Ming had driven his spear into the shield almost at the instant the old man brought it out. An even more deafening roar rose into the sky at that moment. The first layer of the nine-layered shield instantly shattered into pieces, along with the second, the third, the fourth, and the fifth. All of them shattered and exploded in that instant, and the impact of it caused the people who wanted to close in on Su Ming to feel shock filling their hearts.

The sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth shields also shattered with loud booming sounds as Su Ming's spear ran through them like a hot knife through butter. As an endless amount of shards from the shield swept through the area, Su Ming took his third step forward!

With it, he executed his third spear thrust. As it brought a deafening hum that caused the people's ears to ring in pain, the spear went straight towards the retreating gray-haired old man's face.

The speed of this thrust surpassed that of the second one, and was even faster that what all the people could detect with their divine senses. The murderous aura and freezing intent within it caused the retreating gray-haired old man to instinctively freeze in his charge, and a chilling sensation immediately filled his body. He seemed to hear the shrill roars of vengeful souls by his ears, and a slightly dazed look appeared on his face. His eyes went wide, and in his mind he saw illusory pictures of people dying under the Undertaker of Evil's Spear. There was an endless amount of people there, dying sad and wretched deaths.

"The souls that died due to the Undertaker of Evil's Spear cannot reincarnate or disappear into the world. They will remain trapped within for all eternity and become this spear's soul!"

This sentence echoed in the gray-haired old man's mind, causing him to tremble, and then, he saw the hundreds of battle souls with all their billowing murderous aura. They came storming towards him with that spear, and all of them looked as if they wanted to tear him apart.

"Save me!"

This particular spear thrust already contained the presence of Life Cultivation, and its might was so great that it could shake the sky and earth, especially after going through a baptism in Freezing Sky Clan's Heaven Gate. The might of that spear had become much greater after gaining a whole lot more new souls.

But the gray-haired old man was, after all, a powerful Immortal in Ascendance. As the Undertaker of Evil's Spear closed in on him, he actually managed to recover a bit of his mind, as he struggled through the illusions, and call out for help. This alone was proof that this person's mental fortitude was nothing short of extraordinary.

However, it was a pity that he had run into Su Ming. At the instant he cried out for help, the people around him closed in, and Shen Dong took a step forward with his pupils shrunk...

A bloody gash tore through the center of the old man's brows right when his heart filled with shock and fear, and even regret for choosing to descend to the land of the Berserkers. At the moment that gash spread out, the old man's heart let out its last thump and fell still. The world before his eyes stopped moving. A black long spear had pierced through the center of his brows, and half of the spear's body shot out from the back of the old man's head.

A power that could destroy everything spread out from the Undertaker of Evil's Spear and charged into the body. As banging sounds rang out from it, blood trickled out from the old man's mouth and red appeared in his eyes, but his pupils were not focused. At that instant, before his Nascent Soul managed to escape, he was shattered by the power from the Undertaker of Evil's Spear and absorbed into it.

Fresh blood trickled out of the tip of the spear after it had pierced through the old man's head. When it fell to the ground, it let out pattering sounds. Those sounds continued ringing in the air, and the bloody lines that formed when the blood from the spear fell to the ground caused the area to instantly fall into dead silence.

Shen Dong appeared several dozens of feet away. His face was as dark as thunderclouds, and he looked incredibly sullen. At the same time, wariness appeared in his eyes as he looked at Su Ming. A morose look could also be spotted on his face.

All the other people froze in their action of casting their Arts. They stood in their spots and looked at Su Ming in shock, as well as his long spear that had pierced through the center of the gray-haired old man's brows, along with the bloody lines that were formed as the blood fell. They were listening to the sound of the blood from the tip of the spear falling to the ground.

Bao Qiu's heart raced against her chest. She might have known that Su Ming was incredibly powerful, but she had never expected that he would be able to kill a powerful Immortal in Ascendance in less than a few breaths. This could already be considered an instant kill!

Right from the start till the end, Su Ming had only taken three steps and executed the power of three spear thrusts!

While surrounded by enemies with the strongest Immortal of Evil Spirit Sect in their midst, at the instant his enemies started casting their Arts, he attacked in an incredibly domineering manner, and killed a person with just three steps!

It was especially shocking since the person he killed was one of Evil Sect's powerful Immortals in Ascendance!

"I did mention that if you fight, you must pay a price… Who is next?" Su Ming asked calmly, and slowly pulled the long spear out of the center of the gray-haired man's brows. The old man, a powerful Immortal in Ascendance within his generation, fell to the ground still and unmoving.

"The second step's Nirvana Scryer Realm[1]! This is the combat power of the second step!"

"This isn't Nirvana Scryer, he's a Berserker! The Qi he showed just now belongs to a Berserker!"

"The Realm of Life Cultivation!" The Immortals that had descended immediately found their expressions changing. When they looked at Su Ming, all their previous expressions were completely replaced by terror and shock.

Shen Dong stared at the spear in Su Ming's hand and stated hoarsely, "Undertaker of Evil's Spear…"

Translator's Notes:

1. Nirvana Scryer Realm: First appeared in Renegade Immortal chapter 440.

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