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Chapter 606: Junior Brother Chen, Where Are You Going?
The power of the world here was incredibly dense, so dense that it far surpassed the density within the other areas. It was as if quite a large amount of the aura in the mountain was being specifically sent to this place.
That was why the feeling about this place was completely different from the other places.
At the instant this voice seeped into Su Ming's ears, it turned into an indescribable warmth that filled his entire body, causing a dazed expression to appear on his face.
As if he had lost his soul, he started walking forward in a dazed manner, then pushed open the door to the double-story building and walked in. Before him was a statue.
This statue was not big, and portrayed a woman sitting on a black lotus. She had long hair and was incredibly beautiful. She had her eyes closed, and an air of holiness came crashing into one's face, causing the grudge-filled air in the mountain to seemingly disappear, not daring to come any closer.
However, the power of the world was surging towards the statue as if it was the center, circling around it as if it was a vortex, which continuously brought in more power to this place, making it circle and linger around.
Su Ming stared at the statue blankly, with a dazed expression on his face. His eyes were empty.
"Sit down."
The gentle, feminine voice traveled forward once again. Su Ming sat down slowly, like a puppet. His dazed expression made it seem as if he had become the age his body promised him to be, causing all those who saw him to lose all manner of wariness.
"What happened last night?"
The gentle voice reverberated in Su Ming's ears. It gave him an incredibly kind and cordial feeling, and it sounded like a mumbling from a dream. As if it had made

him lose all forms of resistance, Su Ming started mumbling along with that voice.
He did not know how much time had passed when during his questioning, a person appeared behind him. It was an old woman, and her face was filled with wrinkles. She looked incredibly ugly, but that gentle voice came from her mouth.
She looked at Su Ming, and the cold, aloof look in her eyes was a huge contrast to her gentle voice. It was as if they belonged to two different people.
"Think again. Is there something you forgot?"
She spoke gently and lifted her right hand to pluck out a white strand of hair from her head before placing it on the front of Su Ming's head. She let it float down and fall on top of his skull before it gradually fused into his body and disappeared without a trace.
Su Ming mumbled softly and answered everything she asked, as if he had forgotten about time. Only when the cordial, gentle voice told him he could leave did he stand up and walk out of the building in a daze.
Only when Su Ming left and returned to his house did that dazed expression in his eyes disappear, and it was replaced by a cold look.
'A hypnotic Art…'
A glint appeared in Su Ming's eyes. He lifted his right hand and pressed down at the top of his head. Then, a white strand of hair fell from the top of his head, and he grabbed it in his hand.
He stared at the strand of hair, and a smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his lips.
'The old woman's place isn't bad… The density of the power of the world there far surpasses the density here… There might not be many places in this mountain where the spiritual aura of the world is greater than there!
'It's the perfect place for me to heal my wounds and reach the Berserker Soul Realm!'
Su Ming's eyes sparkled as he stared at the white strand of hair in his hand. That woman had left it behind so that she could continue observing him.
Yet when Su Ming held it in his hand, he could turn its use around and make it into the tool for him to control that old woman!
'There's no need for me to rush…' Su Ming cast that strand of hair a glance, then while treating it as a blade of grass, he tied a knot on it!
At the instant he did so, the old woman, who was sitting down cross-legged in the double-story building some distance away from Su Ming's house, found her cultivation base fluctuating a little.
Her eyes suddenly flew open, and she frowned as she carefully observed her body, but she found nothing wrong with her. In silence, she closed her eyes once again.
She had already given the punishment hall the jade slip recording everything Su Ming had said. This matter was no longer any of her business.
After three days of silence, Su Ming sighed and left the courtyard in which he had stayed for the eight something months. Since Zhao Chong died, he received an order from the Outer Sect that he was expelled out of the Outer Sect and sent to the foot of Evil Spirit Mountain. That was the place where all the laborers and the disciples who had no right to enter the Outer Sect stayed.
The people who brought him there were Zhang Ren and Zuo Xing Xun. Their memories about Su Ming had all been completely wiped away, courtesy of Su Ming himself. At that moment, their faces were filled with impatience, and once they sent him to the hall that was in charge of managing all the affairs at the foot

the foot of the mountain, they left swiftly, without even going in.
The person in charge of the hall at the foot of the mountain was a thin, middle-aged man with an ugly face that somewhat resembled a monkey. He kept on sizing up Su Ming. He had been in this hall for many years and had met Outer Sect disciples who had been sent to this place as punishment before, but about half of these would be taken back before long.
Because of that, even though there was only half a chance for these people to be taken back, he still did not want to immediately offend them. Of course, if there was still no news after a year, then this man would naturally change his attitude.
But right now, he put on a smile on his face and wrapped his fist in his palm towards Su Ming.
"I am Qian Chen, and you must be Chen Su, right? Junior brother Chen, don't lose heart. Just think of being sent here as taking a holiday. I do believe that you'll be able to go back before long. So, do you need me to give you a position to manage servant girls, or would you rather oversee our purchase of items from the world outside?
"Or would you rather become the officer who distributes spirit stones? I'll give you whatever position you want, as long as you ask for it!" Qian Chen patted his chest, and when he talked about the position to manage the servant girls, he gave Su Ming a suggestive smile.
"Managing servant girls is an art itself. How do you make them listen to you? There are a lot of things to learn about this, and you'll need to learn most of these things first hand, junior brother Chen. When you have the feeling that what you're doing is right, then you'll be doing it right, am I right?
center style="margin-top:25px"> am I right?
"This is a very important position, and it's a position that requires selfless devotion. I believe that you can take up this position, junior brother Chen!
"There's also the position of managing the purchases from the world outside. Only an upright person can take it. There are plenty of people in the mountain, and just the matter of taking care of their food and drinks is already a great responsibility. To guarantee their standard of living, the person who takes up this position must be fearless. No matter how expensive it is, he must be able to buy that item!
"I'm in charge of the distribution of spirit stones as of now, but this post is even more troublesome. You shouldn't be too interested in this…" As Qian Chen continued speaking, he watched Su Ming's expression. As of now, he still could not tell just what this kid's background was, and he was most worried about him asking for the position to distribute spirit stones.
That was why he mentioned it, all for the sake of testing whether this person would be interested. At that moment, his small, beady eyes were flashing, but the smile on his face remained.
This was a person who took advantage of the weak but steered clear of the strong. He was a tactful person, but would turn hostile once he had a falling out with someone. Su Ming cast Qian Chen a glance. With his experience, he could already tell just what this person's character was, despite only coming into contact with him a few moments ago.
"Junior brother Chen, a few ladies have been taken up the mountain lately, and they're supposed to go there to search for their fated partners among the Immortals. I heard that… Ahem, that one of them is pretty good… You know what I'm saying. Why don't… I bring you to see her?"

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